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ELANSC(4)               BSD Programmer's Manual (i386)               ELANSC(4)


     elansc - AMD Elan SC520 System Controller driver


     elansc* at pci? dev ? function ?


     The elansc driver supports the system controller of the AMD Elan SC520
     microcontroller. The SC520 consists of an AMD Am5x86 processor core, in-
     tegrated PCI host controller, and several standard on-chip devices, such
     as NS16550-compatible UARTs, real-time clock, and timers.

     The Elan SC520 also provides several special on-chip devices. The follow-
     ing are supported by the elansc driver:

     •   Watchdog timer. The watchdog timer may be configured for a 1 second,
         2 second, 4 second, 8 second, 16 second, or 32 second expiration


     geodesc(4), sysctl(8)


     Support for the elansc was added in OpenBSD 3.3.


     The elansc driver was written by Jason R. Thorpe <thorpej@netbsd.org>.
     Jasper Wallace provided the work-around for a hardware bug related to the
     watchdog timer in some steppings of the SC520 CPU.

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