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Note: all these entries are from tg@ up to November 3rd, when the new MirOS website was brought up.

Release MirOS BSD #7r80, tag the tree. Build a full release snapshot including X-Window and a ISO9660 file, upload it. [a href="historic/ann-7.htm" | Read the MirOS #7r RELEASE Announcement] for further information on this release. There are known bugs: the Microsoft Windows emulators don't work correctly, and several ports do not build at all, or only using the MKC_EGCC=yes option to make(1). Several text formatting utilities (troff, soelim, refer, ...) are broken or not existent at all. We are investigating these for the next release, but lack man-power. Volunteers are welcome to send unified diffs or gzipped tarballs of patches that fix certain aspects of the system.

Please read the release announcement again after this weekend. MirOS #7bis will be released until then; it is a critical bug-fix release only.
KDE 3.1.3 is playable (kmahjongg, to be exact); so both common desktop environments of these days (not CDE though :( are supported.

Sync with OpenBSD and NetBSD. Release Engineering.

After fixing the whole stuff, MirOS BSD #7bis was tagged, ports and source tarballs built on my own local machine and we had a party in the Netzladen. The base system including X-Window, as well as the predefined packages (jupp and egcs) were built; everything checksummed and the ISO generated. The webpages have been updated a lot. – Expect the files to be uploaded and the anoncvs/cvsweb mirrors to sync until Sunday Evening, European time zone. Have a lot of fun installing MirOS BSD #7.

Errata: /etc/rc fails to force-mount UFS ffs filesystems when /usr is on a separate filesystem. An error message is output, and in case of unclean filesystems and disabled fsck(8), the system fails to start up.
A fix for this, re-implementing the sort(1) program in Korn shell, has been committed to the CVS repository and MFC'd back to the MIRBSD_7 tag. The etc34.tgz tarball on the download site has been updated. – Touched files: /etc/rc.

Errata: Same file, same bug, different executable. Nuke use of /usr/bin/sed, replace with /bin/ed in the file /etc/rc. Update tarball again.

Errata: Same file, same bug, same fubar.

Finishing the MFC spree yours sincerely proudly presents a new set of source and ports tarballs – this time with corrected permissions, CVSROOT, Tag and rc files. Due to hardware problems, the update of the anoncvs server will take a bit longer this time. — Also end argumenting with the ports people from OpenBSD, not removing their names but circumventing an argument until the solution is done on November 1th. Benny Siegert builds new packages for GNU GNOME et al.

Well, the whole shit about /etc/rc has one good part: I've learned a huge lot more about ksh(1), today's features: co-processes.

Still slacking – well, relaxing. I need this from time to time. In the meanwhile, Waldemar Brodkorb of www.OpenBSD.de fame helps Benny to mop up the whole ports tree, from A to Z.

Catch-Up listing: recover, try to get vacation (and fail). Do a bit of "webdesign" (though I don't like the WWW at all) and prepare for a new MirOS homepage (I've already finished a design study, and it's all XHTML 1.1 superstrict, lynx optimized, displays well in Bloatzilla and even Konqueror). Benny goes whack on the MirPorts framework again, with help from Waldemar Brodkorb and Angelo Laub, as well as some other people reporting breakage. It's said that boehm-gc is working now. (Mozilla and Firebird are still BROKEN on MirPorts, not only because of gcc hard-coded, but also because it doesn't work (either natively, nor the OpenBSD package, nor in the Linuxulator). Fix (really: work around) a bug in the pckbc code (well, better: the broken BIOS and hardware (8042 controller) of some broken Laptop vendors) which caused the keyboard to eventually "freeze" (it fails to attach correctly, yet shows up in dmesg) – it sends a false response to the RESET command, breaking the protocol (we can cope for that – but warn the user, since if anything breaks, it's not our fault; they should move the laptop to /dev/bin anyways). Make up some ppp.linkup and linkdown sample files which fit MirADSL and MirISDN much better. Communicate with Hellmuth Michaelis from ISDN4BSD, who's _really_ lucky that, finally, someone's supporting it for an OpenBSD-alike platform. – Oh, and I'm finally mentioned in the famous Unix family chart, although some of the lines are incorrect or even missing (I forked from OpenBSD and NetBSD right away, and took fairly some (legal) MicroBSD code) yet.

Collect mailing lists: ports -> miros-discuss; *-changes -> miros-changes. Welcome new developer wbx (Waldemar Brodkorb) who volunteers to maintain the sparc32 port of MirOS BSD. Cleanup in CVSROOT. Nuke ctm port, it's in base since 3 releases. Import boehm-gc from OpenBSD-current ports tree. Port over GNU GRUB (pxegrub, nbgrub, stage{1,2}) with netbooting support for MirBSD kernels; remove a.out pxegrub/bsd.rd from tree.

MFC the workaround for broken pckbd. Split the tree (branch tag MIRBSD_7_DEV (leading to MirOS BSD #7ter) starts at MIRBSD_7 (released as MirOS BSD #7bis). Sync NetBSD acronyms{,.comp}. Nuke OpenBSD ISC-style license template, re-word application notice of MirOS MIT-style licence. Import NetBSD lib/csu into vendor branch and merge changes for common_elf as well as i386 and sparc. Sync bc and dc with OpenBSD-current on both branches. Bring back the sparc(32)-related stuff from OpenBSD. Fix netris and aspell ports. Move ATM and PLIP defines out of machine-independent part of GENERIC. Nuke bsd.nls.mk include. Adjust X for sparc support (probably). Change OpenBSD to MirBSD in installation instructions.

Build up my SPARCstation 20 at home and have it compile a GENERIC kernel. Bring the port to sparc32 that much back to work that it actually seems to do something useful (this includes synching three files to OpenBSD-current, coding and inventing some stuff myself, and the usual bring back, try, fix cycle). Fix DNS and make up a third nameserver for my domain space, at dynamic IPv4 like the others :(

Large-scale cleanup of the main tree as well as the stable development tree. Make i386-HEAD and sparc-DEV build. wbx@ whacks USE_CXX on a huge part of MirPorts. Harden OpenSSH-MirBSD (no root login by default) and fix documentation. Add RC5 and MDC-2 algorithms to libcrypto, since they are only patented in the United States of America. Fix usr.bin/{bc,dc} mergo. Discover and fix most of sparc breakage. Import gcc-3.2.3 partially and nuke non-free documentation and some not used stuff.

Having fulfilled my duty to remove all peoples' names off MirPorts, play with other stuff (random, cdboot) – contact the ChangeLog for details, I'm too exhausted to play www tonight.

03.11.2003 by tg@
Switching to the "new-style" website, making old content still accessible though. Switch most distfiles to bsdadvocacy. distfiles now belong into HERC:/cvs/distfiles/ (open for ports ci).

07.11.2003 by tg@
Allow mknod calls within a chroot (enables us to build releases within a chroot jail). Remove contributed OpenBSD songs, since They obviously don't want "us" to be an OpenBSD patchkit any more. Optimize /etc/profile: show a progress bar, unbloat a little; use less(1) as default pager. Actually build the MIRBSD_7_DEV tree through on a sparc. Fix default warnings of /etc/security by installing files (such as inetd.conf) and directories (such as /var/mails) with the ownership and modes that the security script expects. Update from Apache HTTPD 1.3.28 and the OpenBSD libssl/libcrypto (based upon a bastardized OpenSSL 0.9.7b) to Apache HTTPD 1.3.29 and OpenSSL 0.9.7c, retaining OpenBSD and MirOS local changes. Revert evilwm to the old resize/move behaviour to allow for one-pixel moves. Finally fix the automatically generated subdirectory index for Apache with the MirOS variant of "404 Is A Directory". Merge OpenSSL CA Certificates into what is installed by default. Re-enable RC5 and MDC-2 (only patented in the USA). Help with mdoc error messages by printing out a kind of real estimate where in the file the error lies (XXX need a regression test!). Rewrite rand() and srand() functions in the kernel from scratch, taken from my Netfisch cipher implementation (rand, i386 assembly). srand() now doesn't set the seed, but rather make the new seed a function of the old seed and its parametre, so nobody ever knows the exact state of the PRNG seed of /dev/prandom and rand(). The PRNG is seeded with arc4random() every 256 seconds, so it's a pure random generator now. ANSIfy, KNFify areas being revisited, as well as addition of the MirBSD RCSId and removal of white space at end of line/file, and the character 0x60. Change the SLIM kernel to be pretty much what is used on HERC. Enable 'make show=FOO' for the base system. Move bootblocks to a "better" directory structure. Have deprecated gas pseudo-op '.file' die. Add cdboot which works like /boot but reads its kernel directly from an ISO9660 filesystem, and must be burnt as boot image in "0x00: no emulation" mode (XXX the cdboot program does not correctly work at all YET). Move boot loader version number to /sys/arch/i386/stand/Makefile.inc, so it can be bumped in one central place. Kludge mkisofs from cdrtools-2.01a19 (newer than ports/sysutils/cdrtools) into the tree (XXX it's REALLY a kludge, and bloated), nuking mkhybrid which did not support "0x00: no emulation" mode (nor HDD emulation, for that matter, at least not correctly). Add the "hacker emblem", the slider from John Conway's 'Game of Life', to /etc/motd and nice-i-fy that file. Rename /etc/boot.conf to /etc/boot.cfg (needed for cdboot to function as intended). Simplify and speed up /usr/libexec/randshuffle. Let gencat(1) die, it's an unneeded NLS relict. Kludge the new-style website to work with the outdated php4 we got on mirbsd.bsdadvocacy.org, fix XHTML/1.1 validation. Remove every and any GNU FDL licenced file out of the tree (XXX this breaks the tree build, not fixed until today YET), because you already breach that licence if a file is not world-readible or saved on an encrypted filesystem. Add a command-line parametre to ftp(1) to restrain it from using EPSV on IPv4 sockets (some ftp dæmons really don't like it and have us wait for a connection timeout, as much as 30 minutes and more). XXX: we NEED a key handler which sends a signal 1 to ftp (itself). Apply OpenBSD errata which are needed to the HEAD branch. Enable nroff(1) output with -Tcol (-Tascii, -Tlatin1) to be piped through col(1) yielding multi-column output, and add nrcon(1) script which does that automatically. Switch <bsd.doc.mk> to use nrcon, not nroff. Update lang/lua to 5.0 and devel/libtool to 1.5 (lua 5.0 and libtool 1.4.x are needed for ion-current), and ion to 20030814-devel, asked for by Tim Kornau. Add (commented out) hints to bktr(4) to the GENERIC kernel, in case it does not correctly autodetect the TV card (from Robert Nagy). Clean up after wbx@'s new ports. Rename 'gs' function (in /etc/profile) to 'ggs' to avoid clash with ghostscript.

07.11.2003 by bsiegert@
Take over misc/ccze and fix build. Fix up archivers/rar (BSD/OS emulation). Update net/mldonkey to 2.5-4, with bug fixes, and polish/clean up port. Import gnome-themes-extra and gnome games. Apply OpenBSD 3.4 Errata patches to MIRBSD_7_DEV branch (asked by tg@).

07.11.2003 by wbx@
USE_CXX, USE_X11 whack on MirPorts. Make numerous ports build correctly, or at least fail gracefully. Fix sparc boot-ISO generation. Update www/snownews and net/pptp. Import graphics/xawtv. Change eMail contact address. Add gtk flavour to audio/mp3info.

08.11.2003 by tg@
Catch up website log with reality. (That would be the three entries above.) Move GNU docs to src/gnu/doc and simplify; add ancient man pages for as(1) and ld(1) while here. Build system through, fix showstoppers and sync distrib set lists; bump patchlevel. Update Apache HTTPD default configuration with a good shot of reality drugs. Speed up the MirOS homepage's PHP processing. (At least according to www.php.net information.) Move a lot of the old homepages' content into the "new CMS" of MirOS. Prepare for the (unsupported by MirBSD) "new" OpenBSD pkgtools which might get imported later. Re-run autoconf on the tree and fix breakage occured in GNU as (once again, *sigh*). Continue working on the CD boot loader (which is almost that ready that it can boot a kernel from CD; though neither /boot nor cdboot.bin are usable at all at the moment (yes this means I broke them). They'll be completely reshaped later.

09.11.2003 by bsiegert@
Add patches for MPlayer to use ~/.etc/mplayer. Update BIND9 port, you can now install only the client tools.

09.11.2003 by tg@
After many prodding of wbx@ work on the MIRBSD_7_DEV branch again: remove OpenBSD elf2aout and elf2ecoff, and move to NetBSD elf2aout (with KNF and ANSIfication and whatnot), allowing for bsd.rd.net to be made. Physically update my SPARCstation 20 to a 75 MHz CPU, closing the OpenBSD problem report for me. Re-enable ramdisk for sparc, and, while here, add back miniroot. Back to the head branch, remove man4/mvme88k and other unused stuff like that. Strive to update X-Window and remove the OpenBSD dain bread ness (to remove so-called "bad, copyrighted, licenced" pictures of that Tux thingie, and our dæmon). Do optical and Validator fixes to the homepage. Lose edonkey, the distfiles are gone and we ain't allowed to mirror.

12.11.2003 by tg@
Have ports in BATCH=Yes mode be IGNOREd when they depend on a USE_CXX or USE_X11'd port which is not yet installed, but on IGNORE as well (recursive up to the end); but don't check dependencies on myself (not recursively checked). Fix other stuff in MirPorts while there. Update and take over graphics/win32codecs. Change definition of NULL. Enable lots of more stuff in GENERIC and test until it compiles again; fix several severe bugs which have been catched due to new NULL (including one in UVM!). Add tun0 to MAKEDEV for ramdisk. Fix mk.conf REL_NO_KERNEL. Sync sys/netccitt with NetBSD (XXX needs tweaking, but not as much as OpenBSD one with dtom). Mail marc.info again wrt. archiving the MirOS mailing lists.

16.11.2003 by tg@
Unbreak audio/lame. Synchronize master.passwd and group with what MirPorts expects (MFCd). Update magicpoint. Fix ISDN manual pages, and refer to MAKEDEV(8/i386). Switch boot/cdboot and cdrom to the new format: /usr/mdec/boot is now both an ELF executable to be loaded by the first stage boot loader (/usr/mdec/pbr_*), as well as a flat executable to be loaded by the El Torito BIOS implementation (yes this is possible :-) in "No Emulation" mode. It is capable of loading a kernel from floppy, hard disc or the El Torito accessible CD-ROM session (in 8.3 filename mode only), from UFS FFS filesystem as well as ISO 9660. The bsd.rd kernel has to be either stripped or gzipped in order to be booted from CD-ROM (the new cd34.iso generation code takes care of this) for some unknown reason, though. Add placeholders for recent and future NetBSD, OpenBSD and MirOS releases in the manual page sheets. Update acronymes database. Import OpenBSD ports tree into MirPorts. Work on the documentation of MirOS (for the upcoming release of MirOS BSD #7ter). Fix and enable X-Window in 7DEV. Make gas shut up. Add a knob which turns off all (known to me; IANAL) patented algorithm for outside Europe (stock MirOS is Europe-only and includes algorithms such as RC5™ patented e.g. in the USA) to /etc/mk.conf. Add basic vmware 3 port (needs testing), and fix modload. Update win32-codecs and mplayer. Add new RTL8029 clone. Make all ports which USE_CXX and are built with EGCS depend on libestdc++ (package). EGCS is i386 only. Go crazy on the website, and fix XHTML too.

17.11.2003 by tg@
Deprecate all calls to bzero(), bcmp() and bcopy() as NetBSD has done. Whack more on the website; add info to Éric Lévénez (here and on his Unix history page) and resubmit MARC. Fix PBR after bringing it down to be incompatible to prior-2.50 /boot, and shrinking by ~20h bytes. Have PBR and installboot wear their version number.

19.11.2003 by tg@
Bring back old libtool. Verify that kernel and boot tools still build and are usable (in bochs). Fix audio/faad and x11/mplayer (which has faad enabled by default now); add no_faad flavour to mplayer (for these guys on SPARC, where is no C++). Add incomplete ethertap device framework (need to work on the .c file now). Inspired by the CCC guys, fix up /etc/profile including the colour/bw and prompt selection logic. Fix elf2aout and notice it doesn't do its job cross-platform. Screw the i386 and sparc kernels in DEV. Remove RSAv1 and DSA keys from the status of being enabled by default; fix and enhance the afterboot(8) manual page while there. Prepare double-build-through of the MirOS BSD #7ter release (borrow a VT for my sparc).

20.11.2003 by tg@
The usual problems with make b-r of 7ter appear; go after them and try to fix. Meanwhile, add /kern and /proc to the head branch and have the installation script amend them with meaning. Ensure the kernel in its current state builds, and eliminate all "M "s in my local tree, to facilitate backing up the whole stuff on CD again.

24.11.2003 by tg@
Mirror the fact that we have released MirOS #7 for the third time on the website, after all uploading (and checksumming) has finished. Renumber my IPv6 space (argh, why?).

29.11.2003 by tg@
Catch-Up entry again, I had no time this week. Nuke bcopy(), bcmp() and bzero() from boot code and memcpy() -> memmove() which I inlined — and take that inlining back, since increasing the size broke cdboot again. Remove the b*() functions from src/lib/ and make it compile with -Werror, as well as clean much of the code for -Wall (but not everything yet!). Make tree build and release cleanly. Remove creation and parsing of /etc/mygate and advise users to use hostname.if(5) instead. Make gcc3 compile (but nothing more; even the install process is more than broken) with target i386-ecce-mirbsd3.4. Plan to change the output of uname(1) to MirBSD instead of OpenBSD (idea from ekkoBSD).
Make gcc-3.2.3 (C, without propolice) build and being used. Fix the string functions in GNU libiberty.

30.11.2003 by tg@
Succeed building through the whole system using gcc-3.2.3 without propolice (kernel, userland, X-Window). Make port of GFDL licenced documentation. Move distfiles etc. around. Find out that the boot loader is broken, but not in bochs (wtf?). anoncvssh now handles anonRsync as well, using rsync-static flavour.

01.12.2003 by wbx@
Added verified exec from NetBSD 1.6.1 / Stephanie for OpenBSD 3.4 (code by brian at ethernet.org, great thx) to MIRBSD_7_DEV, one bug have to be fixed later. Today I have began with an MirBSD port for alpha architecture.

01.12.2003 by bsiegert@
(Catch-up entry) Add db4 port and run the regression suite which took almost two days to complete. FWIW, the log is here. Work on apr and apr-util (still unfinished). Re-install frankie alias benz.mine.nu with MirBSD #7ter and give wbx@ an account. Sparc packages are now hosted there too. While here, install djbdns. Fix missing Fontmap files for cups-pstoraster. Create a CD with packages and distfiles for templis.

01.12.2003 by tg@
Seems as I'm late today. It's still pretty obvious, since I had the rope to shoot myself into the foot yesterday, and to cut me into the thumb the day before yesterday (literally, this time). To be exact, I dared to install /boot v2.53 (gcc-3 compiled) on my laptop. Well, real hardware is not like bochs which is which I test with. Real hardware sometimes returns errors when it shouldn't. But then, I fixed it eventually (else I couldn't have written this), and having discovered /boot can soo easily be called from DOS, I've written up a MS-DOS quickstrapper which comes handy if you got a kernel on /dev/wd0a but don't know how to boot it. If someone would now come up with a port of disklabel(8) for MS-DOS, you could (using e.g. Norton Utilities 4.5/DOS as dd(1) replacement) easily bootstrap a MirOS system on such boxen. Hm, and www.bsdadvocacy.org has gotten downtime due to an update to OpenBSD 3.4, so I could switch on (and fix) the "content/foo.index as it should have been from the beginning". Next thing on my TODO is to too generate a CD-R for this templis guy Benny wrote about, but I think I'll watch anime, go to bed, and do that tomorrow. Coming from $ork, I'm pretty exhausted again – plus I've had a 25-hour without break Netzladen session again (meal breaks excluded of course).
Hey cool, I think I'm gonna win the "who writes most into a wlog message" pissing contest (I'm already equipped with the largest commit message ever one). Oh, and mop up the CVS repository (one by me, one by wbx). Ah, and set up a cronjob so that the CVS repo copy on mirbsd.bsdadvocacy.org is automatically synched overnight (European time).

03.12.2003 by tg@
I've actually verified that one can build a CD which is bootable on both i386 and sparc, using the MirOS #7ter release. I'll have to research further in why my Laptop can't boot the no-emul boot loader but the Win2k one. Now, I've synched the OpenBSD Ports Tree and much stuff of base (bc, dc, perl, binutils, vnd) into MirOS/MirPorts; you'll need a re-run of /dev/MAKEDEV after running a new kernel.

04.12.2003 by tg@
Finish merger of OpenBSD; build system through and sync distrib set lists. Nuke a.out, iBCS2 and SysVR4 compatibility. Split syslog.conf in MI and MD part. Apparently fix mod_perl due to our IPv6 Apache HTTPD. Get annoyed by wbx@.

05.12.2003 by tg@
In real life, it was a wonderful day, until I got pissed off by some lusers. I'll separate now cleanly between hacking on MirBSD (which is my hobby) and helping lusers (which I get paid for). If you want me to help, pay me. Isn't that simple?
Propolice works; the switch to gcc-3 as system compiler was done. Start planning the next stages. Get (probably useful?) feedback from this Templis guy. End life of 80486DX support in kernels and sync configs with each other.

09.12.2003 by tg@
For wbx@ in absentia, fix licence of vexecctl.

