MirOS Manual: Setup.sh(8)

SETUP.SH(8)              BSD System Manager's Manual               SETUP.SH(8)


     Setup.sh - first-time installation of MirPorts Framework


     Setup.sh [-DiNT] [-e | -E sysconfdir] [-l localbase]
              [-u | -U user[:group]] [-X xfbase] [mirror]


     The Setup.sh bourne shell script searches for an installed mksh(1) and
     invokes the MirPorts Framework set-up programme with it. If no suitable
     mksh(1) version is found, the current version is fetched, built and in-
     stalled for bootstrapping purposes. During installation, the environment
     is set up, various programmes are installed, and several files are gen-
     erated (see below). To use the MirPorts Framework after installation, ex-
     ecute either of the following two commands, depending on your user shell:

     $ . ${LOCALBASE}/db/SetEnv.sh
     % source ${LOCALBASE}/db/SetEnv.csh

     Description of the command line options is shown further below.


     CC               Set this to the C compiler used.

                      Default value: mgcc, gcc (probed), cc (last resort)

     DISTDIR          Path to store downloaded cpio-balls (and tarballs and
                      other distfiles).

                      Default value: ${PORTSDIR}/Distfiles

     INFOPATH         Prepended in SetEnv with ${LOCALBASE}/info.

     LD_LIBRARY_PATH  Prepended in SetEnv with ${LOCALBASE}/lib.

     MANPATH          Prepended in SetEnv with ${LOCALBASE}/man.

                      Default value:

     MKSH             Alternative location of mksh(1) binary to use for in-
                      stallation, hard-code into make(1), and several other
                      places, including, but not limited to, packages. This
                      must be a single file which does not need to exist. If
                      it does not exist, the mksh(1) built is installed there.
                      The directory it is located in, however, must exist.

                      Default value:    /bin/mksh
                      Suggested value:  ${LOCALBASE}/bin/mksh

     NROFF            Full command line prefix of nroff(1) binary or
                      equivalent. If unset, MirOS nrcon (from AT&T UNIX nroff)
                      is used if found.

                      Default value: /usr/bin/env nroff -Tascii

                      Suggested value for operating systems with GNU groff:
                      /path/to/nroff -c -Tlatin1

                      Some operating systems with GNU groff can also use:
                      /path/to/nroff -c -Tutf8

     OPENNT_ROOT      If set, Interix operating system type is assumed.

     OVERRIDE_MKSH    Used only internally for bootstrapping on Interix.

     PATH_WINDOWS     Included in modified PATH variable in SetEnv scripts.
                      This is usually set by the Interix /etc/profile.

     PERL5LIB         Prepended in SetEnv with

     SFUDIR           If set, Interix operating system type is assumed.

     SHELL            The user's default shell. Used as a candidate during
                      search for mksh(1). This can be the C Shell, too.

     UPGRADE          Set this to "no" to prevent an mksh(1) found but too old
                      from being overwritten. Unsupported, deprecated.

     fetch            If set, the command line prefix of the fetch programme
                      to use. Defaults to Weihenstephan's GNU wget on Interix,
                      any wget(1), ftp(1), or fetch(1) programme found in
                      $localbase/bin (see below), /usr/mpkg/bin,
                      /usr/local/bin, /bin, or /usr/bin else. This must in-
                      clude the argument to name the output, i.e. -O (for
                      wget), and -o otherwise.

     localbase        Setting this environment variable has almost the same
                      functionality as the -l option, however, it is being
                      used much earlier in the process, such as PATH manipula-
                      tion during mksh(1) build, and divining a fetch utility
                      (see above). This option is almost unsupported, and you
                      ought to use the -l option as well if you employ setting
                      this variable. If you set these two to different values,
                      you have lost.

     xfbase           This does for -X what localbase does for -l. The same
                      warnings apply.


     -D               Enable debugging mode. This calls the Korn shell instal-
                      lation script with mksh -x. Also, temporary files are
                      not removed on exit.

     -E sysconfdir    Set the SYSCONFDIR variable to its argument.

                      Default: /etc

     -e               This is the same as -E ${LOCALBASE}/etc.

     -i               Used internally for bootstrapping on Interix only.

     -l localbase     Set the LOCALBASE variable to its argument.

                      Default: /usr/mpkg

     -N               Semi-Upgrade Mode. Do not install any software (if the
                      system has already been set up correctly before), only
                      rewrite the configuration files. Use with care. Better
                      don't use (see CAVEATS below).

