MirOS Manual: catclose(3), catgets(3), catopen(3)

CATGETS(3)                 BSD Programmer's Manual                  CATGETS(3)


     catopen, catgets, catclose - fake message catalog handling


     #include <nl_types.h>

     catopen(const char *name, int oflag);

     char *
     catgets(nl_catd catd, int set_id, int msg_id, const char *s);

     catclose(nl_catd catd);


     These functions are supposed to retrieve messages from message catalogues
     according to the current locale. In MirOS, the catgets() function simply
     returns the string argument s; the other functions do nothing.


     Upon successful completion, catopen() returns a message catalog descrip-
     tor. Otherwise, -1 is returned and errno is set to indicate the error.

     If the specified message was retrieved successfully, catgets() returns a
     pointer to an internal buffer containing the message string; otherwise it
     returns s.


     [ENOMEM]      Insufficient memory available.


     The catopen(), catgets(), and catclose() functions conform to X/Open
     Portability Guide Issue 3 ("XPG3").


     The return value of the function catgets() should be treated as constant

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