10.12.2003 by tg@
"Fix" (for some low values of fix) libtool (for even lower values of software) good enough so base builds through for C and C++ with gcc-3.2.3-propolice. The system compiler switch is deemed done; sparc, fortran, objective C, probably Ada will follow after an upgrade to 3.3.3 or so.

12.12.2003 by tg@
I'm still physically not well – my head aches from time to time, and my stomach likes to fight with the head about who's best in annoying me; my nose's either running or fully closed. Despite this, I could finish and upload some -current snapshot for i386 (compiling doesn't need much attention, just time) and fix wbx' Makefile for vexecctl in 7DEV (one-liner...).
A word to my trainer at Deutsche Telekom if you are reading this: all that went yesterday or overnight, and wasn't the cause I'm ill today. Wish you have fun at the restaurant.

14.12.2003 by wbx@
Updated the openldap port, after some hours of libtool debugging (set -x is a nice thing) it is working fine. compiled all related packages successfully and tested most of the important ldap related stuff with openldap 2.1.25. (gq,login_ldap,net-ldap,sylpheed, pine-ldap, pure-ftpd,auth_ldap,...). SASL FLAVOR is broken, I need to compile openldap and cyrus-sasl2 with the same libdb version (openldap use libdb4, cyrus-sasl2 libndbm). Updated silc-client port to 1.0, I will try the irssi-plugin next. Security update of irssi-port from ports@openbsd.org

16.12.2003 by tg@
Fix screwup done to this log by wbx@. Various build fixes and improvements. Fix gcc3 option -fno-no-stack-protector (sic!). Add a regression test for propolice. Add new users and groups from MirPorts. Call back from the Dead my old freenet-project port (which can't connect to "the" freenet because our version is too old, and we can't update to sunjdk-linux-1.4.1 because that doesn't do green threads any more – anyone want to do a rogue freenet2? :). Make java build by the way. Add workarounds to ksh extensions in /etc/profile because GNU bash sucks.

17.12.2003 by tg@
Let the perl port make fragment check the MirOS patchlevel to determine if perl 5.8.2 is already there. Move old samples from the time when MirBSD™ was my private project out of the tree, into the contrib module, and make a port for that. Employ spelling fixes and an update to the licence template and the COPYRIGHT file. Merge MirBSD #7ter into the HEAD branch (not expected to work). Start working on case studies and rapid prototypes to redesign the El Torito boot code with something that works around buggy hardware. (Why am I still a bit ill?)

21.12.2003 by tg@
I'm the only one to write here ;-) hmm... anyways. Enable libmilter by default and provide neat ways to enable LDAP and SASL support for sendmail in /etc/mk.conf. Update HERC to #7ter with the SLIM kernel configuration file from latest -current. Invent a makefile include for MirPorts, <bsd.port.ver.mk>, to be used for fine-grained versioning of ports, removing the need to branch MirPorts. Fix the boot loader so it runs straight out of the box as /boot called from a v2.64 pbr (older ones won't probably work), or as boot.com from MS-DOS (with not much programs loaded), or as "no emulation" El Torito boot image on a computer with a die-hard broken BIOS. Update the website, point better to licencing information in-tree and on the site. Catch up missed stuff when merging #7ter into HEAD. Finally fix the bootloader, so no more complaints allowed for v2.65! Remove reference to orphaned databases/db4 port noticed while doing make index.

25.12.2003 by tg@
Make and commit new ports index; remove netscape for sparc which needs SunOS emul (still more to follow). Change uname from OpenBSD to MirBSD and nuke -M option; fix manpage etc. Remove some unpolite words about the OpenBSD people I forgot to before in this website. Import OpenBSD and start to merge content over. Update and fix (some of my strlcpy() stuff) libiberty; MD5 and getopt* are in libc. Enhance and amend sixxs-heartbeatd samples, idea by bsiegert@. Merge in and MirOSify more of the import (the whole sys/ stuff and libz).
We were going to hold a speech at 20C3, but the people from CCC Berlin are (according to insider information) lazy bums smoking shit, so they could tell us within more than three weeks neither that nor that not we can hold that speech, or even when. That's why we aren't interested in holding a speech any more (well, at least I personally am not).
Set up a rogue vserver for the MirOS website, in case the other one gets lost and we need to tell people at the congress. While here, credit all the guys.

26.12.2003 by bsiegert@
Another catch-up entry, written in the train to Berlin: Help tg@ with ports import from OpenBSD. Import security fixes for rsync and screen. Add my db4 port, moving db3 to databases/db/v3. Roll back those changes a few days later, remove db3 entirely and fix the two ports that depended on it. While here, upgrade db4 to 4.2.50 and remove compatibility kludges.
Now that subversion builds cleanly, import it into the tree, making a mess during the import. Create an experimental subversion repository of MirPorts at benz.mine.nu, accessible only via ssh, contact me if you want an account.
Fix dependencies of bitlbee. Request an IPv6 tunnel at SixXS and configure a static IPv6 address for benz.mine.nu (not in the DNS though). Download CD image from tg@ and burn a few MirBSD and MirPorts CDs for 20C3. Go there.

26.12.2003 by tg@
Sleep longer than expected, then drive to Berlin for the 20C3 (crappy website) with wbx@ and IsCs from CCC Köln. Meet bsiegert@ there and many other BSD{,s'} guys; have a nice evening with them and Club-Mate (just the food wasn't at top level, neither is the network working, thus I've made a HostAP (called mirbsd of course) for the internal communication (even the APs are working so badly) of ours, eg. to view a local mirror of this wonderful website :) Then start hacking on the source again, together with bsiegert@, and talking to people. We're now dragged into going to bed though...

27.12.2003 by tg@
1. half of the day spent fixing this MirBSD uname issue, and the merge conflicts. Also, notice that anonCVS is working again, as well as the 20C3 internet access (sort of; I'm still providing a rogue access point – which I must now take down while writing this – making the overall not-a-network situation worse...). Joke with henning@ and wvdputte@, get interviewed by hubertf@netbsd and josef@freebsd. Build a new total snapshot of base !X11. Quickfix the uname problem for most ports, and check bind9 for benz.

27.12.2003 by bsiegert@
Fix bind9.

28.12.2003 by tg@ – well, sort of
Hum, this was a weird day. Much happened, but I mostly remember having eaten well at the indian again, but with benz, waldi and three freebsd people this time. Also, I met tbf from symlink and some others (Immo FaUl Wehrenberg, and a couple which I don't remember right now). Also I installed MirBSD to people, but as for donations... they aren't going well, and these OpenBSE people are still annoying :P Well, and some minor fixes.

29.12.2003 by bsiegert@
Meet lots of people from IRC, celebrate winning the shortest-wlog-message contest with my last entry :P. Add a port for the cvs version of dillo which fixes an annoying bug. Fix hfsplus (well, sort of) although it doesn't run on any of our supported arches. I am hacking on my iBook here with OpenBSD and MirPorts on it.

30.12.2003 by tg@
We've driven home overnight, since congress ended early (some foreigners are having a new year's eve party now, so the location had to be left and cleaned up at 09:00 UTC today). All in all I must say it's a super event, and we will take place in it next year too. We've met a lot of people we already knew IRC, and a bunch of people we didn't know, IRL – and some of them will come into our IRC now as well. We didn't sell much MirBSD, but donated some CDs for the Hacker Jeopardy to spread it (though some people just were happy about the jewel cases) and chatted with visitors about it. Also, we stopped the OpenBSD people that attended from murdering us ;-)
Today, I'm opening a new CVS branch tag MIRBSD_7 mimicking the OpenBSD -stable branch (OPENBSD_3_4 as opposed to OPENBSD_3_4_BASE which is our MIRBSD_7ter tag). Benny has volunteered to maintain and persuaded me to ok the MirOS #7-stable branch, and we will continue to do so for later releases. Also, in contrast to OpenBSD, we will provide binary upgrades as site34.tgz unless there are changes which make it easier to release a new full set of distfiles.
Attempt to port makefs(8) from NetBSD (failed: the generated files, even after disklabel, lead fsck_ffs(8) to floating point errors and force it and mc after mounting to dump core. Try to fix XFree for uname change (needs revisiting). Later: play X-Window and even get rid of the manpage generation errors (by using a kludge though – anyone else uses not GNU groff?).

30.12.2003 by bsiegert@
Finally fix those stupid punctuation errors in the install files. Fix the bind9 installation script (this time for real) and do further testing. Enable building of threads flavor.
20C3 is over, and it was a great success. We even sold a few MirBSD CDs and helped some people install it. I met lots of nice people and had lots of fun hacking MirPorts in the hack-center. Now I am sitting in the train back home :(.

02.01.2004 by tg@
Renew OpenSSH public key. Fix X-Window compilation (except that fonts seemed to crash my machine, but that might have been heat; now that I could use sensorsd(8) I probably should). Make ocaml and mldonkey compile under #7. Port the "LIVE.COM streaming libraries" for mplayer to be able to watch rtsp streams (just that I can't test, being behind a NAT). Update mplayer from OpenBSD to 1.0pre3 while here, and make it compilable without C++ and X11. Regenerate ports/infrastructure/db/config.* GNU tools automatically and invent an ed(1) script to copy and mask the RCS Id. Write a simple database (integer, string) on top of libc-db-1.85 and the recno interface; adjust MirPorts pkgtools to match recent OpenBSD Ports changes with that. Extend our copyright to the year 2004. Start working on the mirDePinguinator (remote MirOS install tool). Import OpenBSD base system and merge conflicts. Remove Kerberos and related pieces totally from OpenSSH. Start preparing support for disklabel partition in an extended BIOS partition, requested by Jedi/Sector One. Get request by Diana Eichert to port NetBSD pxeboot over. Split a c++ subpackage from gfdl-doc port.

03.01.2004 by tg@
Merge OpenBSD fully over. Build the base system, sync lists and ramdisk sizes. Rename the ramdisk M and CD kernels to FLOPPY and CDROM for i386. Fix INSTALL.i386 a little bit. Fix ports infrastructure for #7 on sparc. Enable moving disklabel partition into an extended BIOS partition. Rotate ChangeLog, write new wlog entry (hrhr).

06.01.2004 by wbx@
Tested the new ipv6 capable installer which actually works fine. (configuration could be made permanent after reboot, by adding rtsol to hostname.if and modifying sysctl) Doing some kind of simple work for tg@, search for bcopy/bzero and change it to memmove/memset. Added two new ports: samba3 and sendfile. I've worked a lot on porting smbfs from NetBSD to test my new samba3 port, but this seems to be not a simple task. Too many differences between NetBSD and MirBSD.

07.01.2004 by bsiegert@
Attempt to do a full bulk package build and fail miserably. The bulk building parts of the ports framework seem to be broken, e.g. spitting out messages like Fatal: no flavors for this port etc. What's more, egcc on #7ter often crashes. And somehow, the linker is unable to find shared libraries in the ports' working directories if building in chroot. This breaks building (among many others) glib2, because it calls a program linked against itself while building.
Okay, I have 1289 fluffy unzels (to be uploaded IDC) in in my packages/i386/ftp directory. A full build might be due next week when my new hard drive will arrive :). A propos hard drive: There is going to be some downtime for benz.mine.nu while installing the new drive.
Fix some of the build errors encountered during the bulk build. Try to incorporate Fefe's IPv6 patches for ucspi-tcp, only to find out that they don't work for us.

08.01.2004 by tg@
Fellow miros-changes@ readers might have noticed I slacked a bit the last week. In fact, I think I need holidays, since the only two weeks of non-dayjob-work I had weren't very recovering (but still fun, nevertheless). Despite that, I have done quite some work, although there are no major changes at the moment (we're working on improving the MirOS infrastructure). Anyways, this is what I've done:
Add pgp key fingerprints and ssh public keys of the developers to the mirex contrib repo (preliminary, not official yet). Find out that my diffs to disable I18N/NLS/LOCALE for X-Window actually work, and – on top of that – make the X-Window build subsystem recognise our $CC, $CXX and $COPTS while building. Add ping6, rtsol and sysctl to the large ramdisk – as wbx@ wrote above, it makes install in an IPv6 network pure joy. Remove gcc and libstdc++-v3 testsuites from the tree and remove them, as well as the imported OpenBSD gcc3, hard from the repository. Take back allowance for installboot(8) to write itself into the MBR, because the code is incomplete (it wouldn't be hard to fix and test it, but I have set priorities differently at the moment). Fix all the MDOC warnings encountered during a build. Rewrite the tools in src/X-Window/distrib/sets/ because they had no licence, and move them to src/distrib/sets/ (effectively nuking and replacing the OpenBSD base install ones, too) – they work even better now, path independently and save us 4.2 KiB in the base system sets (and a few in X sets). Remove duplicate introduced by OpenBSD merger in sample openssl.cnf installed in /etc/ssl. Fix acroread port; we are not OpenBSD. Throw in a warning into /etc/mk.conf stating that doing a make release is not supported when changing flags.
TODO: Employ real fixes for the installboot code, wbx' problem with the automatic generation of the access and aliases database during a release, and a few others. Add <tt>...</tt> around pathnames all over the website, and make all lines (to the maximum extent possible) shorter than 80 characters. Some ports work maybe (but then, I have got two people who can do that, since base keeps me busy enough). Install new HDD into HERC and mop up; backup and set up cleanly ODEM. Some stuff which I noticed while my system was making a release and I were in the bed, on the toilet or in the train which I just can't remember now. Get more sleep. Write a website describing my services (setting up and maintaining MirOS based communication servers); set up my printer (not the MP3 one, the Epson FX-80 :). Et cetera.

09.01.2004 by tg@
Add new CVSweb code which is fixed up a little; add anonRSYNC services at BSDadvocacy (thanks selerius). Later that night, remove trailing whitespace in this file (*ALERT*), and wrap the lines at <80 when possible.

11.01.2004 by tg@
Code some cosmetics, fixes and improvements for RCDB, the issues have been mostly pointed out by bsiegert@ and Waldi. Move some DIAGNOSTIC messages to DEBUG ones, they were too annoying. Add proftpd and bsdiff ports from the OpenBSD ports mailing list, where nobody seemed to care. Install all share/doc/papers/ and have them build correctly. In dhclient, don't overwrite /etc/resolv.conf if /etc/resolv.conf.lock exists. Apply wbx@ jumbo patch for the base system to replace the bcopy, bcmp and bzero functions with their ISO C counterparts, and fix some bcopy, bzero, sprintf, strcpy, strcat myself. Make netstart slower by using a fake resolv.conf at set-up time. Add a webpage describing the various logos. Play a bit in <bsd.port.mk>. Later, after polishing the website, import GNU librx (LGPL) which is needed by GNU Pascal's regex unit, and an alpha development shapshot of GNU pascal itself (the last version is too old for even gcc 3.0); thus postponing the update to gcc 3.3.3 or 3.4.0 since it's not production quality yet. Also remove a few unused files. (rx and gpc are not connected to the build yet.) Disable splitting the texinfo files as new MirOS standard. Update rcdb, preparing to move it into libc, together with bsiegert@ the libdb guy ;-)

14.01.2004 by tg@
We will ship MirOS #8 as soon as possible, and MirOS #9 as the MirOS #8 release was scheduled; probably later. This is due to the incident with the server checksum failures. The first MirOS Linux version will then be MirOS X.
Fix remaining issues with rcdb; move it into libc. ANSIfy anoncvssh. Help midiplay(1) with .rmi files. Sync ports with OpenBSD (base later).

15.01.2004 by tg@
Continued merging of MirPorts. I feel slightly overworked.

20.01.2004 by tg@
Finish merging MirPorts; start fixing the framework as well as some single ports. In the Netzladen, fix rcdb: finish the man page (proof-read), and fix a major and some minor bug. Re-decide on the development plan after wbx@ has left the team; we agreed on not putting strain on ourselfes, but rather prolonging the existence of #7-stable. The src/distrib/sets and src/X-Window/distrib directories leave the tree (well, except for the notes, but these will be taken care of later), in favour of the new-born src/distrib/lists and generic src/scripts; there are two new sets: perl and egcs (gcc3, including perl parts of it). Fix even irssi. Hey, I had a hard day! CSU Switch in i386: crtbegin.o, crtbeginS.o, crtend.o and crtendS.o are now taken from the FSF code (licence: GPL with binary library exception, ie. no practical difference for the most of us) – this might eventually lead to better Wine support. Updated config.guess and config.sub from the FSF master; submit local diffs to them upstream. Update lynx to 2.8.5dev.17d, fixing at least one common crash. Update and ~/.etc/fooify icewm. Add our PGP public keys to contrib; SSH will follow. Sync egcs with OpenBSD diffs against FSF (yields a better infrastructure in parts; the ability to regenerate files with yacc; AMD64 support; the sentinel attribute; better backwards-compatible (to MirBSD #1? huh?) C++ behaviour. Fix and improve libstdc++ while here. Also, clean up Pascal.

26.01.2004 by tg@
Bump library versions accordingly and fix building the base system. Honour ${DESTDIR} correctly in libstdc++ – previously, includes weren't installed correctly. Remove the need to include a README-fixinc. Remove all Makefile.am (GNU Automake) and fix a shitload full of build time warnings. Update config.rpath as well. Add egcs and perl sets, and merge xshare into xbase; update docs appropiately. Shuffle order in which sets are installed, move tinyirc back into base. Update graphics/livestream (distfile vanished). Update ld.so to not issue warnings about being unable to resolve weak symbols. Whitespace whack on files touched. Stub out locale support in libc even more. Enable building of and linking against a shared libgcc (XXX what about static arches? to be revisited when it should be needed). Transgaming WineX now works. (To gain even better support, mount procfs to /proc with -o linux).

31.01.2004 by tg@
Update and/or fix several ports, partially from outside of MirOS Project (Robert Nagy, mostly). Update CVSweb cgi. Write a GNU as(1) Intel-syntax howto. Integrate mod-fortune-fvl into base. Sync with OpenBSD base. Add scripts which help importing stuff. Migrate Ports infrastructure, and play around another few things – REQUIRE_EMUL is new. Fix /etc/rc with respect to mounting filesystems. The default IPv4 route is now asked for per interface, and correctly propagated after installation. The a.out tools leave the tree. Regenerate kernel files, and re-think about what is enabled and what not. Keep the small floppy free of additional stuff like find(1). Fix dict(1) – miranda.org seems down, so we'd use dict.org instead. Prepare for 64-bit MirOS on x86. Update some of the propolice stuff, but not everything, to the latest version. Increase randomness taken at bootup. Move eqn to neqn(1), as it belongs; improve building of man pages. Cope for new licences (Apache 2.0, XFree86 1.1). Ensure that ports/packages ISOs are FTP exportable. Sendmail stuff done on making a release is now done in the sendmail/cf/cf directory and depends on not being in SKIPDIR (as well as some other stuff). X-Window synched with OpenBSD; evilwm and lynx with upstream release resp. development snapshot. Update djbdns for ICANN B root server IPv4 change. Fix building some ports for ekkoBSD and MirBSD uname types. Greatly improve AnonCVSsh (for more modularity – eg. on BSDadvocacy -, more flexibility, better structure); all options are in the Makefile now. Offer bsd.slim on installation, too. Fix a really deep bug in rcdb for both -current and #7-stable (pkg_install).
Prepare build of a release-quality snapshot in chroot. Work on enabling the system to build with a read-only ${BSDSRCDIR} (notwithstanding the symlinks into ${.OBJDIR} or /sys/arch/*/compile). Get flamed by the OpenBSD porters for this maintainer-variable thing again – I would really like to know where this will lead us to. If these guys didn't want "to make us work for you", they should not have published it in the beginning, and set it under the BSD licence. We all do not understand what they want from us – maybe they just fear we could take their users away? Probably I should just make that the project aim.
All announcements etc. will be signed from now.

11.02.2004 by bsiegert@ (catch-up entry)
Fix gnupg (security). Finally install the new harddisk for amiras and re-use the old one for frankie (alias benz.mine.nu). Just about time, because the old one from frankie gave some CRC errors while copying :(. amiras now has 120 GB, frankie 40 GB. Install -current on amiras's wd0d.
Import OpenBSD ports again (twice---I hate CVS) and help with the merge. Update Berkeley DB to and subversion to 0.37.0. Please test this release, it might become 1.0. Create a work-around for libtool 1.4 to work with pgcc and apply it to some of the problematic ports---this needs to be done further. .etc support for www/snownews. Incorporate CUPS patches from Jakob Meuser.
After getting flamed by some people (I won't mention names here) over and over again, remove OpenBSD's port maintainers. This had been forgotten after the last few imports. Oh, and explain what "vendor branches" are and why they contain the unmodified OpenBSD source.

15.02.2004 by bsiegert@
Fix lots of ports, mostly MirLibtool stuff: libxml 1 and 2, libaudiofile, xfmail, etc. All those patch-ltmain_sh files are obsolete now and should be replaced. And, as a special announcement: Mozilla and Mozilla Firebird work now. Alas, only on -current, because of libgcc and crt fixes applied there.

