MirOS Manual: XGetExtensionVersion(3)

XGetExtensionVersion(3X11) X FUNCTIONS XGetExtensionVersion(3X11)


     XGetExtensionVersion - query the version of the input exten-


     XExtensionVersion *XGetExtensionVersion(Display *display,
          char *name);


     display     Specifies the connection to the X server.

     name        Specifies the extension to be queried.  The
                 input extension name is defined in the header
                 file XI.h.


     The XGetExtensionVersion request queries the version of the
     input extension, and returns an XExtensionVersion structure.
     This structure contains a major_version and minor_version
     number which can be compared with constants defined in XI.h.
     Support for additional protocol requests added to the input
     extension after its initial release is indicated by a ver-
     sion number corresponding to the added requests.  Each ver-
     sion contains all the protocol requests contained by previ-
     ous versions.

     You should use XFree to free the XExtensionVersion struc-


     This request returns an XExtensionVersion structure.

          typedef struct {
                  int    present;
                  short  major_version;
                  short  minor_version;
          } XExtensionVersion;




     Programming With Xlib

XFree86                   Version 4.5.0                         1

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