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In addition to OpenOffice 2.0 (Linux-i386 on MirBSD) and the Lotus SmartSuite Millennium, I downloaded SoftMaker Office 2008 for Linux-i386 (on MirBSD) and Windows® (free serial numbers until end of 2009, since SoftMaker Office 2010 (for Windows®) is out). This was pretty easy: extract tarball, throw away installer, extract the second tarball in /opt/SMo (along with /opt/OOo), and it Just Works™ (with ports/emulators/fedora installed).

So now I have three choices for creating documents (although I won’t use OOo for it, I think it’s unreadable), and three for reading files in MS Office format, and two (OOo and SMo) for reading documents in some weird .ZIP-like format (OASIS or something), if they get sent to me. I’ll toy around with SoftMaker Office 2008 on both platforms and will see how it compares to Lotus WordPro.

So this is basically positive press to show another Linux-i386 blob that works as-is on MirBSD/i386 with compat_linux(8) – thanks! Others make this much more difficult.

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