MirOS Manual: SSL_pending(3)

SSL_PENDING(3)               OpenSSL               SSL_PENDING(3)


     SSL_pending - obtain number of readable bytes buffered in an
     SSL object


      #include <openssl/ssl.h>

      int SSL_pending(const SSL *ssl);


     SSL_pending() returns the number of bytes which are avail-
     able inside ssl for immediate read.


     Data are received in blocks from the peer. Therefore data
     can be buffered inside ssl and are ready for immediate
     retrieval with SSL_read(3).


     The number of bytes pending is returned.


     SSL_pending() takes into account only bytes from the TLS/SSL
     record that is currently being processed (if any).  If the
     SSL object's read_ahead flag is set, additional protocol
     bytes may have been read containing more TLS/SSL records;
     these are ignored by SSL_pending().

     Up to OpenSSL 0.9.6, SSL_pending() does not check if the
     record type of pending data is application data.


     SSL_read(3), ssl(3)

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