MirOS Manual: pthread_set_name_np(3)

PTHREAD_SET_NAME_NP(3)     BSD Programmer's Manual      PTHREAD_SET_NAME_NP(3)


     pthread_set_name_np - set the name of a thread


     #include <pthread.h>
     #include <pthread_np.h>

     pthread_set_name_np(pthread_t thread, char *name);


     The pthread_set_name_np() function associates name with thread. This can
     be useful for debugging, as the name is displayed in the thread status as
     displayed when the process receives the SIGINFO signal.

     The string pointed to by name is copied, and so need not be valid for the
     life of the thread.




     The pthread_set_name_np() function is non-portable and may not be sup-
     ported with the above semantics on other POSIX systems.

MirOS BSD #10-current         December 19, 1999                              1

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