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I've built MirOS (base and gcc) entirely on the sparc and have fixed the GNU Debugger in the progress as well. I'll have to change a little code in order to silent gcc, but that's not much left.

In order to fix a few security leaks, I updated libpng and freetype2 as well. I yet have to re-build the entire X-Windowing system in order to test whether this actually does not break anything. Neither has the XFree86 environment been ported to the new sparc system.

After the bump of autoconf to version 2.60 everything must be tested and libtool ought to be bumped as well.

Finally, I must make sure that distrib/ works on sparc and release a first snapshot – optimally as live-cd :) but I'm not going there yet.

On a rainy day, I'm continuing to hack on sparc again. I haven't yet found why dynamic linking breaks, just how to break it even more, plus without a working gdb there isn't much I can do. On the other hand, my kernel didn't panic yet, so I'm going to make it a static arch for now and get back to ld.so(1) support later.

On a related side note, we're currently developing #9-stable in HEAD and will branch that later. I want a #9bis to be out both as soon as I can and sparc works reliably, and with as few differences from #9semel as possible. This also gives us a chance to polish ports and docs.

Benny is moving homes at the moment.

Oh, and FrOSCon was a full success, best event I ever attended. I've intended to write more here but I'm still done with.

Which <censored/> set the maximum datasize for sparc to a mere 128 MiB, in contrast to i386's 1 GiB? Bumped to 320 MiB in order to be able to build gcc… kernel really seems stable now, compiled both cross and natively.

I'm committing this as 2006-06-25, but actually, I haven't slept for more than 31 (thirty-one) hours now, so it could very well be under 2006-06-24. I'm going to sleep now, but not without releasing an ISO of MirOS #9semel on BitTorrent.

There's now a new BitTorrent info page not linked anywhere except from the tracker (and here). It ought to describe what the torrent will give you.

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