MirOS Manual: XtCallCallbackList(3), XtCallCallbacks(3), XtHasCallbacks(3)

XtCallCallbacks(3Xt)      XT FUNCTIONS       XtCallCallbacks(3Xt)


     XtCallCallbacks, XtCallCallbackList, XtHasCallbacks - pro-
     cess callbacks


     void XtCallCallbacks(Widget w, String callback_name,
          XtPointer call_data);

     void XtCallCallbackList(Widget w, XtCallbackList callbacks,
          XtPointer call_data);

     typedef enum {XtCallbackNoList, XtCallbackHasNone,
     XtCallbackHasSome} XtCallbackStatus;

     XtCallbackStatus XtHasCallbacks(Widget w, String


               Specifies the callback list to be executed or

     call_data Specifies a callback-list specific data value to
               pass to each of the callback procedure in the

     callbacks Specifies the callback list to be executed.

     w         Specifies the widget.


     The XtCallCallbacks function calls each procedure that is
     registered in the specified widget's callback list.

     If callbacks is not NULL, XtCallCallbackList calls each of
     the callback procedures in the list, passing client data and
     call_data. The callbacks parameter must specify the contents
     of a widget or object resource declared with representation
     type XtRCallback.

     The XtHasCallbacks function first checks to see if the wid-
     get has a callback list identified by callback_name. If the
     callback list does not exist, XtHasCallbacks returns
     XtCallbackNoList. If the callback list exists but is empty,
     it returns XtCallbackHasNone. If the callback list exists
     and has at least one callback registered, it returns


     X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
     Xlib - C Language X Interface

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