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USCANNER(4)                BSD Programmer's Manual                 USCANNER(4)


     uscanner - minimal USB support for scanners


     uscanner* at uhub? port ? configuration ?


     The uscanner driver provides minimal support for USB scanners. The driver
     recognizes a number of USB scanners, but to actually scan anything there
     needs to be software that knows about the particular scanner. The SANE
     package provides support for some scanners.


     The uscanner driver works with the following scanners:


           Perfection 610U
           Perfection 636U
           Perfection 1200U
           Perfection 1200U Photo


           ScanJet 4100C
           ScanJet 5200C
           ScanJet 5300C
           ScanJet 6300C


           ScanMaker X6USB

     Many other scanners are recognized, but there is no software support for
     them yet.


     intro(4), uhub(4), usb(4)



     The uscanner driver appeared in NetBSD 1.6. OpenBSD support was first ad-
     ded in OpenBSD 2.9.


     This driver should not really exist. The scanners it recognizes can be
     accessed through the ugen(4) driver instead. A proper scanner driver
     would provide a uniform interface to scanners instead of exposing the in-
     nards of the scanner. The reason the driver exists is to have something
     that is compatible with the Linux driver.

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