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SCF(4)                 BSD Programmer's Manual (SPARC)                  SCF(4)


     scf - SPARC Force sysconfig driver


     scf0 at mainbus0


     The scf driver provides access to the system configuration registers on
     the Force CPU-5. The system configuration registers control the LED
     display on the front panel, the status of the rotary switch, and the
     flash programming control registers.

     By setting the sysctl(8) value machdep.led_blink to a non-zero value, the
     two user LEDs will blink back and forth at a rate of 1 second per point
     of load average. The seven segment LED will also show a numeric value for
     the load average (in hex), and with load averages higher than 15, the de-
     cimal point will be lit.


     The scf device responds to the following ioctl(2) calls defined in

       (u_int8_t) Set LED1 register based on the bits below.

             #define SCF_LED_COLOR_MASK      0x03    /* color bits */
             #define SCF_LED_COLOR_OFF       0x00    /* led off */
             #define SCF_LED_COLOR_GREEN     0x01    /* green led */
             #define SCF_LED_COLOR_RED       0x02    /* red led */
             #define SCF_LED_COLOR_YELLOW    0x03    /* yellow led */
             #define SCF_LED_BLINK_MASK      0x0c    /* blink bits */
             #define SCF_LED_BLINK_NONE      0x00    /* steady led */
             #define SCF_LED_BLINK_HALF      0x04    /* blink 1/2 hz */
             #define SCF_LED_BLINK_ONE       0x08    /* blink 1 hz */
             #define SCF_LED_BLINK_TWO       0x0c    /* blink 2 hz */

       (u_int8_t) Retrieve the value of the LED1 register (bits defined

       (u_int8_t) Set the value of the LED2 register (bits defined above).

       (u_int8_t) Retrieve the value of the LED2 register (bits defined

       (u_int8_t) Set the value of the 7-segment LED based on the bits below:

             #define SCF_7LED_A              0x01    /* Layout:      */
             #define SCF_7LED_B              0x02    /*      AAA     */
             #define SCF_7LED_C              0x04    /*     FF BB    */
             #define SCF_7LED_D              0x08    /*      GGG     */
             #define SCF_7LED_E              0x10    /*     EE CC    */
             #define SCF_7LED_F              0x20    /*      DDD  P  */
             #define SCF_7LED_G              0x40
             #define SCF_7LED_P              0x80

       (u_int8_t) Retrieve the value of the 16 position rotary switch on the
       front panel.

       (u_int8_t) Set up the flash memory for writing based on the bits below:

             #define SCF_FMCTRL_SELROM       0x01    /* sel 1st/2nd device */
             #define SCF_FMCTRL_SELBOOT      0x02    /* sel boot/user flash */
             #define SCF_FMCTRL_WRITEV       0x04    /* write voltage */
             #define SCF_FMCTRL_SELADDR      0x38    /* addr 21:19 bits */

       The SCF_FMCTRL_SELROM bit, if clear, selects the first flash device,
       otherwise the second flash device is selected. The SCF_FMCTRL_SELBOOT
       bit, if set, selects the user flash, otherwise the boot flash is
       selected. Setting the SCF_FMCTRL_WRITEV bit turns on the write voltage.
       The SCF_FMCTRL_SELADDR bits determine which window of 512 KBytes is ac-
       tive for reading/writing.


     ioctl(2), intro(4), sysctl(8)


     OpenBSD support for the scf first appeared in OpenBSD 2.6.


     The driver for the scf was written by Jason L. Wright <jason@thought.net>
     under contract with RTMX Incorporated.

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