MirOS Manual: locate.updatedb(8), updatedb(8)

LOCATE.UPDATEDB(8)       BSD System Manager's Manual        LOCATE.UPDATEDB(8)


     locate.updatedb - update locate database


     locate.updatedb [--tmpdir=dir] [--fcodes=dbfile] [--
                     searchpaths='dir1 -dir2...'] [--
                     prunepaths='dir1 -dir2...'] [--
                     filesystems='type1 -type2...']


     locate.updatedb updates the database used by locate(1). It is typically
     run once a week by the /etc/weekly script.

     The contents of the newly built database can be controlled by the
     /etc/locate.rc file as well as the command line arguments.

     The options are as follows:

             Sets the directory temporary files are stored in.

             Use the named file as the find codes database. If the file name
             '-' is given, the database will be sent to standard output.

             Sets the list of directories to be put in the database.

             Sets the list of parent directories that should not go in the da-

             A list of filesystem types to be traversed by find(1).


     /etc/locate.rc           configuration file
     /var/db/locate.database  default database


     find(1), locate(1), weekly(8)

     Woods, James A., "Finding Files Fast", ;login, 8:1, pp. 8-10, 1983.

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