MirOS Manual: dhcrelay(8)

DHCRELAY(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               DHCRELAY(8)


     dhcrelay - Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol Relay Agent


     dhcrelay [-d] -i interface server1 [... serverN]


     The dhcrelay utility provides a means for relaying DHCP and BOOTP re-
     quests from a subnet to which no DHCP server is directly connected to one
     or more DHCP servers on other subnets.

     dhcrelay listens for DHCP requests on a given interface. When a query is
     received, dhcrelay forwards it to the list of DHCP servers specified on
     the command line. When a reply is received, it is broadcast or unicast on
     the network from whence the original request came.

     The name of at least one DHCP server to which DHCP and BOOTP requests
     should be relayed, as well as the name of the network interface that
     dhcrelay should attempt to configure, must be specified on the command

     The options are as follows:

     -d      dhcrelay normally runs in the foreground until it has configured
             an interface, and then reverts to running in the background. This
             option forces dhcrelay to always run as a foreground process.

     -i interface
             The name of the network interface that dhcrelay should attempt to


     dhclient(8), dhcpd(8)

     RFC 2132, RFC 2131.


     dhcrelay was written by Ted Lemon <mellon@fugue.com>.

     The current implementation was reworked by
     Henning Brauer <henning@openbsd.org>.


     Relayed DHCP traffic could actually safely be protected by IPsec but,
     like dhcpd(8) and dhclient(8), dhcrelay will bypass IPsec for all its

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