MirOS Manual: ifpci(4)

IFPCI(4)                   BSD Programmer's Manual                    IFPCI(4)


     ifpci - AVM Fritz!PCI ISDN card driver


     ifpci* at pci?


     The ifpci driver supports the popular Fritz!PCI card from AVM. While this
     card uses the same brand as its predecessors, those use a different chip-
     set and are driven by the isic(4) driver.

     The PCI subsystem configures the card automatically, there are no options
     for the driver.


     isic(4), isdnd(8)


     CCITT Recommendation I.430


     The ifpci driver was written by Gary Jennejohn for FreeBSD. It was ported
     to NetBSD by
     Martin Husemann <martin@NetBSD.org>.

MirOS BSD #10-current           March 25, 2002                               1

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