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What the Fuck?

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The “wtf” utility uses this acronyms database (gzipped for download), from NetBSD® but extended by many contributors including “wtfubar”, to expand acronyms and abbreviations for you. As of database CVS revision 1.883 (2023-10-21T22:21:40Z) (7.85 MiB uncompressed), 162650 expansions for 124858 unique acronyms are known. Note that there are © and licence claims on some databases this acronyms list includes.


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Results for U+0064

  • (d) LATIN SMALL LETTER D;Ll;0;L;;;;;N;;;0044;;0044

Manual page lookup for: U+0064

DuckDuckGo is a search engine with more privacy and lots of features. This search is external content, not part of MirBSD.

The wtf(1) utility is core to MirBSD. It is also available from my APT repository (for use with Debian®-based operating systems), as offline utility.

There are offline-capable Äpps for multiple operating systems as well: for Android, Jolla/SailfishOS and Blackberry Z10 users there’s a Free Äpp in F-Droid, by Natureshadow (source repo). An iOS äpp for iPhone users by Eugen used to exist but is no longer available. These download on first use the acronyms database and use it offline; the iOS äpp checks (and downloads) updates automatically while the Android äpp offers this in the menu (traffic-friendlier).

For iOS users there’s an experimental online replacement iPhone shortcut. It accesses a CGI on this server every time it is used, so it’s not a proper replacement and breaks anonymity but it’s better than nothing…

For the regular MirBSD online documentation (manpages, HTML and papers), we also offer a manual page search CGI.

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