16.02.2004 by tg@
Okay, I admit I've been lazy lately. Or busy. Anyways, here it is: update developers' keys and the mirex port. Enable build with read-only ${BSDSRCDIR}. Fixes for #7-stable. More acronyms. Fix generation of initial host.random file in the old install script. Add vfork memory sharing ("old style behaviour") kernel config option. Repair XFree pasting and composing by adding back basic locale crap. Import GNU libtool and config as vendor branches into contrib and make a "MirLibtool" which is now used throughout MirPorts. Submit config.guess and config.sub changes to FSF and get positive feedback. Fix bloatzilla (well, firebird) building of shared libraries and executables. Get the OpenBSD IPv6 and shmat fixes. Add back some of the IPV4_MAPPED code (not functional yet, but dajak has promised me to work on this later). Remove some dead ones in the known_hosts skeleton. Compiler fixes for the case if POSIXLY_CORRECT=1 is set in the environment (fixes tiff). Update lynx to the 2.8.5 release. Regenerate configures in src/gnu/, dupes and unused files/libraries. Add -4/-6 to rdate(8). Fixes for the MirPorts infrastructure (even in the comments, so don't tell people I wouldn't write docs). New rcdb API with major improvements. Several updates to src/scripts/ helpers. Update cvs to 1.11.12 from 1.11.1p1 and retain local changes. Get new GNU autoconf ports (XXX they all should get the fixes (eg, for GNUSYSYEM_AUX_DIR) from 2.13). Update centericq. Fixes for <sys.mk>. Unbreak imap-uw (and install that on herc). Disable XFT by default and fix the Standard Editor. Remove ports/infrastructure/patches by converting them (and a few of the USE_LIBTOOL=Yes ports, too) to MirLibtool which has been intrigued into MirPorts then (well, except for that it needs a sync, but this won't be done before the GNU config guys updaye...). Enable the TrueType bytecode interpreter in the freetype port if not MKC_USAP. MirLibtoolify a bunch of otherwise harmless ports. MFC back the syslog.conf fixes for sparc. Add new CONFIGURE_STYLE autogen (XXX only for porters who know what they're doing!). Decide that libtool 1.5 isn't possibly ready for inclusion at all. Update propolice from OpenBSD-etoh instead of IBM-etoh; he finally admits the breakage and works around. Write this entry ;-)

02.03.2004 by tg@
Fix the previous entry's HTML. Merge FSF files in contrib/ and simplify further. Add closefrom to ports systrace infrastructure. Add PDF printer and enhance MP3 printer in /etc/printcap. Add more binutils-alike man pages where the newer ones are GFDL'd. Fix a huge bunch of ports and patch around like crazy in the infrastructure. Add files there: autogen.sh, config.rpath, mkinstalldirs, move-if-change, missing, install-sh. Switch to new-style bootsystem MBR which now displays the types of the partitions to choose from. Get mad on Schily ports again and cope for some breakage of theirs. Change arch(1) to output MirBSD. Merge ports import from OpenBSD with bsiegert@ (surely he's done more work than me, who was busy with his crappy notebook). AUTOCONF_NEW goes to 2.59 and mod_gcc3 bites the dust. Revert cvs back to 1.11.1p1, because the newer version had core dumps on joining. "make plist" finally has gotten rid of checking dependant packages. Someone needs to fix my speling. Add "@" to morse. Fix xlock font for xjack mode. Update contact info in #7-stable. Remove TCP_LOWDELAY from sftp(1) connections as well. Let user choose which pager (cat, less, more, ${PAGER}) he wants to use in pkg_add(1) MirBSD pkgtools. Add backwards formats in cpio(1) mode to pax(1). Add -R and -S options to tar(1) mode for generating CPIO-format archives. Have MirBSD pkgtools create CPIO instead of USTAR archives by default; change extension to .cgz appropriately(sic!) and cope for .cgz etc. distfiles. Fix CPIO and LHArc support in misc/mc. Enable USE_SYSTRACE by default.
27.02.2004, rotate ChangeLog.
Move some stuff around in GCC configuration which might help cross builds. Improve operating system checks in MirPorts infrastructure; OpenBSD 3.5 will be added soon. Large cleanup in MirPkgtools, including enable pkg_sign to build (untested). MFC back latest pkgtools to #7-stable. Convert GNAT (the GCC 3.x Ada compiler front-end) to use BSD make instead of GNU make. Have libstdc++, libobjc and the Fortran libs use standard make prereq, make includes mechanism of installing their headers. Enable the Ada, Objective C and Fortran 77 front-ends in addition to C and C++ ones. Track down Pascal until getting to a dead point. Support installing specially generated ports and source tarballs as sets during the installation process. Enable UTF-8 locale support in X-Window which might somewhat help. Break irssi because it's unfixable on #7. Initiate building a nonpublic snapshot.
Yes, I do know that XFree86 4.4 is out. Please give me some time before merging it, and handle src/X-Window/ as broken in the meanwhile. Arigatou Gosaimasu.

13.03.2004 by tg@
Fix build and installation issues. Import XFree86 4.4.0 and make it work, including the xlock C++ modes. Remove ports' ambitions to change sysctls automatically. Add new www front page. Show adjtime remainder in rdate on request. Add new MBR, this time stable, and remove the El Torito probe (this change adds a requirement to El Torito boot: bootable MirOS CDs must be generated using mkisofs -no-emul-boot -boot-load-size 4 -boot-info-table and no other ISO generation program will work, neither will it work if burnt as is. More patching in MirPorts infrastructure for autoconf support. Speed up rcdb by omitting default sync behaviour. Add cksfv port. Enable bytecode interpreter for TrueType™ files (outside the USA, because Apple has patents on it). Throw libpng into the base system. Delete redundant copies of libz in the tree. Install protoize, gcov and the gcc3-cpp if gcc2 is not installed afterwards. Reduce number of exported symbols in DLLs. Build the Pascal and Jav^H^H^H"Compiler for a Java™-compatible language" front-ends and install the Pascal RTS and utils, too (tested). Fix remote DoS (by OpenBSD). Use CPIO naming conventions for files and clean up. Update SSH. Add fchroot(2). Add support for ports/INDEX grepping to wtf. Remove hardcopies of X11 docs. Add back some libstdc++ documentation files which previously had to be removed because of filename length limit in the USTAR archive format by POSIX. Enable group wheel to sudo by default. Upload a new snapshot, announce that.
I lost my laptops' hard disc contents, reminder: never change the partition table entry pointing to the disklabel when a slice of it is mounted and active...

14.03.2004 by tg@
It was a wonderful day outside, and I've enjoyed it. I had to fix a thinko in the sudoers file, and have built numerous ports again, but still no idea how to recover my dump(8) file or to clean up my room :) – There is a lot of press coverage recently, and BitTorrent will make good download mirrors sooner or later. I'm now waiting for my dedicated server order to be delivered, and will probably install the snapshot on it. Seems stable enough. I might get a 200-400 MHz i386 donated in order to build #7-stable and test -current on it. I hope...
There is a new IPv6 with SixXS and MirOS howto.

17.03.2004 by tg@
Update this file, and the website per se (CSS from bsiegert was improved, but still had room for further improvements; now it looks nice on MSIE 5.00/Win2k as well (wow!). As for the rest, I'm busy with my dayjob, but fond of attention we get (even on the mailing list). The weather is nice outside, so I'll recover there a bit. I don't have internet at work now, only proxied IPV4/TCP/www which isn't enough. Sad.

19.03.2004 by tg@
After work, where I learned more about ksh again, I've started discussing the licence template, and the ekkoBSD people, albeit still unsure about to use the OpenBSD ports tree, the MirPorts Framework or the NetBSD pkgsrc, happily joined the discussion (and mailing lists). I've added a man.cgi to www/ whose only job is to fork to man.sh on all (official) MirOS website mirrors. Maybe we'll have online manual pages soon, but I'm not rushing instead of thinking and pondering...

22.03.2004 by tg@
I'm building a new snapshot, and in the midst of the process, in a sudden, I get the OK for my dedicated server. I'm shocked by /command, /home/[0-9a-z]/, visas, confixx, SuSE (defective) and friends; thus, I'm already planning how to update that beast. This basically means that I've got to throw a ramdisk kernel with serial console onto it, and somehow chain into the loader from lilo. (Shouldn't be too difficult.) Also, I'd like to keep this "Leenux" thingie on it for recovery purposes. So I've got to make the partition smaller. – Anyways, I'll discover something.

28.04.2004 by tg@
Yep, we've been slacking – but it's worth it; while rsynching a backup of CVS today I noticed it's 1337 MiB in 95842 files.

02.05.2004 by tg@
Tentative update – loosely chronologically sorted, but mainly threaded; superseded changes haven't been mentioned.
Various reliability fixes (xlock, libssl, ...). Reduce amount of directories in mtree database, add some entries to the daily job. Fix png in MirPorts various times; adjust for OpenBSD (3.4, 3.5) and ekkoBSD; both are USA-based (patent issues). Heavy work on fixing and making mirbsdksh portable; release some distfiles of it. Fix vnconfig (one could configure but not reliably unconfigure read-only files). Clean up after removing xfs, netccitt, netiso, netns, ... and fix Ada. Add netatalk to the GENERIC kernel. modgcc3 (ports) dies. Modernize djbdns (dnscache) roots. Change syntax of a bunch of ports variables. Add md4(1). Fix a couple of ports, update some, make some new. Add cacert.org key to SSL, fix perms of /var/mail. Finally enable async mounts on ext2fs (from bsieger@). Manpage fixes. Have ksh check for mkstemp(), strlcpy(), strlcat(), arc4random() availability. Add some acronymes and sync with NetBSD. Fix and add no_x11 flavour to Ghostscript. Add pascal and ${fooFLAGS_foo.o} support to <sys.mk>, and $LINKER support to <bsd.prog.mk>. Remove a plethora of warnings throughout the tree, and add a new kind of warning: a link-time warning that linking a program with a certain library (for example, readline or iberty) will GPL it. Rewrite some scripts using my newly gained KSH knowledge. Update e2fsprogs (resize2fs tested). Add libtool 1.5 support to MirLibtool. Switch base system from libtool-gcc3 to MirLibtool-1.4 and regenerate stuff. Fix sparcstation 5. Prepare binary MIRBSD_7 (MirOS #7-stable) updates, and a re-rolled system (MIRBSD_7quater, MirOS #7quater). Add pkg_scan after suggestion and code from bsiegert@. Brand ftp as MirOS, finally. Add more entropy to pgp-2.6.3in port. Add CSS selection support to this homepage. Update CVS after security flaws, and pull in support for better expanding of the local tag from CVS-stable. Finally matroska/MKV support for mplayer – feeded to OpenBSD, but no interest from them. Remove a lot of unused files (local md5, snprintf, zlib copies). Update protector.c from OpenBSD (hard work, to do it manually until it breaks no more). Help to un-GPL the gpc RTS (hey, there's still no gcjrts port!). Remove useradd, userdel, adduser, rmuser, addgroup, rmgroup, sysctl writes and more stuff like that from all ports. Rewrite strlcpy and strlcat, speeds up; switch to -O2 for gcc3, too. Improve randomness collection – caveat (from Ignatios Souvatzis): it might reduce entropy level, thus disablable with a sysctl. Fix the installer. Add support to MBR and fdisk(8) to force loading an entry which is not 0x80 by default (application sample: NT chokes to load if it's not 0x80, and there's another primary, DOS, partition which comes before the NT partition in the partition table -> set NT to 0x80 and fdef the BSD partition which I want booted by Return or the 10-second delay). Optimize generation and installation of the GPC RTS and split out the utils into gnu/usr.bin/ separately. Update Lynx to current development snapshot. Add handler for .cgz/.ngz -> .cpio in gunzip(1). Add -femit-memmove to both gccs and document that; add capability (HAS_GCC2 / HAS_GCC3) handling; use that for descending, libgcc.so, cpp installation; adjust manpages and their installation routine accordingly. Fix ${SHELL} in Makefiles. Get reliability fix (SHM) for -current, sync contrib/gnu files, users/groups, and start updating this website. Get OK for torrents. Disabled fortran libraries (libg2c and libfrtbegin) because of unknown breakage, temporarily.

04.05.2004 by tg@
Fix a bunch of issues documented on the new errata page, make another snapshot, release that via BitTorrent (thanks to Eike Frost, Scarywater (Anime ;) Tracker admin). Go over the website once again. Fix the libpng issue post-snapshot. Man am I tired, I should go to bed (I've got a dayjob, y'know?).

07.05.2004 by tg@
Make website more legible (smaller font); revive the old (works well in konqueror, bloatzilla is broken) CSS. Incorporate hints (documentation-wise). Update libebml, libmatroska, livestream to new versions and after that, mplayer (depending on these). Add port for gentium font; ask for licence clarifications. Fix MBR timeout.

08.05.2004 by tg@
Some sparc make-it-easy things, although the whole sparc/stand/* stuff smells funny as well. Simplify gcc config. Add <stdint.h> header file (C99 required); fixup some other headers (and, in consequence, apps which are confused that 0 != NULL *sigh*). Prevent stuff from being placed into the source tree at compile-time; start merging OpenBSD: don't place OpenBSD "this file is not ELF" markers any more; recognize MirOS BSD PT_NOTE ELF sections (currently, MirBSD and OpenBSD are still handled the same), and feed fixes to ekkoBSD while here. Try to fix random (hah! ambiguous) hangs, and fixup timeout_set() while here. Some minor fixes in the build tree (NOMAN in distrib/special, CFLAGS -> CPPFLAGS, etc.) and dependencies. Replace misuse of sh, ksh, /bin/sh, /bin/ksh etc. in some Makefiles by ${SHELL} – there's more to do. Remove "SLIM" kernel. Switch to MirOS BSD PT_NOTE ELF section and clean up src/lib/csu/ while there. Release "corrigendum" torrent for users of the old torrent snapshot.

09.05.2004 by tg@
Add protest action call against software patents to redirector and home page. Announce the update package. Fix up some ports. Add wiki.mirbsd.de with help of waldi (Bastian Blank) and a UseModWiki to the www module (still experimental); code up a lot of things for it (ISO 646; config options; look and feel á la MirOS; force https; display User ID with name; add login button; encrypt passwords (using old Unix® crypt hash – UNIX® is a trademark of about fourty different organisations over the last thirty years, so heck I've given up); fixup whitespace, syntax). Fix some warnings in the PHP part of the website too, and call for discussion on simplifying (mostly) the MirOS licence template (deadline is Wednesday noon; after that, I'll commit the now-draft and set up the Wiki). Even have Wiki config files in CVS, and hide Wiki and CVSweb configs from Apache. Watch anime ;-)

09.05.2004 by tg@
I'm backing up and reinstalling the main project server, HERC, with the latest snapshot. That's why services can be a bit unavailable right now.

15.05.2004 by tg@
I've fixed a couple of things while updating the server and added others, for example the new dynip scripts in the codesnippets section at contrib. Pine got updated, and bmf and sendmail play nicer together; some kernel random bugs are fixed again. Also mailx(1) works with empty $SHELL now, and mpg123 compiles without warnings. Some more YP tools died. We got licence clarifications from the gentium font creator, and clarified our own licence; this triggered enabling the [link] MirWiki after all. Maybe, anonRSYNC already works again; and we're at gmane.org now.

19.05.2004 by tg@
Yes I know I should merge that import, but hey, at least we've got a secured-again cvs now. (No need to hurry to update the anoncvs-bins, but anything not chrooted, not anonymous should be updated.) – As for my private life, I'll be taking a break now, but not without having bunkered enough (100 bottles) of Club-Mate and IceT at home ;-)

21.05.2004 by bsiegert@
Okay, I have been writing nothing here for several months, but there are some Organic Chemistry courses which are keeping me incredibly busy. I work on MirOS when I have some free time. Right now, I am merging all the non-security MFCs from OpenBSD 3.4-stable for #7quater which should be released RSN. I have also done some work on MirPorts: import some updated ports from OpenBSD (all security-related stuff), add a chemistry category with only one port (chemtool), fix some stuff for #7-stable and -current. Add MirOS snapshot announcements at freshmeat.
Hmm, I should really write these entries more often...

22.05.2004 by tg@
It's been good weather again, thus I went for a hike with a friend two days ago, and made some potatoe salad myself (instead of buying) – you know, cooking is a good diversion to do when bored of coding and hanging around in the Netzladen, and some people say cooking is the same thing as doing chemistry ;)
I've finally started to merge over some of the OpenBSD stuff, and found just that my TODO is increasing instead of decreasing – for example, I'll have to rewrite the installer (I've got to do it anyways, but now's the time, because if I didn't, I had to do major changes in the existing code anyways). We've discovered that libtool 1.5 doesn't work without a C++ preprocessor/compiler on board which plainly sucks. I've allowed admins and editors to upload files to the MirWiki, so we can present some small screenshots – there are some of my evilwm environment already. Merging was done in regress, usr.sbin, games and distrib; the OpenBSD Perl package tools left the tree as well as makefs(8) which I never got working (for the same reason as the old SPARCstation 20 with the 50 MHz CPU I was having which we couldn't debug otherwise than to get a different, 75 MHz CPU for it). The usr.sbin/pkg directory left and went into pkg_install/pkg (I'd rather have it done the other way round, but CVS doesn't allow to move files or directories, or even track imports after that, so it'd been a PITA). Also the includes directory has been merged or adapted to be compatible with new code, and now does indeed work without GCC3. I'll add a non-gcc3 source checkout to the modules file. The crunch tools went into usr.bin and – what irony – are a crunched binary now, also I fixed some stuff and added some minor paranoia error checking to the code. And I updated the MirOS CA CRL (three days late, but hey), with the HERC server certificate revoked – it's using CAcert.org as an experimental test phase now. I'll head for breakfast now, and be back to code/merge later.

02.06.2004 by tg@
Our beloved event LinuxTag is coming near, and I've ordered some BSD Dæmon pins. We will also (probably) be there all days and sell limited MirOS T-Shirts.
Well, what have we done? The usual stabilizing, of course – even the infrastructure (-p to rsync). Fixes, MFCs, optimizations. I've started to merge OpenBSD 3.5-current (not yet finished: src/gnu/ and a few ports). We've got a MirOS PT_NOTE ELF section scheme now, and the kernel and file(1) already recognize it for BSD and even Linux. I've revived the old usr.bin/learn program and released mirbsdksh-1.10; also, another licence discussion happened, with cool feedback from the ekkoBSD people. The kernel should have shrunk a bit by now, at least the ramdisk kernel, by leaving out unnecessary OpenBSD 2.1 compatibility (we'll have a COMPAT_OPENBSD later, and most ancient subroutines were used by other emuls anyways). I've played around with Interix/Microsoft® Services for Unix® 3.5 a bit, before and during a long LAN party (with Windows® games, yea right) this weekend – and I think, once I discover if Interix has shared objects, and once MirOS Linux works, I might hack a MirOS Interix. I've converted more and more scripts to mirbsdksh, and tested the latter under Interix, Mac OSX, GNU and Solaris, of course. Also, there was a small start of a licence mop, and an XF4 merge from OpenBSD. Clean up the /etc/profile file (works as ~/.profile under my Windows®/Interix environment *g*). Attempt merging more ports, and other stuff like that, so bsiegert@ is happy. Prepare for the upcoming MirOS #7quater release (this time for real).

04.06.2004 by bsiegert@
My Organic Chemistry course is over now, though the next exam is not far away. Import and merge OpenBSD ports, leaving some bits and the infrastructure to tg. Add the last OpenBSD 3.4-stable MFCs and security updates and build a preliminary release. Discover thar jpeg does not build and fix the build system---by rewriting everything using bsd.{prog,lib,subdir}.mk :). It works fine, and it is really elegant. Try to do a bulk build of all the packages for #7quater.

04.06.2004 by tg@
We're apparently just two steps far from the #7quater release (a.k.a. "It's still #7, just that the binaries are uploaded for the fourth time!"). That would be, waiting for my slow SPARCstation 20 to finish, and fixing (ugh!) Perl ports.

05.06.2004 by tg@
As for Interix – I've discovered one can build shared libraries, and they use OpenBSD's ld.so... now I just need to prod them into giving the sources to us (maybe even under a non-OSD compliant licence which would still qualify it living in contrib/ for the sake of porting MirOS to the Interix/NT kernel duo). But that's just dreams for a future far away.
In the current, we (bsiegert@ and yours truly) are just building MirOS #7quater, whose source was finished yesterday (indeed, it seems to build for me, while bsiegert@ has some weird errors... which I cannot reproduce. In MirOS-current, I've fixed a shitload of bugs and malfunction again (in fact, you do not want to use even the latest snapshot, but you cannot build a more recent source tree. Fucking situation)). I will now import OpenBSD again and merge src/gnu/ as soon as possible, then jump to -current myself, remove kludges and merge the remainder of the new OpenBSD import. I will then stabilize the shit and publish another snapshot. And I'll wait for ekkoBSD to import OpenBSD sources, merge their src/gnu/usr.bin/binutils (so you can cross-build from MirOS to ekkoBSD, if you are so brave) and split out "our" configs. Then I'll have a look at making the target architecture suppliable by the user, maybe move more stuff to <sys.mk> and so prepare for a (future) cross building (I might try to build sparc cross, and I will definitively bootstrap MirOS Linux cross). Also, I ought to really check if the whole system builds through without gcc3, without shared libs, etc.

09.06.2004 by tg@
Fixing the release and newfs-current (I seem to have broken mfs). Working with time structures and leap seconds again, is MirOS now an unPOSIXly OS which shits on XPG4 and produces the correct time – even inventing a new API. I'll probably go 64 bit time_t RSN – and definitively throw out SMP (agreed bsiegert@). Also I got to fix div.S – there may be NetBSD guys who can't do assembly right (no wonder, they were using AT&T syntax). And OpenBSD guys who don't notice. Update ports infrastructure, and import src/gnu/ for merging – discover CVS bigfix while doing that. Hunger.

