MirOS Manual: presto(4)

PRESTO(4)              BSD Programmer's Manual (SPARC)               PRESTO(4)


     presto - Prestoserve battery-backed memory


     presto* at sbus? slot ? offset ?


     The Legato Prestoserve NVRAM cards used to be part of the "NFS
     accelerator" product, which used the cards memory as an NFS-dedicated
     cache, increasing performance of NFS servers exporting filesystem as NFS
     protocol, version 2.

     The presto driver does not attempt to achieve such a behaviour, which is
     questionable with the advent of NFS protocol, version 3.

     Instead, it will provide direct access to the NVRAM, as a block device.


     /dev/prestoup      block mode Prestoserve card number u, partition p
     /dev/rprestoup     raw mode Prestoserve card number u, partition p


     intro(4), disklabel(5), MAKEDEV(8), disklabel(8)


     The NVSIMM flavour, designed for SPARCstation models 10 and 20, is not
     supported yet.

MirOS BSD #10-current           April 13, 2003                               1

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