     -T               Use the locally checked out version of the package tools
                      for bootstrapping, instead of downloading a distfile and
                      using it. Note this might break things horridly and
                      hard-codes a specific version number. This is, however,
                      used by MirOS native MirPorts "make setup" command, so
                      that users of a fresh MirOS BSD + MirPorts installation
                      can install binary packages without having to download
                      anything. This does not prevent MirMake from being down-
                      loaded even on MirOS if it's not recent enough, and is
                      only intended for current snapshots.

     -U user[:group]  Use its arguments as BINOWN and BINGRP to determine de-
                      fault ownership of files being installed.

                      Default: root:bin

     -u               This is the same as calling -U with your current UID and
                      GID as parameters. This option is the default behaviour
                      on Interix, and necessary to use the MirPorts Framework
                      as non-root user (together with -e or similar).

                      Note that this may not be enough to work on Interix,
                      since domain users don't work, and spaces aren't allowed
                      in user or group names. You can try calling Setup.sh
                      with -U and the numeric uid and gid, separated by a
                      colon (':'), if you encounter chown or chgrp problems.

     -X xfbase        Set the X11BASE to its argument.

                      Default: ${LOCALBASE}/X11 if found, /usr/X11R6 else.

     mirror           Set this to the MirOS Distribution Server mirror you'd
                      like to use for retrieving files installed during the
                      first-time set-up process.

                      If this starts with a "/", it is interpreted as an abso-
                      lute pathname of a directory containing the needed
                      cpio-balls, else, it is read as an HTTP (or FTP) URI and
                      used in conjunction with the ${fetch} programme.

                      Default: http://www.mirbsd.org/MirOS/dist/


     /bin/mksh                      Default location of mksh(1) to use.

                                    This file is overwritten if it's too old,
                                    and the MKSH environment variable is not

     /etc/make.cfg                  System-wide make(1) configuration, usually
                                    included if found.

     /etc/mk.conf                   Legacy system-wide configuration, included
                                    if found. Useful on OpenBSD.

     ${LOCALBASE}/db/SetEnv.csh     Sourcing this csh(1) script sets up the
                                    necessary environment for building and in-
                                    stalling packages using the MirPorts
                                    Framework, and running the installed

                                    Running Setup.sh overwrites this file.

     ${LOCALBASE}/db/SetEnv.make    This make(1) script contains the same de-
                                    finitions as the two shell SetEnv scripts,
                                    to the extent duplicating them in the Mir-
                                    Make variable space makes sense. Also,
                                    some variables have different names here.

                                    Running Setup.sh overwrites this file.

     ${LOCALBASE}/db/SetEnv.sh      This Bourne Shell script is the equivalent
                                    of SetEnv.csh for sh(1).

                                    Running Setup.sh overwrites this file.

     ${LOCALBASE}/db/mmake.cfg      Contains installation-wide (as opposed to
                                    system-wide) configuration for building
                                    MirPorts packages.

                                    This script is generated by Setup.sh but
                                    never overwritten.

     ${LOCALBASE}/db/pkg/           This directory contains the package data-

     ${LOCALBASE}/db/shareddirs.db  This file keeps a list of all directories
                                    created using pkg_add(1) during package
                                    installation, and their reference count.

     ${PORTSDIR}/Distfiles/         This directory will be used by Setup.sh as
                                    well as the MirPorts Framework to store
                                    all distfiles retrieved during installa-
                                    tion and package builds, if not overridden
                                    by DISTDIR.


     During the first-time set-up process, Setup.sh installs various software
     packages in your system. All of these (except mksh(1) in the standard
     configuration) will be located under LOCALBASE.

     You should not re-run Setup.sh to upgrade these pieces of software; in-
     stead, use pkg_upgrade(1).


     Port location: shells/mksh

     The MirBSD Korn Shell is always installed if it's not found or too old.
     Currently, at least R31 (2007/08/19) is required. A manual page is at-
     tempted to be installed into /usr/share/man/cat1/ or /usr/share/man/man1/
     but failure is not deemed important. For a properly installed mksh
     honouring default COPTS, CFLAGS etc. use the port.


     Port location: devel/mirmake

     The MirOS version of make(1) is installed if the system make(1) is no
     MirMake or too old. If a recent version of MirMake is already found on
     the system or in ${LOCALBASE}/bin, no action is taken, or a wrapper is
     put into ${LOCALBASE}/bin/mmake so that a user can install <bsd.port.mk>


     Port location: none yet

     If no /usr/bin/nroff or ${LOCALBASE}/bin/nroff is found (usually the case
     only on Interix), the MirOS version of AT&T UNIX nroff(1) is installed.
     Note that this check is currently only tested on Interix, and that, since
     MirMake is a dependency to build nroff, bootstrapping can fail on non-
     Interix systems without either nroff, ditroff or GNU groff installed.