10.06.2004 by bsiegert@
I think I will give up the bulk build. It just takes too much time. frankie's NIC (a "Compaq Embedded Netelligent 10/100 TX") seems to be faulty, add a fxp ("Intel EtherExpress Pro/100S") -- works like a charm. Install MirOS BSD #7quater (not yet generally released) on frankie. The official release is going to be at LinuxTag. Debug cups with help from Bastian "waldi" Blank (local LUG meeting) and tg@: It actually triggers a bug in the low-level assembler parts of libc. tg has rewritten div.S. The result is that cups will work in the next MirOS BSD snapshot. Plug MirPorts again at ports@.

11.06.2004 by tg@
I've merged OpenBSD's src/gnu/ finally, fixed the binutils stuff (hello OSABI, PT_NOTE etc.) and contacted ekkoBSD about this. (I might just add support for their OS, always assuming they don't differ from OpenBSD, but don't do that yet because they _might_ have done it already, differently or something.) I also had to account for the PCC_STRUCT_RETURN of MirOS (like NetBSD) vs REG_STRUCT_RETURN of OpenBSD. I've fixed more timing stuff, indicated the correct epoch and counting method in certain manpages and use now time_t as element of the timeval struct. I've fixed binutils that much it built (at least) once with -Werror, cared about dynamically generated content and fixed Makefiles. I found the culprit who set SHELL= (empty) in my environment – it was GNU screen's config file, and fixed that in the port. I've made RAMDISK, the former CDROM kernel, look like GENERIC and put ssh/sshd on it (untested); then fixed building the kernel and base system up to (and including) isdnd; including, but not limited to, API clarifications, NULL vs 0 vs '\0' issues, further string cleanup in AT&T code and deuglification. Lint is a lot more quiet now, and our web server is now called mhttpd.

15.06.2004 by tg@
Okay, let's go to bed and become well again. I've finally got myself around to bring MirOS #7quater on the server, the release on an ISO, that on CD and basically tested, and the T-Shirts to the copy shop. I've done a few ports and ports fixes at Kabelaffe's, then did a full build on mine. During that, I fixed a plethora of warnings and invented some fun new stuff, and made crap adhere to more modern standards – which led me into polishing and rewriting most of the infrastructure. We've also got a new attempt at an Ethertap device (tun device with link0 set) by Claudio Jeker, although untested, and an external set of patches and stuff for MirPorts on OpenBSD and ekkoBSD. Benny has written a release announcement (mostly copy and paste tho), but since -stable is his, it's alright. I first thought a <bsd.wrapcf.mk> for all these Makefile.bsd-wrapper would be cool, but found it undoable (but may look after it later again).

16.06.2004 by tg@
I've ordered 40 printed T-Shirts, started converting stuff to <bsd.cfwrap.mk> (it's not impossible, just very hard) and fixed a few minor things in the kernel – among others, you can set the "uname -s" for native Linux binaries to "MirLinux" now; believe me, that will help me bootstrapping the whole shit.

17.06.2004 by tg@
Okay, after more infrastructural work I've gotten around and publishd a snapshot. If you use IPv4 default routes during install, you will have to fix it manually. If it does not boot, the bootloader is broken – I did not test it. It won't execute old binaries, and the next snapshot I will publish cannot execute the binaries built under this snapshot. It's merely a for-fun release.

20.6.2004 by bsiegert@
Create from scratch and commit a port for ESP Ghostscript. This is to be the first step for a proper printing support architecture, with all kinds of printer drivers. The next step will be gimp-print support in espgs and CUPS.
Create a flyer (actually a leporello, to be folded twice) for LinuxTag 2004. My cousin has created a huge (91x85 cm) poster (a variation of the original "logo" by insk) in CorelDRAW. I will try to have it printed at the university on Monday. I still have an exam to do on Monday before I can go to the LinuxTag. Wish me luck.

21.6.2004 by bsiegert@
Okay, I have collected all the MirOS paraphernalia for the LinuxTag. The poster is printed, I have copied 100 flyers and even made some name tags for all the booth slaves. Tomorrow, we will decorate our booths and fetch the exhibitor's passes.

24.6.2004 by bsiegert@ (LinuxTag 2004)
Yesterday was fun. We sold quite a few T-Shirts (although not as many as we had hoped), spent some time hacking, and had a few interesting talks. I unbroke the cross-platform make Makefile.boot for use on Darwin and did some MirLibtool thingies. Till Kamppeter from linuxprinting.org told me how to do foomatic/Ghostscript printer drivers right — I will try to make a port with this information.
The nice people at the Sharp booth allowed us to print out some flyers for our project. Over the day, I brought ten or so PS files, but all of them failed to get the Gentium-Italic font right. Today I am going to try a PDF file...

25.6.2004 by bsiegert@ (LinuxTag 2004)
For the record, here is what did the trick with the PS file: Add all the fonts to Ghostscript's Fontmap and convert the file to PDF and back to PS. Install OpenBSD-current on manitou (iBook) and actually test the mpsup stuff. Fix some flaws, especially with the __RCSID() macro. This macro should not be used in MirPorts for portability reasons. Update vim. On the booth, I am always asked the same questions: "What is the difference to OpenBSD?", "Why another fork?" etc. These questions are of course answered thoroughly in our flyer.

29.06.2004 by tg@
Okay, LinuxTag is over, and the new torrents are made available. I'm still trying to catch up, and I'll likely install MirOS on my shiny new Soekris box these days. Maybe I'll fix all the other staff first, though.
Alright, joe does utf-8 now, and does it well. There's a new cvsroot up.

08.7.2004 by bsiegert@
Fix lots of ports—mostly those who showed up during a "make package" in the x11 directory. Fluxbox assumes that time_t and int are of the same length and thus fails miserably. I won't work on GNOME until the next import which is when we will have 2.6. teTeX ships with broken autoconf stuff, so it is broken too, alas.
I will be on vacation from tomorrow to next Tuesday, so be patient when contacting me.

12.07.2004 by tg@
Found some errors in the IPv6 page when helping Kabelaffe to fix up his stuff. Besides that, I'm trying to recover from a light influenza, bought an external 3.5" USB IDE HDD for odem (still looking for a _new_ cheap 2.5" IDE HDD for the soekris...), and will release a new snapshot laters. I should fix some more stuff before, but... I just can't find the time for hacking right now, maybe I should get myself a break, just like our friends at ekkoBSD recently did.
I'm wondering, why we don't do the following: first sync src with openbsd, nuke SMP, fix stuff (especially installer and bootloader) as well as possible. After the system works at all (ie. while nuking SMP), import openbsd ports, and fix them all, no kidding. Then, we'll look where to import or update (I'd like to bump KDE first, and Benny might want to have the most current GNU GNOME) or fix, and push out #8 as interim release, before starting with new things (maybe even MirOS X?).

20.07.2004 by tg@
We've got a new developer, and much work to do. For a better overview, read the miros-discuss@ and miros-changes@ archives at gmane.os.miros.*, and/or the Changelogs. I'm also pretty busy with my dayjob and other daily life at the moment, and frustrated from accidentally deleting the nearly-finished 10hr effort of merging and enhancing httpd.

22.07.2004 by tg@
Read the gmane archives, it's too much.

30.07.2004 by bsiegert@
Our IRC channel, #deutsch, has moved from freenode to OFTC. We are going to have a channel meeting (IRL) this weekend at Cologne.
tg@ has written a changelist for the latest snapshot, 200407:

10.08.2004 by tg@
Now would be a good time to start doing the weblog again, without back-catching up, but it's simply too hot around here in Germany, so I can't get myself up. If you want to track MirOS, please please read the CVS list. If you really want to track us, join the IRC channel at irc6.oftc.net:6667 #deutsch and watch the developers quarreling.

10.08.2004 by tg@
Fixing some leftovers from the libtool and rest changes. Jointly with sap@ deliver fine online man pages to you, such as KNF – style(9).

18.08.2004 by tg@
Fix some minor stuff after the snapshot, and hack libtool to death (not mine, I assure you ;). I'm preparing to send my laptop to maintenance, so development has slowed down.

28.08.2004 by tg@
Think about a way to do crypto (PGP replacement) with in-base tools (namely: ksh(1) and openssl(1), openssltool(1)). This could be used for verifying signatures for releases or snapshots, rewriting pkg_sign(1) and exchanging signed and/or encrypted eMail with the MirOS Project officials. Validation expands to official statements and verification of (other) X.509 certificates, such as the CAcert.org root cert we're using, or our web server certs. On the other hand, we can't take liability for stuff signed with the tool...

16.09.2004 by tg@
Benny arrived in France and hacks together code for the package tools as well as better installation documentation. In the meanwhile, Stephen starts hacking on MirPorts, and I'm continuously improving the base system. Oh yes, and a certain, modern, hated-by-me, webbrowser works (I could use it to view my apprenticeship-school timetable via ssh-X-forwarding to an OpenBSD/i386/MirPorts box by Waldemar, who's slacking right now (j/k, he's preparing his promovation or whatnot).).

17.09.2004 by tg@
This all is continuously overloading me; my dayjob adds to the strain on my body and soul. I'll probably seriously move the webpages to the Wiki, and not care about it any longer.
I've received copyright transfer contract papers from the FSF and will send them back signed, so MirOS improvements can get back into GNU.
We'll set up a new CVS root some time in the future, be careful.

25.09.2004 by tg@
Status update. Benny is working hard on package tools and documentation; I'm currently busy with the two new boxen, loki and thor. wbx@ helped me to set up LDAP and stuff on loki, so MirSolutions has got a central user management now.

26.09.2004 by bsiegert
Student life in France is more or less a continuous party. Alas, I still have no internet in my dorm room, and all the computers in school have a French keyboard. Thus, frankie is going to be off line for some more weeks.
In spare time between classes and parties (j/k), I work on completing the pkgtools. They should support all those new OpenBSD keywords (like @conflict) soon. Ports are more difficult ATM, but at least i have completed fire*** 0.8 (1.0PR might come next week).
IMHO, the future of MirPorts will be with our pkgtools, not the perlish ones. However, PLISTs from OpenBSD should work (mostly) without modification. New ports however will not use all those fluffy new keywords. Due to internal differences, packages created with the OpenBSD tools cannot be installed with our tools. pkg_create(1) will be able to replace (upgrade) installed packages in the future.

26.09.2004 by tg@
Before starting with the real stuff (porting gcc 3.4 and CVS 1.12), I've played around a bit with OpenNTPD: it lacked (obviously) correct leap second handling. Doing that, I discovered I had still not written manual pages for the taitime(3) suite of functions, and done that as well. And I've added tyler@ to the list of developers; he can already commit in www/ and will soon be making improvements to MirOS. My infrastructure starts improving, but all the recent moves imply some problems to solve, so I'm progressing rather slowly. gecko2 from IRC will visit me IRL tomorrow, so don't expect my pace to increase.

28.09.2004 by tg@
Life goes on... but it's fun sometimes. I gave Dave and Tyler something to play and imported libcdk, enabled fdialog... have fun. Tyler tries hard to do a make build release of MirOS, but somehow fails. I should get him to lend me a GNU screen session on that box, to debug, but he's always asleep or at classes/work when I'm awake, and vice versa... now what was next? Oh, gcc 3.4. Won't be the renamed-to-4.0 tree-ssa beast soon.
I could need some sponsoring – I've got a Strato server (again) which costs 39 € per month, and I'll be using it 95% for MirOS and 4% to give out shell accounts to friends or BSD developers. You might be able to send money to me via Paypal (I didn't test that yet) or just German bank transfer. Just drop a mail if interested.
Tyler has mirrored the website, so add that to the list which already includes advo and Eimanns etherkiller. Tyler should learn how to write wlog entries :)

30.09.2004 by tg@
Starting the wlog tradition again, or so. I've started on gcc3 by importing 3.4.2, making a gcc and a coregcc module (not yet part of MirOS, for © reasons), and threw propolice on that. Nothing more so far, since I've got a visitor, a dayjob and caught a (very light) influenza yesterday (probably from my visitor). I'm probably going to set up thor and fix herc before doing any more work on it, so don't even hold your breath for it, or C++ support...
Since the others are lazy bum bum slackers (M-x theo-mode), I'll report a bit on them: bsiegert@ has arrived in france finally – he's found his papers he needs to order xDSL internet access (in french). Let's hope he'll be back and go crazy on package tools soonish. cnuke@ has moved out of his grandmother's house, together with his girlfriend, and already ordered ADSL; should be there mid of the month. No answer as to when he'll start committing ports (or www?) fixes, though. dave@ seems to be alive; tyler@ had a conversation with him. sap@ looked in into IRC shortly, but doesn't say much these days – he's got a family and MTA to take care of, pretty reasonable. tyler@ started mirroring the website and CVS on a university pipe in the USA. (I've gotta do a US-crippled snapshot and release, probably.) wbx@ still doesn't admit publically that he's a MirOS developer (again), but working on stuff – both MirOS and vintage related; his /cvs, codenamed WbxBSD by me, is an OpenBSD/macppc running on an old-world G3 notebook (I had to help him to make the kernel boot, though; even if I hate Macs). I think after the first MirHackathon he'll become a wee bit more active on the MirOS core business. Nobody seems to care about MirbsdKsh, MirMake, the website or MirWiki, though.
MirPG entered the next pre-planning stage; this is, I'm starting to design (in mind). After that, the first planning stage will be: writing a positional and design paper (both from a user's POV and the technical side) in nroff, and mailing that round (first to devel@ then to miros-discuss@), requesting comments. When that's finished, I might start coding, if my TODO wasn't that big. But there's a fair number of hard, promising projects in it, and the list is pretty realistic (feature-wise), at least with regards to the next few things I'll be starting. Oh, by the way, after the first OpenBSD sync we'll switch to a new, fresh /cvs (I've already added a bunch of directories to the being-ignored list for imports from OpenBSD) using 1.12 as the server, and 2.x revision numbers (you might have to do a fresh checkout, though) and MirOS #8-Beta. — That should be enough for today, have a nice weekend!

wbx@ still doesn't admit publically that he's a MirOS developer.

08.10.2004 by tg@
I'm recovering from an influenza which keeps me from having to go to work this week (but also from concentrating on anything, which is not so good). We should have basic support for i386, sparc and ppc in our in-tree binutils – thus cross-compiling might be possible at some time far in the future. (Since my i386 book just died on me today again for some unknown reason, I don't want my sparcstation to get dusty.)
My to-do-before-gcc-3.4 list has shrunk well enough so that you might be able to compile your damned C++ code again RSN. But I think I'll fix herc first, because not being able to watch anime is worse.
tyler@ is a nice guy – he doesn't write entries here, but starts mirroring stuff, and even backing that up (which I can't do, mostly because I don't know where to store the backups, except 5.25" floppies...).
The month has started quite badly for me: I'm at more than 200 € debt now... and the second series of T-Shirts is already ordered, will arrive soonish. So I'm open for donations, if anyone might. And I'm selling my car. Life feels so...

08.10.2004 by bsiegert@
Okay, I haven't really done any MirOS work this week, as I was challenged with ... the real life. Thus, I am going to tell you about the WEI (week-end d'intégration) which took place last weekend. After a "fake" inorganic chemistry lecture (a mean trick they play at the first-years) we headed for a camp in the Vosges mountains on Friday. The two slogans for the weekend were "dormir, c'est mourir" (to sleep means to die) and "manger, c'est tricher" (to eat means to cheat). After dinner, there were some "integration games" modeled after the Herculean "Dodekathlos", many of which involved drinking. The evening was finished with loud music and even more alcohol.
That night, nobody got much sleep, because there were patrols who woke up the people in the sleeping rooms every 30 minutes. The next day, the games were continued outside. Once again, nothing too bad or disgusting—apart from one game where you needed to fetch a spoon from a bowl filled with milk using only your mouth, then doing the same in a bowl with flour (but I didn't have to do that). On Sunday morning, there was a very nice randonnée (hike) into the mountains. Most of the rest of Sunday was spent waiting for the bus which didn't arrive until late afternoon.
So, in summary, we spent a happy, drunk weekend with less than four hours of sleep per night. I also discovered that I don't like the French Pastis, which is some sort of anis-flavoured liquor mixed with water.

09.10.2004 by tg@
I'm uploading a snapshot again, we can crossbuild and tyler has just volunteered to transfer the website to the MirWiki ;-)
My bronchitis is fading away, luckily.

10.10.2004 by tg@
wbx@ leaves for his diploma. I've played 10 to 15 minutes of soccer today. The package tools will leave src/ soon. Nothing much, but that's today's news.

16.10.2004 by tg@
Benny is lazy, and I've succeeded in building a snapshot for #8-beta which actually makes me happy. I've ported k7-powernow from OpenBSD-current with kludges for broken BIOSes, actualised many components of the system (such as ntpd, grep, diff, sudo, newfs, fdisk, disklabel, mc, parts of libc, ld.so, libtool, ld, kernel stuff, make) and brougt libexpat into base. I've done advocacy so the author of the xmlwf(1) manual page changed the licence away from GNU FDL.
On the other hand, I've still not gotten around to set up thor completely, and herc's not powered on either at the moment (but will be testbed for the snapshot). My living room looks well, compared to a few weeks ago, though. sap@ and tyler@ are engaged in the Secret T-Shirt For Theo project; we're currently investigating. The FSF has accepted my copyright assignment forms except for gcc, where was a typo (d'oh). Well, I've started to assign my src/gnu/ and contrib/gnu/ diffs to them, and on the other side are penetrating OSI to get the MirOS licence template approved.

25.10.2004 by tg@
I've uploaded another snapshot, built over night. It contains synchronisation against OpenBSD in a few core points   libraries, programs (e.g. sendmail, httpd, perl, bc, dc usw.), XFree86™   as well as the latest libpng and libexpat versions in-tree, and ports fixes (not in the ports8.ngz tarball, but close enough for a quick CVS update). There have been quite a few fixes in the system (kernel, ntpd, /etc, build infrastructure, HTML manpages, Perl) too.
I've had quite a fun Starcraft LAN at a friend, two times, this weekend, and – quel surprise – yesterday evening, a loose friend appeared at my home and asked if he could sleep here... stressed by his gf and stuff. Well, I suppose I'm a person you can do this kind of stuff with ;-) I've put him quiet with 2 MiB of ancient DOS games.
Even my room's quite cleaned up, so I'm げんき (genki), except for the usual little quarrel with my (currently down) bronchitis.

26.10.2004 by tg@
Work took long today, but went over surprisingly quick, taking the meeting (which we luckily denote with a German word, not a denglish one) into account (admittedly, I was next to sleeping in it a few times, and could barely hold my eyes open). The evening, back home, I took a 10 minute round ride on my bike to breathe some fresh air, then did some room cleaning and hanging up clothes from the machine. After that, I hacked a bit on compat_openbsd(8) until I got to a dead point, then continued my partial-openbsd-merge work, enabling a threaded perl again. Unluckily, the OpenBSD design error in getserv*_r(3) functions means a libc major bump for us — I have not done the errno(3)-caused flag day though. Miod told me about an easter-egg in the Wiki (hu?), but I talked him into at least telling me he can't help me this late. Maybe he will help me hack it together at Fosdem or so. Benny still hangs around in france, not doing much except cursing about the various TV applications. I despise television (see my orkut community for that ;).
We've got a special guest tonight.

28.10.2004 by tg@
I'm currently writing this at my dayjob; I've been sleeping not too much nor too well so I can't concentrate on hacking PHP with Empress on SuSE GNU/Linux 6.4/7.3 anyway... there is a forum for Germans learning Japanese, and I linked forth and back, in an example stating how to embed Kana into HTML ;-) although I haven't quite got the time to learn Japanese by heart, I'm digging into it, and paving the way for people who would like to do so with MirOS (the fora are quite Windows®-based, I've seen only one GNU/Linux post). Marion Zimmer Bradley, the deceased Fiction author, has brought out a new, final sequel (well, it tells about the time before the happenings) to the Avalon saga which I've been literally eating up, chapter-wise, yesterday. Éric Lévénez has noticed, probably by OSnews, that MirOS #8-beta (which I still consider "just another development snapshot" for some unknown reason – the milestone was a bit earlier, and the next will be after gcc3.4) has been out, and I've sent him a few corrections regarding inheritance, stable branches etc. This evening, I'll be reachable at Netzladen as usual, since our group's merry meet evening happens to be, interflicting with a CCC presentation about $otherOS. Wonder where I'll go? The day after, there's a StarCraft LAN party planned which I attend, although with a bit of bad faith, because Blizzard/Vivendi/Microsoft paid a USA court to rule bnetd illegal. (I was going to link to the bnetd homepage, but looks like they even got that domain! Shame on the land of the unlimited impossibilities.) Oh, and I've hacked up cgiirc for even better utf-8 support (Japanese with charmap.exe is NOT fun!). Our frenchman appears to not do much more than hanging around in IRC and wondering that I can actually spell français correctly, but I know he's working on MirPorts in the background. He looks sad since GNU libobjc doesn't offer the Steeeeeeeeeeve! Mac feeling, and I hope he gets his mind right on wheter I have got to include it with base or not – I'd prefer to not, leaving only C for the base system. TCC by Fabrice Bellard now uses its 8-times-faster-than-gcc speed to compile a Linux kernel as bootloader, directly booting into the generated object code. Weirdos, but looks fun.

