MirOS Manual: menu_pattern(3), set_menu_pattern(3)

menu_pattern(3)     UNIX Programmer's Manual      menu_pattern(3)


     menu_pattern - get and set a menu's pattern buffer


     #include <menu.h>
     int set_menu_pattern(MENU *menu, const char *pattern);
     char *menu_pattern(const MENU *menu);


     Every menu has an associated pattern match buffer.  As input
     events that are printable ASCII characters come in, they are
     appended to this match buffer and tested for a match, as
     described in menu_driver(3).

     The function set_menu_pattern sets the pattern buffer for
     the given menu and tries to find the first matching item.
     If it succeeds, that item becomes current; if not, the
     current item does not change.

     The function menu_pattern returns the pattern buffer of the
     given menu.


     The function menu_pattern returns NULL on error.  The func-
     tion set_menu_pattern may return the following error codes:

     E_OK The routine succeeded.

          System error occurred (see errno).

          Routine detected an incorrect or out-of-range argument.

          Character failed to match.


     curses(3), menu(3).


     The header file <menu.h> automatically includes the header
     file <curses.h>.


     These routines emulate the System V menu library.  They were
     not supported on Version 7 or BSD versions.


     Juergen Pfeifer.  Manual pages and adaptation for new curses
     by Eric S. Raymond.

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