MirOS Manual: md5(9), MD5Init(9), MD5Transform(9)

MD5(9)                        BSD Kernel Manual                         MD5(9)


     md5 - message digest routines


     #include <sys/kernel.h>

     MD5Init(u_int32_t buf[4]);

     MD5Transform(u_int32_t buf[4], u_int32_t const in[16]);


     The md5 module implements the RSA Data Security, Inc. MD5 Message-Digest
     Algorithm (MD5). It produces 128-bit MD5 Digest of data.

     MD5Init       must be called just before MD5Transform() will be used to
                   produce a digest. The buf argument is the storage for the
                   digest being produced on subsequent calls to the
                   MD5Transform() routine.

     MD5Transform is the core of the MD5 algorithm, this alters an existing
                   MD5 hash kept in buf to reflect the addition of 16 long-
                   words of new data passed in in argument.


     The code for MD5 transform was taken from Colin Plumb's implementation,
     which has been placed in the public domain. The MD5 cryptographic check-
     sum was devised by Ronald Rivest, and is documented in RFC 1321, "The MD5
     Message Digest Algorithm".


     random(4), random(9)

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