     Port location: none yet

     If mtree(8) is not being found at /usr/sbin/mtree or within
     ${LOCALBASE}/bin, this programme is installed.


     Port location: essentials/pkgtools

     The package tools of the MirPorts Framework, namely pkg_add(1),
     pkg_create(1), pkg_delete(1), and pkg_info(1), are installed as part of
     the build as well. They are upgradable using a port, too.


     Port location: archivers/mircpio

     On Darwin (Mac OSX), Interix and MidnightBSD, paxmirabilis aka MirCpio is
     installed because the native archivers lack functionality. This programme
     and all following are actually already installed using a MirPort during
     set up time, too.


     Port location: essentials/patch

     Interix does not come with patch(1). MidnightBSD's is broken.


     Port location: essentials/cksum

     This port is needed on Darwin, Interix and MidnightBSD, and optional on
     OpenBSD, to verify file checksums.


     Port location: essentials/texinfo

     This is being pulled in as a build dependency of m4 and wget on Interix.


     Port location: lang/m4

     GNU m4(1) is installed early on Interix and MidnightBSD because autoconf
     depends on it.


     Port location: net/wget

     On Interix, there is no really suitable fetch utility, so this beast is
     being built. It pulls in metaauto, autoconf-new (2.60 and up) and


     Install the MirPorts Framework natively on MirOS-current:

     $ cd /usr/ports; make setup
       # - or -
     $ sudo sh /usr/ports/Setup.sh

     Install the MirPorts Framework as a user on a shell on an OpenBSD box:

     % cd
     % mkdir -p .etc/bin .etc/pkg
     % setenv MKSH ~/.etc/bin/mksh
     % sh mirports/Setup.sh -uel ~/.etc/pkg

     Install the MirPorts Framework system-wide on a MidnightBSD box:

     $ cd /usr/mirports
     $ /bin/mksh Setup.sh -e
     # (users must source /usr/mpkg/db/SetEnv.sh before using)


     Most error messages are displayed on stderr, some on stdout. Error mes-
     sages from external utilities are usually retained.

     The bourne shell script Setup.sh usually aborts in error cases, but
     leaves a temporary directory, whose name is printed to stderr directly
     after startup. You must delete it manually.

     The korn shell script called later cleans up (unless -D is given) the
     temporary directory created by Setup.sh in cases of errors and should
     abort on all errors and corner cases.


     cksum(1), csh(1), fetch(1), ftp(1), gzsig(1), m4(1), make(1), mksh(1),
     mtree(8), nroff(1), patch(1), pkg_add(1), pkg_create(1), pkg_delete(1),
     pkg_info(1), pkg_upgrade(1), sh(1), wget(1)



     Setup.sh was written by Thorsten Glaser <tg@mirbsd.de>. The MirPorts
     Framework is maintained by <miros-discuss@MirBSD.org>. The package tools
     have been taken over from FreeBSD and OpenBSD and are now maintained by
     Benny Siegert <bsiegert@mirbsd.org>.


     Be careful with passing environment variables to Setup.sh (even if they
     are automatically set).

     Running Setup.sh more than once overwrites some files and doesn't touch
     some others. You must check them manually in any case. For upgrading, you
     should use package tools upgrades whenever possible - this is only a
     bootstrapping tool.

     For many tools, upgrade them using packages even after bootstrapping, be-
     cause ports/packages honour ${CC}, ${CFLAGS} and stuff like that. Also,
     on Interix, mksh and MirMake are usually built without any manual pages
     being installed during bootstrapping.

     When installing the MirPorts Framework without sudo, i.e. using the -u or
     -U options to Setup.sh, some applications may misbehave or introduce po-
     tential security risks by using set-uid or set-gid bits on executables,
     handling them only properly if suid-root or sgid-wheel though. If possi-
     ble, avoid installing MirPorts as regular user.


     Probably many. Report them to <miros-discuss@mirbsd.org>. There are so
     many possible scenarios and corner cases, as well as incompatibilities,
     so that some breakage might always occur.

     On Interix, mtree(8) does not come with the base system. It is being used
     by Setup.sh before it's built, though.

     On non-Interix systems without nroff, ditroff or GNU groff, the detection
     whether to build nroff and re-build MirMake afterwards is not done, and
     stuff might break.

     When giving -ul but omitting -e, the SYSCONFDIR is still /etc, although
     that is not writable.

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