MirOS Manual: tctrl(4)

TCTRL(4)               BSD Programmer's Manual (SPARC)                TCTRL(4)


     tctrl - Tadpole Microcontroller Interface


     tctrl0 at obio0


     The tctrl driver provides control over many functions on the Tadpole
     SPARCbook 3 series laptops, via their TS102 chip. The microcontroller is
     used to power the TFT display down when the laptop lid is closed and when
     the screen is blanked by the pninek(4) or pnozz(4) driver. The tctrl is
     also used to power the laptop off when the reboot(2) system call is used
     with the RB_POWERDOWN flag is set. The PCMCIA part of the controller is
     managed by the tslot(4) driver.


     reboot(2), intro(4), pninek(4), pnozz(4), tslot(4)

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