MirOS Manual: dohooks(9)

DOHOOKS(9)                    BSD Kernel Manual                     DOHOOKS(9)


     dohooks - run all hooks in a list


     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <sys/systm.h>

     dohooks(struct hook_desc_head *head, int flags);


     The dohooks() function invokes all hooks established using the
     hook_establish(9) function. Hooks are called in the order of the TAILQ
     that head points to, however hook_establish(9) can put the hooks either
     at the head or the tail of that queue, making it possible to call the
     hooks either in the order of establishment, or its reverse.

     The flags can specify HOOK_REMOVE to remove already processed hooks from
     the hook list and HOOK_FREE to also free them. In most cases either no
     flags should be used or HOOK_REMOVE and HOOK_FREE at the same time, since
     just HOOK_REMOVE will drop the only reference to allocated memory and
     should only be used in situations where freeing memory would be illegal
     and unnecessary.

     This function is used to implement the doshutdownhooks(9) as well as the
     dostartuphooks(9) macros.


     doshutdownhooks(9), dostartuphooks(9), hook_establish(9)

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