MirOS Manual: SSL_state_string(3), SSL_state_string_long(3)

SSL_STATE_STRING(3)          OpenSSL          SSL_STATE_STRING(3)


     SSL_state_string, SSL_state_string_long - get textual
     description of state of an SSL object


      #include <openssl/ssl.h>

      const char *SSL_state_string(const SSL *ssl);
      const char *SSL_state_string_long(const SSL *ssl);


     SSL_state_string() returns a 6 letter string indicating the
     current state of the SSL object ssl.

     SSL_state_string_long() returns a string indicating the
     current state of the SSL object ssl.


     During its use, an SSL objects passes several states. The
     state is internally maintained. Querying the state informa-
     tion is not very informative before or when a connection has
     been established. It however can be of significant interest
     during the handshake.

     When using non-blocking sockets, the function call perform-
     ing the handshake may return with SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ or
     SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE condition, so that
     SSL_state_string[_long]() may be called.

     For both blocking or non-blocking sockets, the details state
     information can be used within the info_callback function
     set with the SSL_set_info_callback() call.


     Detailed description of possible states to be included


     ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3)

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