The MirOS Project on IRC

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The MirOS Project on IRC

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. There currently are two channels for socialising with other users and developers and pose questions.

The channels we’re using are part of the public Freenode IRC network, which is an external service merely utilised by us for convenience; please assume anything posted on IRC is public, so do not publish personal data by accident.
The following settings are the recommended ones for your IRC client:

Server, port 6697 SSL (or port 6667 unencrypted)
Encoding (charset)

Then you may join the following channels:

Used to be the MirBSD developer channel, but is mostly used for socialising these days. Polyglot (lots of German, English if requested, also some other languages for fun). More than a decade ago, this channel was known as #deutsch, being the first German-language channel in OPN (what is now Freenode), occasionally used for language learning (colloquially).
This channel is about The MirBSD Korn Shell a.k.a. mksh(1) and, while there is some socialising going on, we mostly talk about shell-related things, in English.
(no longer used, /join #!/bin/mksh instead)
Users of AT&T ksh93, the original Korn Shell, and other Korn Shell implementations such as mksh(1). (This channel is not ours.)
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