MirOS Manual: rc.shutdown(8)

RC.SHUTDOWN(8)           BSD System Manager's Manual            RC.SHUTDOWN(8)


     rc.shutdown - command script run at system shutdown


     When the system is administratively shut down using either the reboot(8)
     or halt(8) command, either of these programs checks for the existence of
     a /etc/rc.shutdown script to run before halting the system. It will also
     be executed by init(8) if a keyboard-requested halt is issued (for archi-
     tectures that support this).

     The rc.shutdown script, like rc.local(8), is entirely for commands added
     by the system administrator.


     halt(8), init(8), rc(8), reboot(8)

MirOS BSD #10-current           July 20, 1999                                1

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