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WE(4)                      BSD Programmer's Manual                       WE(4)


     we - device driver for Western Digital/SMC WD80x3, SMC Elite Ultra, and
     SMC EtherEZ Ethernet cards


     we0 at isa? port 0x280 iomem 0xd0000 irq 9
     we1 at isa? port 0x300 iomem 0xcc000 irq 10
     we* at isapnp?


     The we device driver supports Western Digital/SMC WD80x3, SMC Elite Ul-
     tra, and SMC EtherEZ Ethernet cards.


     The ability to select media from software is dependent on the particular
     model of WD/SMC card. The following models support only manual configura-
     tion: WD8003S, WD8003E, and WD8013EBT.

     Other WD/SMC 80x3 interfaces support two types of media on a single card.
     All support the AUI media type. The other media is either BNC or UTP be-
     ing a transceiver. Software cannot differentiate between BNC and UTP
     cards. On some models, the AUI port is always active.

     The SMC Elite Ultra and SMC EtherEZ interfaces support three media on a
     single card: AUI, BNC, and UTP. If the transceiver is active, the BNC
     media is selected. Otherwise, the AUI and UTP ports are both active.
     Cards of this vintage may also be found which lack one or two of the con-
     nectors. These cards also know what interrupt they are configured for,
     and will correct such problems (for further interrupt issues, see isa(4)
     and pci(4)).

     The SMC EtherEZ does not yet work correctly in isapnp(4) mode. The SMC
     Elite Ultra does not work in "soft configuration" mode.

     To enable the AUI media, select the 10base5 or aui media type with
     ifconfig(8)'s 'media' directive. To select the other media (transceiver),
     select the 10base2 or bnc media type.


     we0: overriding IRQ <n> to <m>  The IRQ specified in the kernel confi-
     guration file is different from that found in the card's configuration
     registers. The value in the kernel configuration file is being overridden
     by the one configured into the card.

     we0: can't wildcard IRQ on a <model>  The IRQ was wildcarded in the ker-
     nel configuration file, and the card is a WD8003S, WD8003E, or WD8013EBT,
     which do not support software IRQ configuration.

     we0: failed to clear shared memory at offset <off>  The memory test was
     unable to clear the interface's shared memory region. This often indi-
     cates that the card is configured at a conflicting iomem address.


     arp(4), ifmedia(4), intro(4), isa(4), isapnp(4), netintro(4),
     hostname.if(5), ifconfig(8)

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