MirOS Manual: led(4)

LED(4)                 BSD Programmer's Manual (SPARC)                  LED(4)


     led - SPARC LED driver


     led0 at mainbus0                               (sun4)
     led0 at obio0                                  (sun4m: 4/600)


     The led driver provides an indicator of load average based on blinking of
     the LEDs on some systems. The pattern takes one second per whole number
     of load average to repeat. The LED must be explicitly enabled with the
     sysctl(3) variable machdep.led_blink.


     sysctl(3), intro(4), sysctl(8)


     OpenBSD support for the led first appeared in OpenBSD 2.3.

MirOS BSD #10-current          January 31, 2001                              1

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