MirOS Manual: wait(1)

WAIT(1)                      BSD Reference Manual                      WAIT(1)


     wait - await process completion


     wait [pid]


     If invoked with no arguments, the wait utility waits until all existing
     child processes in the background have terminated.

     Available operands:

     pid     If a pid operand is specified, and it is the process ID of a
             background child process that still exists, the wait utility
             waits until that process has completed and consumes its status
             information, without consuming the status information of any oth-
             er process.

             If a pid operand is specified that is not the process ID of a
             child background process that still exists, wait exits without
             waiting for any processes to complete.

     The wait utility exits with one of the following values:

     0       The wait utility was invoked with no operands and all of the ex-
             isting background child processes have terminated, or the process
             specified by the pid operand exited normally with 0 as its exit

     >0      The specified process did not exist and its exit status informa-
             tion was not available, or its exit status information was avail-
             able and it terminated with a non-zero exit status.

     If the specified process terminated abnormally due to the receipt of a
     signal, the exit status information of wait contains that termination
     status as well.




     The wait command is expected to be IEEE Std 1003.2 ("POSIX.2") compati-

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