MirOS Manual: cardbus(4), cbb(4)

CARDBUS(4)                 BSD Programmer's Manual                  CARDBUS(4)


     cardbus, cbb - introduction to CardBus support


     cbb*      at pci? dev? function ?
     cardslot* at cbb? flags 0x0000
     cardbus*  at cardslot?
     pcmcia*   at cardslot?


     OpenBSD provides machine-independent bus support and drivers for CardBus

     The flags are used with cardslot definition. The lowest order (rightmost)
     bit of flags defines the PC Card attach sequence at boot-time. When the
     bit is set, a PC Card in the slot is probed and attached immediately.
     However, the PC Card is probed after the kernel thread wakes up. If a PC
     Card is used as a boot device (e.g., CF card or network card), this bit
     should be set to 1.


     OpenBSD includes the following machine-independent CardBus drivers, sort-
     ed by function and driver name:

Network interfaces

             Intel 21143 and Xircom X3201-based Ethernet interfaces.
             Intel PRO/100 CardBus II Ethernet interfaces.
             Realtek 8129/8139-based Ethernet interfaces.
             3Com 3c575 and 3c656-based Ethernet interfaces.


     intro(4), pci(4), pcibios(4), pcmcia(4)


     The cardbus driver first appeared in NetBSD 1.5. OpenBSD support was ad-
     ded in OpenBSD 2.7.

MirOS BSD #10-current         November 14, 1999                              1

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