MirOS Manual: SSL_SESSION_free(3)

SSL_SESSION_FREE(3)          OpenSSL          SSL_SESSION_FREE(3)


     SSL_SESSION_free - free an allocated SSL_SESSION structure


      #include <openssl/ssl.h>

      void SSL_SESSION_free(SSL_SESSION *session);


     SSL_SESSION_free() decrements the reference count of session
     and removes the SSL_SESSION structure pointed to by session
     and frees up the allocated memory, if the reference count
     has reached 0.


     SSL_SESSION objects are allocated, when a TLS/SSL handshake
     operation is successfully completed. Depending on the set-
     tings, see SSL_CTX_set_session_cache_mode(3), the
     SSL_SESSION objects are internally referenced by the SSL_CTX
     and linked into its session cache. SSL objects may be using
     the SSL_SESSION object; as a session may be reused, several
     SSL objects may be using one SSL_SESSION object at the same
     time. It is therefore crucial to keep the reference count
     (usage information) correct and not delete a SSL_SESSION
     object that is still used, as this may lead to program
     failures due to dangling pointers. These failures may also
     appear delayed, e.g. when an SSL_SESSION object was com-
     pletely freed as the reference count incorrectly became 0,
     but it is still referenced in the internal session cache and
     the cache list is processed during a
     SSL_CTX_flush_sessions(3) operation.

     SSL_SESSION_free() must only be called for SSL_SESSION
     objects, for which the reference count was explicitly incre-
     mented (e.g. by calling SSL_get1_session(), see
     SSL_get_session(3)) or when the SSL_SESSION object was gen-
     erated outside a TLS handshake operation, e.g. by using
     d2i_SSL_SESSION(3). It must not be called on other
     SSL_SESSION objects, as this would cause incorrect reference
     counts and therefore program failures.


     SSL_SESSION_free() does not provide diagnostic information.


     ssl(3), SSL_get_session(3),

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