29.10.2004 by tg@
Yesterday, at Netzladen, I've hacked more on the compatibility modules: time_t 32/64 bit issues. Even the linuxulator was missing some, and the OpenBSDulator even more. It works now until to the point where stat(2)/fstat(2)/lstat(2) are called. The previous bug was due to an oversight in i386/trap.c *sigh*. I discovered how to finally block the old, 4.3BSD-compat, syscalls in native mode, must look deeper into this; couldn't have done that since I got to dayjob today again, whilst all the school children have vacations.
Today, I ported the light keyboard layout (~/.Xmodmap) of mine, perusing the right Alt key as Meta, to a certain other OS, and plan to do that for the full layout (with Katakana) as well, if it is possible.
MirCGIIRC is now fully 8-bit Unicode compliant, and I urge everybody to use ours instead of the original CGI:IRC.

31.10.2004 by tg@
Samhain consists of hacking on syscalls, openbsd compat and gcc 3.4 for me. Still nothing much happening here, but the beer is good, and mixed with Pepsi. Someone ought to give us a real website, or better, move all the content into the Wiki. I need a spare machine, an AMD K6-3/450 or something similar, with 256 MiB RAM, as silent as possible, to test new packages (on MirOS and OpenBSD) and snapshots I do.
UPDATE: I didn't get my aching head to hack gcc, but mksh now does spawnvt function if asked to do so. Man I wish I had gdb to debug these friskin' core dumps. And kettenis@ and drahn@ still haven't answered whether they have already set up © assignment papers with the FSF.

01.11.2004 by tg@
Huh, we're in November already? etoh@ told me that the FSF is slow in processing his papers, but the GCC developers are interested in SSP, and – although it must be designed differently, for tree-ssa and other changes – it will probably be in stock gcc 4.1, so the outside world has noticed "us". Nice. I'm trying to get mksh through the OSI first now. kettenis@ said he'll start with the paperwork. thor, our dedicated, is a new mirror now (also SSL-less, but I won't advocate not to use TLS).

02.11.2004 by tg@
At work, I tried to build a snapshot, so that our friend <Kabelaffe> can install that on his fileserver. In the progress, I synched the lists etc., and it now only waits to be committed, as this wlog entry. Later, I had an adventure holiday ticket with Deutsche Bahn, by just trying to travel back to Bonn — but I hacked up enough so that imake finds cc – or ${CC}, rather. Now I'm sitting at cnuke@'s, writing a wlog entry and – trying to show him php5's dependencies – fixing some of that beast. Also, while tail comparing mplayer's shlib dependencies, I found that I don't have a libcaca.so but a libcaca_pic.a – an unbearable state ;-) which has been changed now (even if the API is reported to be not stable yet), enabling mplayer to take advance of it and getting rid of libcaca_pic.a like with all other _pic libs. cnuke@ is now watching "Tantei Gakuen Q" (Detective Academy Q) anime I brought him.
Make the website nicer, shrink, etc. and install a RAID-5 on Kabelaffe's server – his wd3 (primary master) is UDMA-6 even, and wd0 wd1 wd2 wd4 (the RAID discs) are UDMA-5. Performance figures will follow.
Looks like bsiegert@ started merging OpenBSE ports... *sigh* I hope this is the last time we've got to do a 'full' import.

03.11.2004 by tg@
I'm totally confused by UTC<->CEST<->CET transitions and went off from work 1 hour early today. Oops. My cow-orker didn't say anything so I guess it was okay. I discovered that OpenBSD has started to use "x.org" as well which has no reason to exist at all IMHO. Well, synch'd their latest sane code, that's it. I also added some diffs from tech@openbsd.org which show a disc I/O speedup on odem, in the hope they don't break, and looked at OpenBSD's binutils-2.15 merger shortly (tho it doesn't help, since we're using binutils-current). Then I merged your daily bug of fixes and changes (passwd, ksh, pppd) and fixed patch (also from OpenBSD). I pulled a diff from gcc-current which renames the java™ related tools and started working on php5 (and its dependencies) to satisfy the MirCustomers HaMa (Benedikt Steinbusch) and zirk (Benni Adams). Maybe others will benefit from that as well - bsiegert@ already needs not fix all the dependencies of php4 but must read my diffs – having different paths between MirOS httpd and OpenBSD Apache™ is a PITA. I also hacked support into indent(1) to not touch comments at all which is kinda cool when converting old code to KNF (someone reads mksh here?). Finally, I did a port of F-Prot (the personal-use freeware BSD version) and wrote some wlog entry, discovering I'm up too long again. I ought to sleep more – in the morning?
On the political situation: I don't care too much about USA, except when it could affect us. And I think that, if Bush won, it might affect European laws and directives. So let's hope he gets a few cluons and doesn't abuse his might again. Has he been elected at all? I don't know, only what cow-orkers said today; I don't care about mass media, so... Maybe this time, he's got the voter's majority though. For me, fighting EU patent and IP laws is more important.

05.11.2004 by tg@
Sort of a small update. I've been in Netzladen.org again and held a spontaneous presentation/talk about the editors ed(1) and – my favourite – jupp, mentioning that I'm faster using ed(1) than vi(1), how vi(1) came to be and how vim and emacs failed, how to remove whitespace at end of line, etc. After the talk, we had great jugoslawic food (Cevapcici, Pleskavica, Steak etc.) and I drove home by bicycle late. Too late, since I've got to work today. Yesterday, I hacked up a dynamically linked c-client, greatly reducing the size of all the other uw packages, and today HaMa provided us with pear-DB for PHP. I've done a W3 Validator on our webpages (most, I think) again and they're OK, now we only need a damn structure for these. We have too many categories and mis-leading stuff.

06.11.2004 by tg@
Ok, admittedly written on 07.11. early... I'm playing right now a bit with ancient Wine of 1999, after having written a server implementation for the heartbeat protocol, hacked up the client a bit and installed MirDNS #2 on our servers. Oh, a propos: we're currently off DNS because our parent servers have accidentally removed the glue to our subdomain. I've also shrunk the MirPorts makefiles a bit.

07.11.2004 by tg@
I've gotten around to fix all issues regarding the heartbeat implementation and MirDNS – except for us being off DNS at the moment. I hope ScottyTM will fix that tomorrow. And someone come clean up my kitchen ;-) ducks and runs
Update: hunting the remaining bugs isn't fun when my machines (thor and loki) crash one on one, but DNS seems to be back. Thanks to Andreas Kuper for error recovery.

07.11.2004 by bsiegert@
Begin merging OpenBSD ports in a private Subversion repository. This shall hopefully reduce "transition times" when MirPorts is broken after an import. Some small changes at the pkgtools, and a new [link] list of ideas which should be implemented. The usual small port updates and fixes.
I was eating out with a friend today at the Flam's. They have great Alsatian Flammekueche, but unfortunately I have eaten too many. For those that don't know, Flammekueche are a vaguely pizza-like Alsatian speciality, made of bread dough, crème fraîche, sour cream, onions and bacon.

12.11.2004 by tg@
Play with Wine (the old 1999 version); doesn't work as I'd like it to though. Clean up nc(1) and the hbSuite, adding support for the "sender" function and basically rewriting heartbeat. Remove mail check functionality from ksh, clean up and release mirbsdksh 1.16; jupp 3.1j2 and another mirmake experimental snapshot. Jupp is now maintained in-tree as contrib too. Fixes for mkinstalldirs under GNU bash. Restructure this damn website. Try to hack gcc 3.4; give up. Drink too much.

early 13.11.2004 by tg@
Giving up on gcc 3.4 obviously influences the future developmant plan of MirOS. The new plan is: I'll first bring out the "last stable snapshot" (containing OpenBSD 3.6 binary emul), then hack & port cvs 1.12, slow and soft migrate to newcvs (updating binutils, tagging openbsd during that), except for src/gnu/gcc. Then I'll contribify gcc 3.4.4 (or so) and offer that as additional package. MirOS thus is not fully self-hosted any longer, but src/gnu/ isn't considered crucial to MirOS anyway (and will leave base8.ngz for gnu8.ngz, joining gcc8.ngz which is even less free). The other alternatives would have been to leave a hacked gcc in the tree (ugly) or even switch to TenDRA (I don't have the time to maintain machine descriptions for two different compilers), providing gcc as port; I'm still open for the latter, just not until after MirOS #10.

late 13.11.2004 by tg@
New day, new fun. I seem to not be able to get rid of my headaches, though. I've resurrected sparc and mirppc from the dead to the undead, lest to be seen what we do with it. Also, I've brought the openbsdulator up to -current, at least I hope so, and went through all of the OpenBSD flag days and major bumps they recently had. To be verified. After that, I'll build the "last known good" snapshot, before starting ncvs 1.12 porting, and generation of /Cvs on odem.

14.11.2004 by tg@
I'm fixing all the stuff and now going through the late flag day myself. If everything goes well, I'll publish a (the "last known good") snapshot. compat_openbsd(8) should be en par with -current now.
A nice way to express this paragraph is: (p "14.11.2004 by tg@" (br) "I'm fixing all the stuff and now going through the late flag day myself. If everything goes well, I'll publish a (the &quot;last known good&quot;) snapshot. compat_openbsd(8) should be en par with -current now." (br) "A nice way..." (br) "Nice, eh? :-)")
Nice, eh? :-)

15.11.2004 by tg@
I watched too much anime yesterday - to be exact, anime with real human beings ("live-action" is what they seem to call it), namely Gokusen. That's why I slept only 4 hours this night, but strangely I was pretty awake the next day (today); couldn't sleep in the tram to the train station, and didn't sleep in the train either, chatting with an acquaintance of mine. Then, at work, my "boss" was back, and I had to fuck up Apache™, PHP and Empress DB again, to no success (well, the CLI works, I'm now going to use the CGI in httpd instead of doing a module). Except for my ability to concentrate and eyesight both decreasing after lunch, I was still crazily awake, and didn't sleep too well on the train back, read a John Grisham book. During all this, odem built a snapshot of -current, but I'm too lazy to upload it now; I'll probably get rid of the libgcc.so first altogether, and build the new snapshot in a chroot, as if it were a release. Tonight, I also read the new Chaosic Rune and Hunter x Hunter chapters, watched Naruto 108 (this time by [DB] not [ANBU] for fun), peeked into (and discarded) Full Moon wo Sagashite, and got to watch the Meitantei Conan movie 6 finally. Whew. It's 22:28, and I've got to get up tomorrow at 05:00 UTC... can't be helped.

19.11.2004 by tg@
Whoa, 4 days already passed. I've been being eaten up by making Apache™+PHP+Empress on SuSE GNU/Linux 6.4 work at work, and haven't gotten around to much else due to lack of sleep. Shadow Skill is cool, and the recently started Manga-translation GASH! from Egmont Verlag is worth a laugh (though Conan #32 is probably more expected). I've build a snapshot myself, installed it on wbx@s machine and tested it a little bit, and have now fixed all identifyable problems with the snapshot. This means, I'll build a public full snapshot tomorrow, after I got up.

late 20.11.2004 by tg@
I've started a page featuring a detailed list of changes between snapshots, to aid bsiegert@ in creating the short list of changes for Freshmeat. I've fixed the damn 8bit support for sendmail, and am compiling said snapshot right now; will fix patch(1) in a jiffy and start hacking cvs RSN.

21.11.2004 by tg@
Update patch(1) to OpenBSD version. Fix mis-use of touch on ramdisks, and mv in X-Window/Makefile. Start hacking on CVS 1.12: clean up, replace GFDL'd file by free one; shrink. One caveat: merely trying to access a CVS-1.12 repo with a CVS-1.11 (or early 1.12) client will cause data loss or corruption. While hacking CVS, I discovered a grave typo in the time handling (<time.h> contains macros for tai2timet and timet2tai which were formerly functions) and revoked the snapshot; will redo.
Ports: mplayer doesn't do runtime CPU detection any more, should improve stability. metaauto handles autom4te and automake now; automake 1.9 gets ported. Update some ports (rsync, win32-codecs, sqlite3) and djbdns' root zone cache data; fix others (broken due to infrastructural changes etc).
I went almost crazy, staying up until way past 5 o'clock UTC, seeking to fix these damned time management bugs. We're passing the FSF test suite now, almost (since it's internally tai64_t, we have got only 62 bit + sign, not 63 bit, but it looks good now). Bumping libc major and recompiling.

23.11.2004 by tg@
I'm so tired from sleeping too few I can barely hold my eyes open, so hold your breath a bit longer for the new snapshot. There is now, finally, an IPv6 subnet with decent DNS on thor, VPNs next. I've fixed well enough so that the FSF mktime() test suite passes with 62 bits + sign, and almost passes with the full int64_t time scale. Also, I've fixed the fallout I could easily see and synched a bit against OpenBSD. The snapshot can now be built.
Yesterday, I've been in the Netzladen again, bashing the mach-ackers and uploaded some binaries of my software for Mac OSX, in case your target iMac (iih, really) has got no gcc installed. I can't imagine anybody surviving without mksh, ed and jupp around... (bsiegert@ will probably bash me for this wlog entry, but OTOH he installed irssi (yuck!) on thor, so I can take my time to bash, too!)

24.11.2004 by tg@
Originally, I hadn't planned to use my laptop today, doing housework instead. Apparently, doing housework is not my favourite thing to do, and I'm not in the mood for it either. So I went to have a look at my INBOX, discuss open source licences and IRC. Wait! eMail INBOX? Thought so. Actually, pine refused to validate the SSL certificate of the servers (both IMAP on loki and SMTP on odem/thor). WTF? Why?
Turns out openssl is not only weirdly licenced, but crap too. For now, I've fixed the bugs, but let me repeat that it is important that all of you DO test the new snapshot once it is out, and report back bugs. I've also written a quick howto-fix-two-frequent-time_t-problems in a commit message in MirPorts today – this is actually pretty crucial since not only MirPorts, but also MirOS itself, will run on ILP32 as well as LP64, little endian as well as big endian (no PDP endian tho), 32-bit as well as 64-bit, time_t-long as well as time_t-64 systems.
Two things I ask for: some girl interested in a computer geek, and someone interested in funding my travel expenses to Berlin (21C3), Luxembourg-Kirchberg (linuxdays.lu), Bruxelles (FOSDEM 2005) and Karlsruhe (LinuxTag 2005)? It's not too much, about 50 € per travel. People interested mail me or try to use Paypal (which I haven't used yet myself, though, so please drop me an eMail if you've donated, so I can check that (first few donations only).

26.11.2004 by tg@
I actually have drunk a whole bottle of wine without feeling drunk yesterday. Weird, normally I get drunk really well after really few wine. Anyway, we had a nice Netzladen evening, except that me playing with OpenVPN was interrupted by the unreachability of my server. I've fixed OpenVPN to detect dl functions, more libssl format strings, and added users for ftpd-privsep and openvpn. It didn't work though. I also synched GENERIC with OpenBSD (disabling kernfs and the layer filesystems), then updated quite a few things from OpenBSD (ksh, dhclient, isakmpd, ssh, ntpd) and fixed just another field-separating bug in mksh. I even added a regression test for the manpage documented bug fixed by Jared in OpenBSD. I'm continuing to clear MirOS legally as well; the discussion between developers is private though. I'll take odem with me this evening, containing about 9 GB of Anime and a copy of /ocvs from loki, and build the long-awaited snapshot (or at least I hope to do so). This means, though, that either I can't commit there (not good, since at least the distrib sets aren't synched), or I'll take the CVS master property with me (which means nobody else can commit until I return tomorrow at noon or so, but that's not too evil since the others aren't even writing wlog entries ;-) Maybe they wouldn't even notice...
Setting the date to year 2050 or so still doesn't work; worse, the kernel doesn't even boot when the BIOS is set to 2050 (which works perfectly with MS-DOS).

28.11.2004 by tg@
I've had an internet-less weekend at my grandmother's place, with great food cooked by herself (with a bit of assistance by me) and ripped out quite a few bugs, building a snapshot for myself. OTOH I'm not too content with the code yet...
Indeed. I found that some files which are generated still were left in the tree, and plugged a <bsd.man.mk> hole. Also, I removed some obsolete stuff and changed the mode of /var/log/messages to root:wheel 0640. I've also cleaned up src/gnu/ largely, with -Werror all over most places, and a better <bsd.cfwrap.mk> relying on a wrapper to the C compiler. Finally, diff and RAIDframe were synched to bugfix.

30.11.2004 by tg@
Today's motto is: Gimme a break.
I've finally thrown out the snapshot after a bit of help by the tracker admin, and a night full of builds (and curses about a missing CC=$CC in a Makefile). There was a timecounter sneaked in in the RAIDframe update, and some more time_t vs long vs int (really!) bugs in pine which kept me busy (I'm just mentioning this here because tyler@ already bugs me enough with his cry for gcc/g++)... also, I'm kind of the only guy doing the website, and playing a bit on license-discuss@opensource.org lately. After the snapshot I cleaned up a bit, removed <bsd.regress.mk> and switched NOMAN, NOPROG and friends from defined/UNDEF to YES/no. (Oh, NOPROG is actually not used in the code.) This yielded a speedup in make(1)s, and pointed me to the libedit readline emulation, so I got rid of GNU libreadline tonight. Also, I've fixed some stuff I thought I had committed earlier to ports/Setup.sh and enforced the existence of an (empty) libdl, just like with libresolv. This helps GNU autotools to find dlopen() in libdl (silly).

01.12.2004 by tg@
Just when you think it works, and install a recent OpenBSD 3.6-current snapshot into chroot /emul/openbsd... you discover that struct rusage contains timevals. And I've added some birthdays and events to calendar(1), and fixed ports using schily.

02.12.2004 by tg@ – Part I
Trying to commit this via ncvs and :ext: to loki running ocvs. I've hacked the time stuff I found yesterday (some more missing syscalls for compat_time_) and switched my box to cvs 1.12 (as ncvs, not yet cvs). I should finally fix herc, write some more docs and licencing info. First -> netzladen.

02.12.2004 by tg@ – Part II
Add a great deal of emul pathname translation to the Openbsuxulator and bring a certain trademarked webbloat, erm webbrowser to work. The rest of the evening, try to make fonts look good and curse fontconfig again.

03.12.2004 by tg@
Heavy porting effort leads to successful integration of cvs 1.12 into the system and already akomplished patches to the log_accum2, commit_prep2 and (new) tag_accum2 scripts. I ought to sleep more.

07.12.2004 by tg@
There have been many birthdays apparently. Geier of BOSng, Halil (a former classmate of cnuke@), yofuh of BOSng, bsiegert@ today and in a few days my little brother reaches the 20. Anyway, back to work, except that I need a break (again). Herc is still not up, but I'm pretty lucky with GNU CVS 1.12 – except that there appeared OpenCVS (by OpenBSD) in yesterday's CVS commit mails the first time publicly. This sucks. And no, I'm not going to take over the OpenBSD way, since I had to update the Netzladen-Router to kernel PPPoE yesterday which is so unusable I can only recommend to not use it if possible. I also thought of mksh-ifying log_accum2 and commit_prep2.
cvs 1.11 in #7-stable and cvs 1.12 are now quite interoperable: they behave almost the same and seem to be able to talk to each other via the network sanely; they won't access each other's repo unless read-only. -R is still not passed over the network, though.
Both ifstated(8) and ifwatchd(8) are huge failures; the latter just doesn't get any messages from the routing socket for UP/DOWN, just create/destroy. Looks like it's OpenBSD's fauly.
I removed traces of two old eMail accounts I used and updated some licences on the way, and also polished <sys.mk> a bit. compat_openbsd(8) now uses kern.emul_uname sysctl, a full sysctl number translation is still missing. mksh v1.17 is out. I've nuked csh, added a GNU libreadline port (the first to banish the GFDL'd docs from being redistributed violating the licence, and adding _gplwarn.c to the port being built) and had python pull it. diff, libz and libXpm got updates. Useless stuff was removed, and the original K&R added. We build HTML versions of the papers now as well. Benny uses the Plan9 shell "rc" for a while now and updated the port.
I'm going to pay our "FH Bonn/Rhein-Sieg" (approx. a university of applied sciences, according to sap@) a visit tomorrow, got even free of workschool, to look what I'll be (probably) taking after apprenticeship. What crazy GNU freaks and Mac hackers there are, and how evil all the bureaucracy and professors are, is probably what they won't show me yet, but I think I can compare it to the IHK training I get now. I won't like it, but I'll try to have friends, have fun, meet a girl (?) and take with me as much knowledge as possible.
Did I say already OpenBSD sucks? Their routing socket is incomplete, Kernel PPPoE unusable, the ($ext_if) syntax in pf.conf(5) doesn't work (in MirOS) and to publish OpenCVS right now an affront (they must have known I was working on GNU CVS, which we'll stay with).
And looks I'm still the only one doing commits here, especially in www/ — at least we'll soon have another redirector for our websites, a permanent cvs[web].mirbsd.de (I hope).
Now I'm waiting for somebody to donate some beer, wine, Met or equipment...
Update: I removed some features from pf now which I always rant about.

07.12.2004 by sap@
Not much news, but tg@ wants some company in the wlog. I'll apologize in advance for any html mistakes on my part. My schedule has gotten a bit quieter lately, though my programming time is limited by my one year old daughter's fascination with the computer (and natural desire to bang on the keyboard as I type). I'm rebuilding MirOS on my workstation for the first time in a couple of months, then I might do some MTA related work (also for the first time in a couple of months). Time to go to bed now though, have to be rested for the dayjob.

