MirOS Manual: pcppi(4)

PCPPI(4)                   BSD Programmer's Manual                    PCPPI(4)


     pcppi - PC (ISA) control and timer port driver


     pcppi*   at isa?
     isabeep* at pcppi? (alpha only)
     sysbeep* at pcppi? (cats and i386 only)
     spkr0    at pcppi?
     midi*    at pcppi?


     The pcppi driver handles resource allocation and device attachment for
     the ports related to the ISA speaker in the traditional PC/AT "design".
     These are the "system control port" (which was implemented by the 8255
     "PPI" in the XT, hence the name of this driver) at IO address 0x61 and
     the first 8253 timer at 0x40-0x43.

     The pcppi driver provides its child devices with the ability to output
     simple tones through the PC speaker. The speaker(4) and midi(4) devices
     use this to synthesize sounds. The isabeep and sysbeep devices are
     helpers used by the pckbd(4) driver as a substitute for a "keyboard
     beep", because the PC keyboard hardware doesn't provide this.


     intro(4), isa(4), midi(4), pckbd(4), speaker(4)

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