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SECTOK(1)                    BSD Reference Manual                    SECTOK(1)


     sectok - communicate with smartcards using iso7816


     sectok [-0123] [-f scriptfile] [-s sleeptime]


     sectok is a command-line-like interface for communicating with
     smartcards. APDUs can be sent to the card, and results are displayed.
     Some commands are card-specific, and focus on the Schlumberger Cyberflex
     Access Javacards.

     The options are as follows:

     -0123   Select port.

     -f scriptfile
             Run commands from scriptfile.

     -s sleeptime
             Set sleep (in milliseconds) between commands in the script.


Non-card commands

     help    List all commands.

     help [command]
             Show help for command.

     ? [command]
             Show help for command.

     reset [-0123ivf]
             Reset smartcard.

             -0123   select port

             -i      don't wait for card insertion

             -v      verbose

             -f      open connection even if atr is bad

     open [-0123ivf]
             Synonym for reset.

     close   Close smartcard connection.

     quit    Quit sectok.

ISO 7816-4 commands

     apdu [-c class] ins p1 p2 p3 data ...
             Send APDU to smartcard.

     fid [-v] fid/aid
             Select file or aid identified by fid/aid. fid/aid can be a numer-
             ic fid such as 3f00, a two character name, or an aid in hex or

             Try all 256 possible instructions and print results.

     class [class]
             Inquire or set default application class.

     read [-x] filesize
             Read selected fid and write to stdout.

     write input-filename
             Read from input-filename and write to selected fid.

     challenge [length]
             Get a random challenge from the card.

     pin [-k keyno] [PIN]
             Verify CHV (PIN).

     chpin [-k keyno]
             Change CHV (PIN).

Cyberflex commands

     ls [-l]
             List all files in current DF.

     acl fid [principal: r1 r2 ...]

                     world, CHV1, CHV2, AUT0, AUT1, AUT2, AUT3, AUT4

                     r, w, x/a, inval, rehab, dec, inc

                     l, d, a, i, manage

     create fid size

     delete fid

     jdefault [-d]
             Set default applet.

             -d      set default applet to default loader

     jatr    Set java atr.

     jdata   Print useful info about the card

     login [-d] [-k keyno] [-v] [-x hex-aut0]
             "login" (verify AUT0 key)

             -d      use manufacturer's default AUT0 key

     jload [-p progID] [-c contID] [-s cont_size] [-i inst_size] [-v] [-a aid]
             Load an applet to the card. If the first byte of the aid is '#'
             it will be converted to 0xfc.

     junload [-p progID] [-c contID]

     jselect [-a aid] [-d]
             Select applet.

             -d      select default loader

     setpass [-d] [-x hex-aut0]

             -d      use manufacturer's default AUT0 key


     sectok first appeared in OpenBSD 3.0.


     sectok was written by Jim Rees and others at University of Michigan
     Center for Information Technology Integration (CITI).

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