08.12.2004 by tg@
Today I paid the local University of Applied Sciences (approx.) a visit, learning about how you study there, visiting some of the readings/presentations (pretty bad compared to what you learn during my apprenticeship, but overall on a much higher technical niveau) and talked to students (they use the verb "Studierende" instead of "Studenten" which sounds to me like they are "studying people" which cannot be because "lazy student" is a tautology). Looks like I'll kill my time there for the next three years, 2005-2008. Maybe I'll take a Master (magister) after the first exam, the Bachelor (bakkalaureus) too; then I'm probably 30+ when I finished. But to get a nice diploma-like thing and more money later might pay off, and learning about red-black trees, IEEE floating point numbers and finally being able to design a malloc() algorithm should be nice for a BSD developer as well. Benny, Stephen, Tyler, I'll join you. If I can pay it.

09.12.2004 by tg@
Today, I was like I need vacaciones. I'm lustless and couldn't get around to do anything. That's why I went destructive and first unsubscribed some usenet newsgroups and IRC channels, then made the entire /usr/src/games/ a port (ports/games/bsdgames) and nuked it and a lot of other stuff. Then I started rebuilding, to look if anything broke. Some OpenBSD updates went in, and mksh R18 was released.

10.12.2004 by tg@
Backport some security (UFS, FFS) and bug (KSH) fixes from OpenBSD. Fix the bsdgames port. Fix mksh build on Interix. Fix $IFS mistake in MirLibtool. Say hello to miod@openbsd.org on our mailing list ;-) Fix -Werror in conf.sh and time_t bugs in GNU RCS (don't know why they weren't found with -Wformat, might be more). Start :ext:tg@odem:/cvs. Bring out mksh R19. Reduce diff with OpenBSD in base (/ocvs). Nuke remnants of profiling code, deprecate getopt(1) in favour of ksh(1) getopts builtin. Add group 'audio'. Clean up distrib lists for ramdisks. Make pine more usable and standards-conformant: default to downgrade-multipart-to-text.

11.12.2004 by tg@
Finish code-removal actions; build a snapshot for me internally. Now the one thing missing before the ncvs move is to downgrade MirOS httpd from ASF httpd 1.3.33 to ASF httpd 1.3.29 and upgrade it with the recent obsd changes. Wish me luck (especially to open that wine bottle).

12.12.2004 by tg@
After (yesterday, late) and before killing some wine I've done a big-bang 亀はめハ (kame-hame-ha)^Wcommit, updating MirOS httpd with OpenBSD, downgrading to ASF 1.3.29 first for licence reasons; this also will shrink our /ncvs later. I've also done some necessary steps for ncvs: removed the cvs->ocvs compat symlinks and moved the web URIs of the ChangeLog files. Some fixes in the helpers. Someone sent us fixes for ifwatchd(8) with sppp/pppoe in-kernel. Other than that, I just found out that, with our new snapshot, we save about 4 MB compressed (not so much if taking into account that the papers are now in htman, too).

14.12.2004 by sap@
Nothing too exciting happening. Poked around in ksh (testing the waters, my interactive shell is usually tcsh), ended up installing mksh R20 on my Mac and updating the wiki page a bit. Enjoying unseasonably warm weather (5 degrees C above 0 :) and making good progress at the dayjob, if not at spare time programming.

17.12.2004 by bsiegert@
Yes, I haven't written any entries here for a long time. But I had an Organic Chemistry lab course which was keeping me incredibly busy. Now, the christmas holidays have begun for me. My desktop machine has a new PSU now, so it should work flawlessly.
I have continued work on the pkgtools, adding @man support and fixing @lib (and find_plist()) for good. make update-plist now correctly inserts @lib statements. Thus, when updating a port, remember to update the PLIST. The @lib thing will be really important once we get package updates. What remains as a showstopper now is the dir/ implementation which needs to be redone with support for @sample dir/ and owner / mode changes. Oh, and I have begun to write a bit of Objective-C for what will become the new PLIST handling. But there is still nothing to show.

-8.01.2005 by tg@
No, not kidding. My laptop is currently showing me this date. I'm sitting at the DECstation 5000/260 (NetBSD™/pmax 1.6.1, mirbsdksh) in the Netzladen and not capable yet to write a wlog catchup entry since I'm overworked, but I thought I'd share some updates.
I've actually fixed the date problem, but cannot rebuild src due to lack of an actual working /usr/src of -current (mostly because parts of -current are in ocvs, parts in ncvs and parts not in any CVS but in my merge checkout working directory tree). I've replaced parts of gmtime(3) and localtime(3) with the DJB functions. I think I'll just do the similar for mktime(3)'s side effect struct tm adjustment function, but this needs research.
I now know that I don't get lent a car for driving to 21C3, but I at least know where to sleep, and Zeno (Przemysław aka Przemek) just wants a Club-Mate and a Kölsch for that. Now I've get to beg enough people to take me with them, because I cannot afford Deutsche Bahn (I can't afford the whole congress!).
We'll be burning and selling CDs of MirOS again, but this time nice boy Angelo of MachAckers Bonn offers to burn them in his G5. The content will probably be a dual setup CD with the 20041129 snapshot and some #7-stable Benny is going to prepare on it (if not, I will take #7quater). Maybe #7quater/sparc if that one fits.
Yesterday was the first day of the new year, and it's in the sign of having avoided the dreadful European software patent directive. Well, more like slowed down, but in this spirit, watching my candles, I greet all of you readers and wish you a happy new year (according to the winter solstice calendar), and to have a nice jule fest (for the Asatrú) or Christmas (for probably most of the readers), or light celebration / family days, for these who join the christian majority in their countries.

04.01.2005 by bsiegert@ (in the train to Strasbourg)
So the holidays and 21C3 are over, and it is just three weeks until the exams *sigh*. At least, Christmas got me a new external 60GiB hard drive :). I also got around to hacking more on Objective-C in the train from and to Berlin. And let's not forget the web site with the photos from the #deutsch channel meeting. The two projects for 21C3 were: MirOS BSD #7quinquies and the macppc port. What has become of them?
During the congress, I remotely built and installed #7-stable on amiras, which was happily sitting in France. However, in the last stage just before the final upload, the system seems to have locked up. Thus, there is something in the v7.5 directory on the mirrors, but it is not yet the final #7quinquies. The binaries will be rerolled in a few days, so don't download this yet. Wait for the release announcement on freshmeat and on the miros-discuss@ mailing list.
MirBSD/macppc aka MirPPC is a mixed success now. GENERIC panics on boot. However, there is a SMALL kernel with some features (mostly ram disk hooks) disabled that is bootable. Thorsten has cross-built a userland using the wonderful MirOS cross-building infrastructure. However, it was compiled for the PPC 7450 (aka G4), so I get lots of Illegal instruction errors on my 750FX (G3). But I will try again with a new userland to manage to build a snapshot natively. This one will be all static without support for shared libraries which will come at a later date.
CVS is a mess right now. All PowerPC development takes place in the MIROS_X branch of ocvs. #7-stable resides in the MIRBSD_7 branch. thor is ocvs master. Some parts of the system have already been moved to ncvs.

Don't know which date I should write here, I've been wake since 50 hours.
05.01.2004 by tg@
So much for the wait for a catch-up wlog entry. I guess I'll deliver one when I get the time.
I've built gcc 3.4.4 (yes, I know that it does not exist yet, but this is what it tells me about its own version number) with all languages and propolice, boehm-gc (passes tests), libffi, libada, libobjc on i386 so far. There have been not even problems with us defaulting to -fstack-protector-all (hi etoh-sensei in case you read this). I've disabled ProPolice SSP for the entirety of GNAT because Ada seems to have its own stack smashing protector and that baby is crashing with an ICE when ProPolice is enabled. (Maybe etoh-sensei develops on OpenBSD, where Espie hasn't delivered a gnat1 since their switch to ELF.)
I've also discovered a solution which renders the whole idea of using -fno-zero-initialized-in-bss (even if only for the kernel) absurd (emacs still needs it, hi sap@ in case you read this): just force the needed variables into .data. I haven't built anything besides gcc itself and its libraries, the boehm-gc test and a C and Objective-C hello world (and a C++ hello world with libc not STL) yet, though. I should cross-build for mirppc (and write mirsparc machine descriptions), but I guess I'd rather move over the rest of the userland, so MirOS X is gonna be developed on ncvs not ocvs (although I suppose this will slow down bsiegert@, sorry lad).
I've nearly recovered from the flu I took home from Berlin (21C3) and hope to be able to go swimming on friday. Next monday, I've got to work for a living again. (Oh, in case someone'd employ me between mid-June and end of August, just tell me.) The MirShirts #2 have been not quite the success I had planned, so I'm considering to sell them (additionally) via Geekladen now. That will cost more (and ask more effort from me) though, but maybe pupils still can get the 1 € discount. お休み。

07.01.2005 by tg@
A more regular entry. I've merged X-Window so it gets out of my feet and I more free disc space, as well as all the old stuff from NetBSD™ and stuff without a vendor branch. Looks like this wlog section can be laid ad acta after about 200 commits or so soon. I've also packed a CGZ for these who'd like to peek into ncvs really quick (mksh doesn't build on non-MirOS atm though, and the security fixes and merges from obsd are on my TODO, admittedly). The kernel builds on gcc 3.4 and I have no idea why OpenBSD needs to circumvent the default -fzero-initialized-in-bss (it only affects static variables for me after all). Our kern_timeout.c is now derived from NetBSD™-current, even. I guess this means (for Éric Lévénez) to draw from NetBSD™ 2.0 (he doesn't have any HEAD branches) and OpenBSD 3.5 to MirOS #8 (not yet in existance), since we take only the most important fixes and some apps (such as OpenNTPD) from the newer OpenBSD sources. I'll go swimming tomorrow, and work starts next week, so expect the commit rate to slow down a bit ;-) Luckily, the automatic history and ChangeLog file rotation now works (tested).

08.01.2005 by tg@
Today, I've written a rather large status report which sums up quite well the current state of the tree. I figured this would be easier than to write up all the changes since the last wlog entry of 2004 ;-)
Swimming was fun, but everything aches now...

14.01.2005 by bsiegert@
My exams are coming nearer and nearer. In the week from January 24, I will have nine (!): crystallography, fluid mechanics, molecular symmetry, materials science, statistical thermodynamics, statistics, organic and inorganic chemistry. This means that for the rest of January, I won't be able to do much MirOS-related work.
There were some security updates in MirPorts: CUPS, Icecast, and zip. While updating the PLIST for cups, I discovered a bug in the package tools: Before, they just inserted the ldconfig command at the end. If there was a @cwd directive before (a lot of ports do this to change into ${SYSCONFDIR}), the wrong directory (/etc/lib in this case) would be used for ldconfig. This is fixed now, so use make setup before installing the updates.

15.01.2005 by tg@ – Read this if you come here from "bsdforen.de"
Ich finde es immer wieder lustig, wie manche Leute fundiertes Halbwissen verbreiten, aber die neuesten Errungenschaften des bekannten deutschen Deppenforums sind nicht Halbwissen sondern Unwissen. Ich finde es zwar lobenswert von templis, über uns zu schreiben, aber das strotzt nur so von "IIRC" und ist von vorne bis hinten falsch.
MirOS ist ein Projekt, das aus dem System MirBSD (src+ports) entstanden ist und von zur Zeit sieben Kernmitgliedern entwickelt wird. Das MirOS-Projekt liefert nicht nur MirOS BSD und MirPorts aus, sondern auch die MirbsdKsh und diverse weitere Progrämmchen. MirOS ist das bessere OpenBSD und wird auch so entwickelt – da ich von OpenBSD-Seite her hauptsächlich ignoriert werde, sehe ich nicht mehr ein, Patches selber herauszureißen und in gegen OpenBSD integrierter Form an Nutzer von OpenBSD zu schicken, denn hier schneide ich mich ins eigene Fleisch. Diese Leute sollten entweder MirOS nutzen oder (zum Beispiel wenn sie Features brauchen, die MirOS nicht bietet, wie Kerberos oder NIS/YP) selber porten. Oder mich dafür bezahlen, daß ich das mache (ich stelle auch Rechnungen aus).
Ein Openbsuxulator existiert zwar, ist aber bloß eine Tabelle, in der den OpenBSD-Syscalls die entsprechenden Wrapper um die MirOS-Kernelfunktionen zugewiesen werden (hauptsächlich weil wir bereits mit 64 Bit Uhrzeiten arbeiten) und funktioniert genau so wie der bekannte Linuxulator, nur besser und gegen OpenBSD 3.6-current feature-komplett (bis auf LFS und XFS). Ich nutze zum Beispiel centericq in diesem.
SMP ist keine kritische Neuerung, sondern schlichtweg Unfug – ich werde mich hier nicht weiter zur OpenBSD-Implementation davon äußern (zumal ich weiß, woher das Geld dafür kam, und das gut von den dunkelrosa Jungs finde), hingegen sind enorm viele kritische Änderungen vorgenommen worden, wie der 64-bittige time_t, gcc 3.4, die CSU von NetBSD™, auch das Schaufeln von Bibliotheken (png, expat, cdk, readline), neue Binutils, neues CVS sind nur die jüngsten Beispiele. Wer weiterdiskutieren möchte, bediene sich doch bitte eines geeigneteren Mediums, denn das WWW ist für so etwas ungeeignet.
Nachtrag: ISDN mit OpenBSD 2.8 hat nie korrekt funktioniert und kann auch mit der Fritz!Card nicht umgehen. Hellmuth hat wegen mangelnden Interesses von seiten der OpenBSDler aufgegeben.

15.01.2005 by tg@
I've now finally managed to set up OpenVPN between odem and thor, but there seem to be kernel bugs regarding IPv6 address setup and removal (and there are some OpenVPN bugs, too). Stephen has discovered a shortcoming in CVS so severe that we have got to re-do ncvs, as already shown on the mailing list. The remaining merge is progressing slowly but with great care, and you can expect a real surprist for ncvs ][ too.

17.01.2005 by tg@
I guess it's time for another wlog entry. Today, which started on January 16th (no I didn't even sleep half an hour in the meantime) I've kicked my lazy bum and started to port binutils – it was mostly the usual dealing-with-autotools stuff and some -Werror fixes. I've also thrown a bunch of other bug fixes into binutils and gcc and set further up my OpenVPN (now the client runs as user _openvpn chroot'd into /var/empty as well, and the route and IP address handling is totally done by mksh scripts, powered by the new /usr/bin/route_print tool). Because I had to reboot quite often (may be kernel bugs, see the mail to the list), glad to have softupdates, thank you, I eventually discovered that – no matter if the kernel was compiled with gcc 3.2.3 or 3.4.4 – ntpd started with a 50 second offset which led to a mathematical algorithm as well as empirical code redesign for some stuff, discovering some apparent shortcomings in gcc which I couldn't even track down, how bad. Today I've finished this kernel work – it seems like the time is correct after a boot-up again now. As a side effect the code is more clean, I nuked two files and the kernel builds with mgcc – oh wait! what about "I can't pack your struct" attitude of gcc? For now, I'd just ifdef out the __packed for _LP64.
Okay then, back to my binutils: bfd, opcodes and from gas back to bfd, playing with autotools, ld and finally binutils themselfes. I've left out gdb, it's too major effort, and the new patches weren't applied either yet. During that, I've also thrown in a good bunch of OpenBSD fixes which I already had stacked in various mailboxes. After that all, I started a make build (not a release, it's still intentionally broken) and walked that through, finally discovering the #pragma pack(1). D'oh! And it seems to work.
All in all, gcc 3.4 leads to better, yet more inefficient code, and I've even played with the COPTS again to fight the code growth. I've been doing 3 to 5 things concurrently since after I got back from the overnight visit at yofuh's place (where the OpenVPN and time incidents took place), and still feeling great until about midnight, UTC (kay, that's probably caused by the second of my beer bottles nearing emptiness – I don't drink much, despite what people say and despite our OpenBSD origin). This means we're about to enter the #8-prebeta stage in development, with the release process – in particular the kernel configuration and build system – still being the redesign candidate number one. In #8-beta, there's updating gcc, binutils and lynx (and some other stuff if required), importing from OpenBSD, fixing and writing docs for real – and most importantly testing the new gcc for ports. Then there's macppc and sparc for #8-gamma, during which the MI and i386 parts should be already quite stabilised, and all thumbs up for #8 awaiting the MirPorts peoples' readiness. (I'd like a full package build, with all the broken packages marked as such.)
If you look at the HTML source code for this wlog entry, it's written as justified paragraph with no cheating (double spaces) applied, and in fact it's become quite natural to me. Two times I had to stop, think and re-verb my sentence, four times words were exchanged to fit better, but overall it's been written quite fluently. As I'm writing, there's another bug in zic which goes away if I insert a few printf for debugging. Weird stuff, that.

19.01.2005 by tg@
I've finally been able to do a make build on src and make b-r on gcc. src doesn't succeed a release yet because crtbegin.o and its cousins are (usually) part of gcc. The solution is clear, write a b-r shell script which does src:build, gcc:build, src:release with crt*.o copied from gcc, gcc:release, htman, X11. Or (probably better) src:build, gcc:b-r, src:release, htman, X11. I've also found Reiser CPP (from 4.4BSD too, like nroff and friends) which we will use (in X11 for example) until the gcc module's GNU cpp is installed. Another lot of minor bugs I fixed, and there might be lurking more – watch out for everything that has its own subdirs, such as usr.sbin/ppp :-(
Today, I've got my project appliance ready to submit so far and received my personnel review at $ork which was surprisingly good. I've had some stuff to take care of this eve so the new b-r script I planned for tonight isn't ready yet and right now I'm too tired, so I rather went for Anime and RSN bed. I'm not doing much for ports right now (I haven't even run 'make setup' for ages) tho.

22.01.2005 by tg@
Thundersday went quite well, so I had a fruitful and chilly evening at the Netzladen. I was going to up to gcc-20050121 on Friday, but I slept not well nor much hosting wbx@ for a night, had to do over-time at work and was absolutely down physically and even ill late. I then slept too much until today and got up too late, so I was again quite sick. We had a meeting at the Netzladen of one of my usenet groups (which bsiegert@ also idles in), proving that it still lives, and during which I finally got around to building gcc and then base. Back home, I doped make b-r for base and started building snapshot tarballs (well, cpio balls but does cpio have them? :). That'll lock /ncvs and be installed on herc, for we all await ncvs ][ now – which will start with a real surprise at the third or so commit, aiming at my fellow developers. Stay tuned.

23.01.2005 by tg@
Some followup on BSDforen.de: it's getting worse not better, even if some BSD committers and similar people are hanging around in the channel. Starting with bashing they're attacking me personally in the end. I don't understand what was unclear in my previous message: pay me or I won't port ISDN to OpenBSD. The behaviour or whining (rather) of yours is like demanding of an OpenBSD developer to port SMP to MirOS, and it's not a bad comparison because in the meanwhile, many things have changed in MirOS, with regard to OpenBSD. I think BSDforen.de really is a bunch of immature adults behaving worse than kids and deserving more a DDoS than a "fuck-off {in,out} on $all_interfaces" – not that I'd do it though, this is just my opinion, and I got attacked personally more than is fun, in absentia.
I'm installing the new snapshot on herc at the moment, re-doing its parititioning scheme only preserving /home (and, of course, the better of /etc) from the old herc. I'm recompiling the ssh client with CFLAGS_clientloop.o=-fno-stack-protector because it sucks, to see it dump core after each connection (ssh with clientloop.c compiled by gcc 3.2 and everything else including linkage done by 3.4 seems to work). Let's see how many ports fail on the new system...

27.01.2005 by tg@
Sitting in the Netzladen, I don't have much time or want to really write a wlog entry. I've assured like 165 points to the visitors of today's meeting for CAcert.org, so I'll be able to issue even 25 points RSN. And there's a new snapshot, including ports available for download from the mirrors as well as file swarming downloads. I have brought this out even if I didn't originally want to commit into "ncvs I" again, but because -funit-at-a-time looks problematic especially in combination with propolice I decided to do it.
More and more lads in my town are gathering for next Fosdem 2005, the upcoming event. Sad we've got no seats, but at least we can be there and meet tyler@ in persona. wvdputte@openbsd will probably issue CAcert points too, this drives a few of them as well. I'm not too ok with not being able to sell T-Shirts, though – but you can still order a shirt by eMail; there are still two white MirShirts #1 (both in XL) left, I sold two this week (thanks!).
This week I got these "I don't wanna continue any more" feelings again, partly because of the war with the one worse-than-childish stupid forum already mentioned. (On the topic, one of their users or admins or something contacted me and tried to play it down (and some other person which I don't mention, whose fault it is that this page's HTML source doesn't look as nice any more); he eventually asked of our users to populate the forum and spread pearls among the pigs (that is my wording, excuse the translation of a German idiomatic expression), ie. spead knowledge. I won't do it because I despise web fora, it requires to sign up for an account first, doesn't work in Lynx, and I don't have time for stuff like that anyway (miros-changes@ users can guess).) Well, back, my bad mood. I've been eating good at my grandmother yesterday and really ought to go outside more – but it's snowing and pretty cold (but it must be colder than -10 degrees to scare me inside the whole day). I also could go swimming, but not having a car makes me pay for the train (which is not too much since I can drive around some area for free at the moment but still a lot for longer-distance journeys). More problematic is that I don't have a person with whom I could do this since most people around me are more or less typical hackers, nerds and geeks. They could probably be inside in the sub-basement three whole days only going out for a pee, not even eating anything not from the pizza (/me: eek, cheese) service.
While writing this there are more people wanting CAcert assurance so that now I've given out a total of 205 points, wow. Now, sleep ;)

28.01.2005 by tg@
We've got IPv6 connectivity again. I applied for a tunnel to thor and throw an UDP tunnel from there to odem right now; no connectivity for loki and herc yet but they might follow. I'm powered out still, waiting for the weekend. For the UDP tunnel, I've raised BUFSIZ in netcat to 4096, works pretty well now except I still get the freezes, may be routing related.
Well, looks like the snapshot does well.
An update: I have to advise against using tun(4) in tun or tap mode with any other protocol than IPv4, because on destroy, active routes are not freed correctly and cause crashes later.

03.02.2005 by tg@
bsdforen.de strikes again. Looks like they think they did a great thing, but nobody I know would ever buy a blowfish as ugly as this one. There is nothing good coming out of bsdforen.de, still.
Now to the MirOS progress: nothing ;-)
Well, except for another round of CFLAGS fixes, and some new/fixed/updated ports, all minor stuff not worth to be mentioned.
Netzladen now has a music playing daemon, but IMHO, the mp3 printer is better ;-)

05.02.2005 by tg@
I've felt obliged to start ncvs ][ after all, so I did so. When having breakfast yesterday, I lost a piece of a tooth, too bad. It doesn't hurt (now) only disturbs, but having to see the doctor is not a thing I like – it will also impact me not only physically but also financially. For FOSDEM, I can borrow IsCs's car (it's 1337 and does work, advertising for Club-Mate included, but... it's an adventurous car) so I'll be at least able to arrive. My herc server could need a passively cooled PSU in Baby-AT form factor.

07.02.2005 by tg@
Carnival update. I've discovered that benz, even if he doesn't write wlog entries *hint, hint*, still documents changes in the MirWiki. For me, tomorrow is a working day at my dayjob – maybe I'm the only one of my class, I think all the others have booked that day off to enjoy the last day of carnival, before on wednesday the Christians will start their 40 days of abstinence. I don't mind working on that day, since I'm born on "Rosenmontag" I hate carnival like the pest, but due to my $orkplace being Köln, the #1 point of interest for these crazies, I'm not too enjoying the idea. I hope that, tomorrow, in the train, there will be at least no smoking (it's forbidden!) teenager groups mocking the passengers, like last Thundersday.
Well, CVSweb sorta works and _is_ valid XHTML (where I checked, at least), the synchronisation of the three CVS repos works, I've got a checkout of src to start the merge, so I'd do it better soon (since I've got a pile of fixes to commit which I can't at the moment due to lack of a non-locked repository ;). I'd rather like to, among other things, play with the new gcc and especially native WineX and Java™ but since I haven't even recompiled XFree86™ it's still a long way before I can think of starting this. Ports could use some care too (the pine update isn't that urgent, but mplayer is, and Samba).
At least I've got a spanish guy (evilwm and Crux user) persuaded, in IRC, to do docs for us.
Oh, well, IRC. I still wonder about the behaviour of some people. A person with a three-letter nick (I'm not to name anyone here again) just left the "unfriendly" channel, without telling the reason. If it's because of my friendliness towards newbies, he should have left two or three days earlier, so I just don't understand. If not I have no idea either. Well, there is quite a bunch of people still hanging around in the channels, so I guess every community builds itself, and who doesn't fit in earlier or later leaves anyway. I don't want to gather the huge crowd around myself or the MirOS project, I don't want (us or me) to be popular. Linux users are a huge mass (or mess?) but definitively don't have class (or does the Englishman say style?). I hope that, not despite, but because of our (well, mine ;) I don't speak for the others.) rudeness towards idiots, our userbase will consist of people which don't lack more than one or two clues.
It has come to my attention that this wlog is actually read by people, even if not provoked by links on certain webfora (I still won't consider it a blog, but who must can retrieve RSS feeds of the MirOS mailing lists at gmane). These people are hereby greeted.

08.02.2005 by tg@
Today I'm writing a bit about me and MirOS, and why I'm doing things like this.
First off, I started BASIC at age 8, on an 8088 Schneider EURO PC. Then came English, Assembly and Pascal at age 12, followed by C at age 17. I shall be 23 in a few jiffies, and I'm not a student of computer science. In fact, I believe I couldn't even write a (decent) malloc implementation. If I could, though, I could do it in any language I know (well, I won't do it in brainfuck(1) though).
It has been said I'm an amateur. Well, not exactly, but this Theo quote can only mean me. I do believe so, too, but I'm content with it. I'm not a CS student or master, worse than Torvalds in that respect, but I'm kind of a craftsman, maybe even more an artist. MirOS is not an OS to please the masses, bring in money or hunt bugs down because that is a design goad. MirOS is simply a piece of art.

But it goes further than that. When I'm doing certain things for MirBSD™, it's like magic to me. The licence is such an example. It was an artwork to do it, but in contrast to the last 193 lines of HTML source in this file, it was also a magickal item to me. It does good to the source when it touches it. I'm handling forces older than mankind when writing code, no, crafting a work of authorship under European Droit d'Auteur law / Urheberrecht, and putting it under the licence is a magickal act.
Yes, I believe so.
And I also try to stay alive in the world (doesn't everybody?) beyond my lifetime, through my achievements. If the remembrance of my person lives on in my friends, wife and children (which are yet to be haved), things I built are still in use – then I have deeply engrained myself into the earth's surface. MirOS is a small piece out of this masterplan of mine. Feel free to help.

09.02.2005 by tg@
Latest (and hopefully last) chapter of a certain web forum: I'd like to warn everyone from mail contact with "them" (it is only one special person, but I've said I'm not going to write names here, again). He has in fact quoted from private eMail exchange with me. I have him take it down, and he did it, replying over-polite (i.e. mocking), but that's enough with me. I don't have the time nor is it pleasure for me to deal with them (or tell them stuff about MirOS which they don't know yet; I simply have got better things to do).
Quoting from private eMails, publicly, is simply The bad thing to do, I hope he's learned it.

09.02.2005 by bsiegert@
I have holidays (sort of) this week and the next one, so finally, I can spare some time for MirOS. There were some updates I have been wanting to do for a long time, e.g. WindowMaker and dillo-0.8.4. The [link] pkgtools have had two real showstoppers fixed: @sample dir/ works now. With this command, you can create a directory (e.g. in /etc) during installation of a package which will be deleted on deinstallation if it is empty. This one and the variant without slash (for copying configuration files) now correctly apply permissions. Some bugs that have been lurking for a long time have been fixed—it is safe now to use the -n parameter to pkg_add. However, I think I introduced a new bug, I will have to investigate further.
MirOS #7quinquies (the #7-stable branch) has had its first security update, consisting of a base system tarball and a kernel update. All #7 users are encouraged to install this. Get all the info at MirWiki:SevenQuinquiesUpdates.
Some security updates: exim and mailman. There are still some OPSAs unfixed, but it is getting better. My next big project is bringing GNOME 2.8 to MirPorts. I am taking a different approach than before: instead of importing, I manually pull the patches from OpenBSD via cvs rdiff -D 2004-05-28, merge, fix, build and test locally before committing. The new-style PLISTs from OpenBSD actually work very well. The only incompatibility I have noticed is @conflict and @newuser/@newgroup. I won't implement the latter two, not even as no-ops. The reason is that the ports who use this tend to also have @unexec userdel or a similar construct at the end. Thus, it is better to have pkg_create fail with an error, so that you are reminded to check the PLIST file.

09.02.2005 by tg@
Hey, what's this, I'm reading drexim here ;-) It did a good job though today delivering an eMail of mine to the GNU Pascal mailing list and back to me in... let's say, 2 seconds. (Of course there was my superb sendmail involved, too ;)
Anyway. I've hacked at MirLibtool again, discovering that "we don't have relink issues, and we don't relink anyway" (huh?) and fixed some C++ problems. (Rather, some no-C++ problems.) MirPorts' infrastructure received an update which also will cause some spurious rm(1) errors to go away. I should really do the ncvs2 merger now, I wish I could have a week off (and somebody caring for me, like cooking, making the dishes etc :) I haven't had any holidays for ages now.
I'll go to sleep now, but my masterplan is as follows: First, src/ gets merged (pretty quick, but time consuming, since it's not few files to be updated). Then, I can at least bring in necessary fixes I have already piled up on my TODO and work on the infrastructure (ie. that damn MirLibfool). After that, gcc 3.4 will be taken (another CVS snapshot of course) and imported, then gradually adjusted to match the one in ncvs 1. There's two commits in OpenBSD for that I think we'll like, too. After that's finished, I can build another (experimental) snapshot, and then it depends. I think libstdc++, XFree86, gcj/f77 is the order. I would do X11 later if they brought out 4.5.0 now, but I guess, since 4.4 was imported, we'll stick with it first (I've got to check if it works at all, too). In the meanwhile I hope Benny updates all our ports (yayayaya I'll do a few, too), then we'll close ocvs and ncvs 1 down.
I've read NetBSD™ stuff yesterday (and I'm impressed), and I remember Stephen talking about making the kernel aware of userland threads. Please, do it (I can't do it myself since I'm just an amateur ;) because it will also increase, among other programs, wine's chance to work. (Java™ too.)

11.02.2005 by tg@
I'm sitting here at Kabelaffe's (a friend and an apprenticeship (he's IT-Systemekeltroniker) comrade) continuing what I've done over the whole night (rendering me pretty useless at work today with only 2.5 hours of sleep) – updating MirLibtool to 1.5.12 of GNU and simplifying and enhancing it during that. I seem to have success, even to bring back (and conditionalising) Fortran 77 and GJC support, so reducing the diff to GNU Libtool (which increased again due to accent cleanup). It works on a few ports, but I need testers now.
I'm still open for the weekend, having planned only to not plan anything, to remove all strain from myself too ;-) (Maybe it'll help to kill the first signs of a flu I noticed as well.) Sitting around with friends is a good first step, refraining from hacking on MirLibtool might increase my health again, and if I'll ever get lunch I'm happy for today.
Later that day I managed to sit in the Netzladen again – my friends have dragged me. Lacking anything useful to do I've brought out and debugged (keymap on GNU/Linux) joe-3.1jupp3.

12.02.2005 by tg@
I took my time, after finishing the work on Jupp (and building mac and win binary packages), to update PHP 5 to the latest version and apply the Hardened-PHP patchkit. It's still considered experimental, however it works on odem. It was a nice evening at Yofuh's, with us five "core BOSng members" chilling with Club-Mate (as usual), and we finally got around to some web site hacking, too. Benny is at another IRC comrade's place, eating sushi, the first time for him, and seems to have fun playing Counter-Strike (the Windows® fanboy he is ;-)

13.02.2005 by tg@
After finishing php 5 (except for naming issues) I took care of Samba 3 and started the conversion to PostgreSQL 8. That's my first time meeting @sample and luckily benz helped me with it (thanks). He did a huge docs update (after telling him how worn out I am, he pointed that out – but who did MirLibtool some days ago I ask here? ;-)
Now there's left: clean up after Samba investigating the ProPolice problem as well as the unability to change passwords. Here, gmane jumps in again – it's funny that most mailing lists are gated there, most even bi-directionally. I sent out a posting and now idle here waiting for the answer. Good night!

14.02.2005 by tg@
After work I went into the Netzladen, giving the visitors CAcert points and finishing the PostgreSQL 8 port. It's a weirdo bringing its own timezone data, but it looks like it's wanted that way. I just hope their ohlson-libtz variant correctly handles our native time_t, varying between 32 and 64 bits. They use an internal pg_time_t of 64 bit, though. Time to sync the INDEX.
I've made a #machackers IRC channel for them @ irc6.oftc.net:6667 so they can't throw me out of the Netzladen tonight ;) Greets to Anglo, Scotty™, ane and johl; be sure to visit the channel.

20.02.2005 by tg@
I've about recovered from a flu. I've got to get working tomorrow again, even if I wish I could take the day off, but it's too hard to get a testate. I've got to take care of a few things the next two weeks, so don't expect much commits in that time.
The new ports. Troublesome (to speak with Shikamaru). Samba doesn't work as expected and I've got no way to test PostgreSQL; pine and mplayer could need an update (though they can wait until the next version is released).

20.02.2005 by sap@
More news than usual. Got a part-time job to complement my full time one, and looks like I might have some more work to fill my weekends in addition to my days and nights. It sounds awful but I couldn't be happier, it's interesting work and the extra money doesn't hurt, and I get to arrange my hours around my family life. I guess that wasn't really too much news, but still more that usual. I just realized that this is the first wlog entry I've written in two months. Time flies when you're having fun I guess, or when you don't have much to say.

20.02.2005 by bsiegert@
The GNOME update is progressing nicely. The only problem is that it is an awful lot of packages to port. I will probably do a meta port like FreeBSD has: this port does not contain any code but depends on all packages in the right order. Such meta ports could also be done for other stuff, e.g. a complete mail server setup. In any case, I have removed the additional runtime dependencies for the GNOME packages that should assure that everything is installed—these never worked right. I also discovered a bug in the handling of -pthread in MirLibtool that is fixed now (thanks to tg@).
Last weekend, I visited ssimon from our IRC channel—yes, IRL. We had some fun eating sushi (mmm) and playing games like CounterStrike under Linux in cedega. I had winter holidays this week, but alas, they are over now. As usual, I am writing this entry in the train.
We also came up with the idea to port MirPorts to Mac OS X. Work has not yet started, but it seems like quite a few people are interested in it. Ironically, the Objective-C extensions to the pkgtools are going to be a problem because the GNU folks deliberately changed the spelling of function names in their libobjc. The OS X version however is a "real" NeXTstep implementation with proper spelling. Sigh.
I also bought a CF-to-IDE adapter which works fine. The goal is to install MirOS-stable to the CF card (256 MiB) and use it instead of a hard disk in frankie. I imported flashdist (which is for OpenBSD) to contrib/code/flashdist in cvs and began playing with it. Let's see how that works out.

23.02.2005 by tg@
I've been having a birthday party yesterday with the coder of the first Mac OSX worm ever (he's exactly one year younger). The party happened in the Netzladen (what did you guess), but ended badly for me when my guests started smoking after his guests did so, while I've still not fully recovered from the flu I had over the weekend (tobacco is a REAL pita to my lungs).
Today I've made, out of being bored, first steps ([link] MirMake, MirPorts' own infrastructure and OSdep parts) towards running it on Darwin. I hope that there's at least a smallish userbase which is willing to help, and shared libraries work with a bit of sed magic in PFRAG.shared, to happen in make (and not in the pkg tools, unless bsiegert@ has really good arguments). I myself won't do this though, since I despise the Macintosh, Motorola (and PowerPC) and its followings.

24.02.2005 by tg@
I feel left alone at some places, the Netzladen, among others. I'll continue to fight on all fronts, though.
I played with MirPorts today, modernising the MODULES= stuff and preparing for the long-planned Makefile-for-subdir revamp I already did for e.g. the former gfdl-books port.
I've sort of shut down my brain regarding planning, preparing and announcing the trip to FOSDEM. Sensory overload, or so. The BSDs won't have a booth, and I admit I didn't ask them day for day for it (in the hope they'd give in). I barely will make it for the annual "early bird gathering" and have to get off on Sunday already. I seem to have got a place to sleep, too. I've got to work tomorrow (btw, does any of the English speakers who read this ever use the term "vocational school"? I don't think I've heard it before), and I've got thousands more things I need to take care of, such as securing a basic income. My mood varies not only a bit now, I often switch between happy, energy-laden and depressed, several times a day, and rarely get the creative mood of yesterday again. I can only interpret this as "I need a vacation". Other project leaders I won't name have just had one...

27.02.2005 by bsiegert@
It is that time of the week again, and I am sitting again in the train but this time from Bruxelles to Strasbourg. FOSDEM was an adventure, but getting there and getting back even more so. On Friday, I accidentally took the wrong train at Bruxelles-Nord, today I almost missed my train because the bus was much too late and did not stop where I wanted to leave it. I found myself somewhere in the centre of Bruxelles, but luckily, I discovered that it was only like 500 meters to the Bruxelles-Luxembourg station, so I catched the train there.
On Friday, we were at the early-bird gathering at Le Roy d'Espagne, a bar right at the Grand Place, where tg later joined me. We had some beers and some talk with the others—KDE, Debian, and Fresco developers. We took the last train to Leuven and basically went to sleep.
Saturday was the first regular day of FOSDEM. Upon arrival, tg and me just sat down at the (then empty) Mozilla booth. When the Mozilla folks arrived, they sent us away, but the organization team officially gave us an empty table with no chairs as a "booth" after all. With no merchandise, no flyers, and no sign, it was not a very productive kind of booth, but at least we could sit down and hack a bit. Later that day, tyler arrived from USA. I went to two GNUstep talks: the first one was a good general overview, the second one (about Etoilé) was given by someone who had clearly never done a presentation before. What's more, he spoke French and had somebody translate it for him to English. In the evening, we (yofuh, Kabelaffe, cnuke, tyler, tg, and me) went to La petite planète to eat gyros. After buying lots of liquor in a supermarket, we returned to Leuven. For tg and me (who took the train), this took quote long because our train was cancelled and we had to take a local train instead. tg, cnuke and Kabelaffe went to sleep quite early (after only one bottle of meade and some beers), while yofuh and me were awake, drinking red wine and more meade. When we went to sleep, tyler changed the room to keep on hacking. I think he did not even sleep that night.
On Sunday morning, we went to Bruxelles quite late, and took place in the "Hacker's room". I went to the Nautilus talk, but left it after two minutes, after having discovered that the dillo talk was at the same time. The plan9 people were there (including uriel and one Englishman) and kept on trolling and asking questions like "Why do you use select? Plan9 does not have it." After the talk, I spoke to Jorge and Sebastian, the main developers. Jorge was very happy to be offered funding for dillo (maybe). We talked about a thread-safe resolving library (which BSD does not have out of the box) and more. Afterwards, I met Wim, who told me to visit the OpenBSD room, Theo de Raadt would be there. Theo gave a talk about future plans for OpenBSD (for him, future is after the upcoming 3.7 release) and various other political rants. Later that day, tg talked to Theo himself and gave him a MirOS T-Shirt. I would have loved to overhear this conversation but alas, I had to leave for my train.
During the time, I mostly hacked on the Objective-C stuff in the pkgtools, which is in my private svn repository for the time being. I have written a new parser that is able to read and write PLISTs. So the foundations are there. Stay tuned.

28.02.2005 by tg@
Yay, I'm back in good old Germany, and I love it (and be it only for having beloved coffee instead of what they gave us in België). I've published a few writings, only on German though: at the world-quality German slashdot clone Symlink:

Oh yeah, and I spoke to Theo and donated him a MirOS T-Shirt #2. The shirt was unfolded, and he didn't blink for a second and he asked me, why I'm doing MirOS and stuff. Keeping up with his spoken English (quite free of accent, in contrast to the American or British visitors, though) was a bit difficult to me, and he had to work on stuff, so we didn't talk much; he did like our work on nroff, though. While on nroff, actually we cannot use the pre-1989 ditroff since we're not US Americans (our countries have signed the Berne convention long before). So I've got to either hunt down BWK, or look at what the Plan 9 guys have to offer with their ditroff.
Having put several stickers of FAU-IAA and the Chaos Communication Club on my laptop, someone gave me a flyer regarding the Anargeek manifesto which fits really nice into what the Netzladen is all about; thus another post-FOSDEM writing is at the Netzladen site. Maybe our local francophones will translate it into a more sane language ;-)
Success on a large front – the FOSDEM was quite a chaotic event, with us fighting for a booth and stuff, but I managed to get ports/editors/joe compiled on cnuke@'s book running Mac OSX. Now I need to make MirOS paxtar portable (I believe some other BSD has already done that, though) so "mmake package" can succeed.
Okay, today I'm losing regarding the length of the wlog, to Benny – but he had not committed his for 10+ days and added a short FOSDEM summary (while I wrote a follow-up and did the summary as a series of Symlink articles). tyler@ got annoyed by some strcpy, etc. warnings in MirPorts, so he just fixed them out (I'm amazed). He's fun to hang around with, just like he was in IRC, funny and all, just quite tired. The BOSng fellows who we usually hang around with, both in the Netzladen and at the exhibitions, thought so too, and I'm now waiting for the next event to go to. I'd go to Chemnitz if someone would pay for all my expenses, but I'll attend Karlsruhe for sure, and Wim invited me to the CCC camp.

03.03.2005 by tg@
I'm sick again. That sucks. I didn't go to work, but I think I'll make it tomorrow. Wish my nose was freer.
We've got some more press coverage (sorry, again German only). Yes, it works now. Jupp of course, and mc with libglib. cnuke@ lent me his book while kissing (for a good part of the evening). Now I've got to get my ass up for merging ncvs 1, finally. But bsiegert@ still hasn't done a thing (except bitch around) for it. Oh, and I don't get the hang on OSI.
ZDnet shot photos of us at FOSDEM, but they aren't available. So, I guess that's it. I wish I had let someone take a photo of deraadt and me, but it was kinda quick.

04.03.2005 by bsiegert@
Going home by train is a little chaotic today, because the EuroCity was broken and I had to leave it in Karlsruhe. I had quite some time in the afternoons this week, and I used it. After tg's latest bsd.port.subdir.mk changes, I upgraded my local ports tree checkout and discovered lots of uncommitted changes, so I committed (some of) them. The GNOME 2.8 migration in MirPorts continued smoothly. I did some stuff that OpenBSD does not have myself: libgnomecups (CUPS hooks), libxklavier and libxklavier1 (high-level xkb API), libcroco (for CSS support in librsvg which is required by the SVG spec) and CUPS support for GNOME-Print. I could not test this yet, but GNOME apps should show for example all the CUPS printers in the printer list. OTOH, I actually had to downgrade some of these because the new versions are already incompatible. They are for GNOME 2.10 which is going to be out soon *sigh*.
Anyway, with gnome-session, metacity, and nautilus running, you could already try to use it. However, I still do not consider the upgrade finished. Not until gnumeric is running (I need this) and the meta port is there.

05.03.2005 by tg@
You don't believe what a good night of sleep and a breakfast of bread and tea (no milk, so no coffee :( can make of you. I still am ill, but I hope that will improve. I'm not, in contrast to Benny updating GNU GNOME, going to take on KDE. I leave that to Marc Espie, for he's far superiour in that area, and going to concentrate on base now, in order to be able to throw out new snapshots soon. I'm going to need them, for spreading around the word and stuff. And tyler@ needs libstdc++, so I don't have much of a choice. OpenBSD seems bitten by ProPolice bugs; same as us but their test programs work fine on 3.2 and 3.4 here.
Later that day. My dear friend and Mach-Acker Angelo, Coder of the Mac OSX worm #1, says it all. These OpenBSE people are so poor...
And: who the fuck is "Harald Freyer"? (Not having a good opinion on Debian derivate from Canonical that cannot be named (dubbed "Negergnu" by me) is not necessarily racist, nor does it have, or was intended with, racist undertone. I'm sick, not being able to say what I think. Who am I, a German born 1910 or 1982?)
Well, all the strain aside, it was a nice evening. I liked the fresh air, afterwards we (cnuke with his gf, as well as Angelo, I and a BOSng companion) had a good meal, after a long time, at our favourite jugoslawic food dealer again. I think I need not say I like Julishka more than SSH Connection Multiplexing (and you know how excited I got over it?).
I wish I could be on the event Linux-Tage in Karl-Marx-Stadt, but I'm getting over it already. Buttt I'm really looking forward to our joint booth at the LinuxTag Karlsruhe, with the Holarse gang.

06.03.2005 by tg@
I've started re-merging ncvs I to ncvs ][ today, but first I had to discover several import flaws, so I hacked up a bit in the repository. (I know, I had promised to not do this again. Well, looks like since we use CVS not SVN, you wouldn't have even noticed if I hadn't written it here, or you read ancient CVS mails. You won't notice it while using, promised. And it looks fine now.)
I've merged, so far, all of src except usr.bin, usr.sbin, gnu/usr.bin and gnu/usr.sbin; the generated files neither of course. I'm awaiting another Lynx development version in a few days, and let's hope XFree86™ 4.5.0 comes out before I'm _so_ through with src and gcc and making a new snapshot to start working on X. There are really good chances, plus I've got to make libstdc++ work first (and maybe Fortran? Who needs it? gfortran (gcc 4) won't be part of base, for library reasons, anyway, so?) to please tyler@.
There has been a libtool update (they realised themselfes (well, SuSE did) that they broke pthreads), and Benny threw in some Darwin stuff.
My health is nearly back now, but I've got to work next week too.
Tells that the person, "Harald Freyer", I asked for yesterday, really is hubertf@nbsd. I skip commenting on that here, though. Anyway, I'm lucky that MirOS _is_ something special and we'll share a booth with Holarse, and not any other BSD, at LinuxTag.
Any volunteers outside? While skipping through ca. 6 MiB unified diffs today I noticed our man pages aren't all in sync with reality, and I still want IPV4_MAPPED addresses (in IPv6) to work.
We freed the mirbsd.org domain, with the nice BOSng lad who went eating with us the day before, re-registering it and pointing it to the same server on which mirbsd.de runs on, cooperating with Waldi. I've even set up mail for the two domains now!

Update: look at this
 Mar  6 18:38  Directory        [4]
 Mar  6 20:16  bzip2            [2]XFree86-  40507Kb

 Do my dreams come true or what?
 I'm eagerly awaiting this, and be it only to be able to /kick from
 IRC these who mention "the other X11 implementation". ;-)

09.03.2005 by tg@
It's become quite silent recently. I'm relaxing, listening to some music, classical one, and shut down my system with +90 instead of now. I think I deserve a break, especially considering my health, and cnuke@ has taken a break from all computing related activity as well (now I wish I could hit the road to the swimming bath, walk the forest with cnuke, do some fires, and related stuff). At work, my apprenticeship's final project is keeping me busy, as does the flu (I had fever today at work, the first time since all this illness fuss started!). mirbsd.org should work as eMail domain (an alias to mirbsd.org) soon enough. We're continuing until first lawyer letters regarding patents come in, I think. The OSI is a bunch of, politic even, wusses who now have made a public mailing list an official! committee of theirs. (I wonder if I am, now, too?) I started flaming some on their lists, just for the fun of it (gimme my fun, will you, since Wim doesn't send me Kriek he owes me for their last pun).

13.03.2005 by tg@
I've finished merging src (except gcc) over from ncvs1 to ncvs2, except for lynx, where I'm waiting for the new version at upstream which is due RSN. I haven't looked at XFree86™ yet. Now I will try to throw in some goodies from OpenBSD-HEAD, then build what I've got right now. After that, I'll peek at gcc, build what we have and after that look at libstdc++ (hi tyler) and lynx. If a new XFree86™ comes out in the meantime, I think I'll have a look at it with higher priority, since I want to feed back our local diffs, and don't want to run -current as MirOS default X11 environment.

14.03.2005 by tg@
Today I've built the first kernel from a working copy of ncvs ][ sources. I've ensured that GENERIC builds as well as i386 machdep (mbrldr, mbrmgr, ffspbr, installboot, boot, pxeboot) stuff. If it boots I'll see later (won't check mbr/pbr/boot ATM though). After some of the OpenBSD-current fixes go in, I'll repeat the test, in order to know I haven't broken anything during a large upcoming merger (mostly userspace, but one can never be sure, and NTFS, msdosfs and UFS are touched too). It is a small step for me, already on experimental sources, but a large step for the whole of MirOS, as gcc3.4 specific constructs, both MI and MirOS' extras (#pragma), timet64-specifics (working with timet32 @sparc tho) and other dependencies on MirOS particulars are deeply ingrained now. The new kernel is also a test if the merger went well, and for the security fixes and behavioural changes of the last few days. In addition, I have quite a few files regenerated, possibly breaking preexisting behaviour (damn, and I always wondered why rsync would not work without its own, bundled libz, there I go).
Tomorrow I'll have the "KMK exam" – the teachers over at my vocational college (workschool) explained it to be an internationally accepted extra qualification (certificate), documenting a certain level of English knowledge exists. I'm of course going for the #1 level since I've read enough man pages to know the better part of English I'll need. They'll do lengthy oral exams too, though.
I now have, on my website, these weird Google ads, as a kind of beta test for the MirOS pages. On the latter, though, you'll be able to switch them off by means of a cookie, using MirStyleSelect (as it provides a preexisting infrastructure quite well). So don't wonder. If you ask where the money is going, be sure it'll be used for MirBSD®'s further development and deployment.

15.03.2005 by tg@
W00t, we've finally got a logo for MirOS BSD. On the other hand, most of you will already know it. Stay tuned, I'll update the framework as soon as feasible.
I've built a new base running the kernel I built yesterday from fresh sources. So far, no breakage. Also, I have added splitb(1) as split(1) improvement (MirOS specific), cleaned up lots of Makefiles and fixed remaining breakage. The hardest part of that, but entertaining, is the changes to the -mdoc package for nroff. Finally, we won't have problems with \&! or ?\& any more and I've added a workaround for .Xr st 4. Also, .Xr now temporarily switches to non-hyphenation mode (and back to hyphenated once it's run, even if it was non-hyphenating before).
make b-r, except kernels, succeeds now as does make distclean in /usr/src. I've also updated the packaging lists, so I could quickly make a snapshot (though incomplete). Much redundant code was removed, and the MirOS brand applied to many files.
I've also done a licencing cleanup in the www repository and added a few clauses needed for a new contributors' logo or mascot component.
Benny has implemented @lib for ports that has proven superiour for Mac OSX compatibility, so I've deprecated all of the old DYNLIBDIR() stuff, and Benny removed them. Minor breakage planned as usual.

16.03.2005 by tg@
Even with nice weather outside nothing restrains me from freezing ocvs, and so I did. There's however a new seed file that shows the final version of ocvs to be archived. (This also means: EOL for MirOS #7-stable.)
I've translated the anargeek manifesto about which I already spoke into German and designed a logo for it; bsiegert@ has yet to check it against the french original text.

20.03.2005 by tg@
Okay, even the nice weather hasn't limited me to update XFree86™ to their latest released version. I was outside for a while though, and that helped me inspire. If I would now just get these damn scripts done I need for $ork tomorrow...

21.03.2005 by tg@
A happy start into the spring... XFree86™, as announced, works. I've imported gcc 3.4.4 (prerelease), but gotta work today, and every day of this week 'til thundersday. Promising activity is ongoing by the ppl from OpenBSD again, making everyone realise how unfree "FreeBSD" really is. I'm quite often astonished when I read the news, but amazed how high-quality they want to keep their code. I can say I'd like to follow that, and despite being an amateur project we will try hard. Everybody can help, and if it's just a donation, a small docs patch or you buying a T-Shirt. Testing snapshots and reporting broken behaviour is of course better; helping to fix that best.
We still don't have a "public relationships manager" and I'm waiting for the new logo but we'll appear with Holarse and BOSng at LinuxTag, Karlsruhe ;-)

22.03.2005 by tg@
Wow, I did a fire for spring equinox, and now in my village-like thing they're going to do one for Ostara, although with a real roman-catholic background ;-)
In the meanwhile, we've received, edited and added the logo I've promised, and gcc got extended by SSP. I'm still working over the day so it's going at a slow pace, but is going on; joe 3.2 is out and I've yet got to have a look at it.

24.03.2005 by bsiegert@
Lots of things happened since my last wlog entry. I finally removed all the traces of the old DYNLIBDIR code in MirPorts, replacing it with @lib using a script. MirPorts has made the transition to ncvs2. During this process, tg renamed lots of ports, and I had to touch a lot of ports to cure the "missing dependency" errors. I still have not done a new index. Only after this can the transition be considered finished. I also fixed a Darwin compatibility bug in the libc hash code, but there is no new MirMake release that incorporates it yet.
I also made a program for my polymers course and put it under contrib/code/polymers. However, the second version has a strange bug that causes the program to go into an endless loop every 2000-9000 invocations. I will have to investigate this further.

26.03.2005 by tg@
People say I've been quite stressy lately. Well, that may be true, I'm working on my apprenticeship's finishing stuff, too (and Winword plays its games with me). And I've still got the feeling I'm talking to a wall, for example when asking for the events of the last 3-4 months.
We (HolaBSDng, that is) have got a booth for the LinuxTag in Karlsruhe, join us.
gcc 3.4.4 (20050326; prerelease; propolice) eats up my nerves, but builds, systrace'd and all, I've just left out the java stuff for now. I'm looking at exception handling through a shared libgcc, if anyone has got test cases I'd be glad to hear from it.
darkveggy, the #1 anargeek, has answered, and I've pointed him to what I've drafted, this page and image (SVG) I drafted. Let's look what he's got to add.
I've installed greylisting on the MXes (thor and loki) and miss my spam now ;-)

27.03.2005 by tg@
If I could kill... well, if I cannot get C++ for us, I will at least try to get Pascal working. But without docs, I am not going to rewrite 80% of the Makefile to prevent it from placing generated files into the source directory. Besides, the gpc docs are online I think (and I could always add them later, differently). Lynx is back and Master Dickey is helping me to get a current version. I will try if updating the binutils stuff can help C++ (and we didn't start with gdb anyway).
I have missed DST getting in effect today again – can't just everyone use UTC? It's hard for me too to go to bed at 20:00 and wake up at 03:50, but if I can do it...

28.03.2005 by tg@
I'm running the GNU Pascal testsuite and updated binutils to a newer CVS snapshot in the hope of fixing C++. Also I try to work for release engineering...

31.03.2005 by bsiegert@
The ports transition to ncvs still causes some dependency breakage, but I hope that most of those cases are really fixed now. I am porting bsd.lib.mk from MirMake to work with the Darwin shared library model. My testbed is graphics/jpeg which builds libjpeg itself and assorted tools. The problem is that on Darwin, you don't have s shared library cache that is updated with ldconfig. When you build a shared library, you have to pass the install name along with the path, like this:
cc -dynamiclib -install_name /usr/mpkg/lib/libjpeg.62.dylib -compatibility_version 62.0 -current_version 62.0 -o libjpeg.62.0.dylib [object file names ...]
Programs that link against this library take the install name and save it in their executable. But when you use MirMake, you don't know the final install location (the PREFIX) while building. Thus, we have to relink the library during installation to incorporate the correct -install_name parameter. But even then, the dependent programs that have been built at the same time (in my example, the jpeg tools like rdjpgcom) also need to be relinked, or they won't find their shared library on runtime and give an error such as "dyld: rdjpgcom can't open library: libjpeg.62.0.dylib (No such file or directory, errno = 2)". tg@ has offered to rewrite the Makefiles to use libtool instead, but I don't think I want that. Another portability problem is the _gplwarn.c file from the infrastructure which is ELF-specific and gives syntax error with the Darwin linker *sigh*.

02.04.2005 by tg@
Just in case anyone wonders where I have been at all the time, yesterday, today. I was outside and enjoyed sun and nature. Recreation is a powerful measure to refill /dev/random – I can do it myself and need not ask others like our colleagues of a certain other BSD. Also, some -funroll-loops freaks have stolen my idea to port a reasonable Unixish operating system to Interix, but they couldn't finish. Gets a smile from me.

11.04.2005 by tg@
I've been outside a lot again, since finishing a documentation (process-oriented project report) about my apprenticeship's final work got me really under a strain I never experienced before, while pushing the 2005-03-30 snapshot out of the doors did not help much either with it.
Today and yesterday, I've started picking up the make diffs bsiegert@ has left me with for a week and brought them into shape, adding support for PE targets (MS Interix and MirInterix) and considering other, non-Darwin, Mach-O targets. I also cleaned up MirPorts appropriately, for we already had two platforms and two OS kernels in one platform and could not say a port is only/not for some platform until now; today I've added, as supplement to OS:VERSION:ARCH, my beloved ksh's wildcards.
All of today's commits were prepared under Windows® 2000 – in parallel I almost broke my neck getting the CVS client up and running under almost pristine MS Interix (for MirPorts, I'll take a peek at pkgsrc but for now I'm doing this all on my own), in order to compile my fist MirPackages in Windows®. This port is easier than and inspired by the Darwin port of MirPorts (well you could even say the MirInterix support for MirPorts was first, in my head at least, and the Darwin port inspired by that), and no NetBSD® pkgsrc's developers' pride was hurt in doing so (this is just to prevent anoter entry in RIPOFF). Eventually, we'll be able to support: MirOS BSD, MirOS Interix, (MirOS Linux); OpenBSD; vanilla MS Interix/SFU; Mac OSX, Darwin, OpenDarwin. For old OpenBSD versions and Interix, I must go the Portage way and throw most of (MirOS) base into ports (but without removing them from base), because Interix doesn't even have CVS, SSL, SSH and "tar z", and old OpenBSD lacks XFree86™ 4.5 as well as a modern GNU CVS 1.12 (well, new OpenBSD lacks them too).
I've been toying at the GCC testsuite, but I lack experience to parse the non-obvious results and have no idea what I've been doing. But ports look bright, even though bsiegert@ is off for a week.

12.04.2005 by tg@
Today, I decided that investing some time in the MirPorts/Darwin port will be more effective towards my MirPorts/MSInterix port than directly working on it. Ta-daa! We now have ${.SYSMK} and cksum for Darwin (as working port!), a new MirMake version, a MirCksum distfile and a bunch of other goodies.
I decided to add support for sedecimal number parsing to strtonum(3), much to delight of tyler@.

13.04.2005 by tg@
Of course, my good purpose, to take a shower and go to sleep early today, didn't become reality – but I am almost at the break-through point for MirPorts/Interix. Now we only lack ftp(1), or an equivalent downloader. Thus, MirPorts/Darwin got updated make and cpio as well (not necessary to update, though).
Oh, nearly forgot: I hope you don't mind the ads and associated CSS cleanup. I've found they can be nicely integrated.

14.04.2005 by tg@
I've liberated our version of XFree86® (with mailing the Xlib GPL compatibility diff upstream, of course), and applied a bunch of patches from others. I'll rebuild my own system RSN to test it (wanna bet I didn't break anything?). OpenSSH got updated too, a few more experimental diffs entered the kernel, and netinet6 was updated in total. ports/sysutils/pxegrub builds again.

15.04.2005 by tg@
Dang! Instead of going to bed, I seemingly chose to go into the Netzladen and help Kabelaffe to get MirOS on "xTerm", some really weird touchscreen machinery of his. I cannot fix the touchscreen's driver though, it doesn't speak serial so it's a kernel leven thing. Also we've got a Google search now (please click the ads *hint* *hint* ;-) and I've rebuilt my entire system (and synched the lists). terminfo(5) is now correctly installed (it was pregenerated on some OpenBSD system, I should probably re-do it with a natively built GNU groff, if I had one), but the htman sets still don't build (so no dist set sync) due to vgrind being in csh. I've also fixed the N'34' error of XFree86®'s man pages (which is actually a GNU groff extension, but can be taken care of by our nrcon -8 or the new -e option if you don't need an 8-bit pass-through); I have changed X to build its man pages using nrcon -e now.

19.04.2005 by tg@
Benny is back and I have hacked on a whole bunch of stuff in the meanwhile. Today, it's the GNU Debugger (it bugs me!), of course with the "I am shitty and restrict you" documentation license(sic) and a variable called "main", next to 1000 gcc3.4 errors. Should work for low values of work though, and libedit got improved also (and nbsdified). If libedit catches up even more, we can have the TUI. More later.
Of course, security hints – such as the following IRC paste:

[13:06] <benz> [8]http://www.heise.de/newsticker/meldung/58736 <--- mira, für dich

always reach you when you're going to go to bed. Anyway, it's in now, and even has got a nice new feature – we're slowly going for supporting the long awaited change sets.

20.04.2005 by tg@
Yummy pancakes at grandmother's place let me get back on track; the new snapshot is out and Benny is back. We've fixed some stuff in ports, and X11 is improving. I'll spare to comment on the new OpenBSD song lyrics.

24.04.2005 by bsiegert@
My two weeks of holidays are over now *sigh*, and a week of hard university work lies before me. But Gran Canaria is very enjoyable at this time of the year, I can tell you. Regarding MirOS, I have worked mostly on MirPorts/Darwin, but other MirPorts users should benefit as well from my updates. Now that the make infrastructure and even _gplwarn.c work (thanks to tg@ for the latter!), hacks like the one from libpng can be safely removed. Mac OS X users, please redo "make setup" for the new MirMake version. I discovered some unavailable distfiles (xloadimage and libtiff), so I had to update the packages. The new libtiff build system is actually very nice—I just found two minor bugs, the patches will be submitted upstream.

25.04.2005 by tg@
Yes, I'm making astringency now with the release and we'd better fix ports and get documentation soon. I'll prepare a FAQ, with entries such as "Why does it not find <bsd.port.mk>" for our beloved users.
I've found the g++ bug, finally. I must admit it's due to gdb. It lured in CSU – the constructors were never run, due to a change to the include path. I should probably grep all Makefiles for use of -I in CPPFLAGS (no CFLAGS left, thankfully) and use -idirafter in some of these places? This is the second time I get bitten by this, if I'm not totally confused.

26.04.2005 by tg@
Next to some minor ports updates, I also attempt to build gcj. It mostly succeeds, except for *sigh* some weird C++ file I can't fix (obviously). Weirder: it builds if I pre-process it first, then nuke the line number information. centericq works but doesn't convert the UTF-8 characters to latin1 even if I tell it so.

28.04.2005 by tg@
It's Netzladen time, and since I have an exam on Tuesday, I don't need to work tomorrow (it's the final exam), so I can be here long and drink heavily with wbx@ while fixing some ports, leading to discovering more flaws in base. I've also made an OpenWRT package for our beloved ksh ( 1 )   although wbx is mentioned as maintainer – since I don't use it, I can't maintain it appropriately. Fun work, though. And it clearly shows me just how much superior MirPorts really is.

30.04.2005 by tg@
Instead of a wlog entry, today I decided sending a "status" mail to our general mailing list. I hope this mail assists more users into helping us. I'm sitting at a friend right now and may get an old box (laptop with broken keyboard) as build machine.

01.05.2005 by tg@
41 years of BASIC, Boys Day in Japan, Day of the Queen in the Netherlands, gcj first working in MirOS. Though weird and of course, boehm-gc prevents gij from being useful (again). But still the 99 bottles of beer are passed around in various ways.
It's hot outside, too hot to think, but better get a tan outside than to sweat inside.

03.05.2005 by tg@
We've made it through – the IHK exam _was_ pretty easy. I'm sitting in the Netzladen with a few friends, some had to do the exam too, some just are having a beer or Club-Mate with us. During the evening, I discovered httpd's brokenness and fixed it. I should write a bug report about gij, though. All in all, MirOS #8 _will_ rock, I think – thanks to the help of my co-developers and the support of friends and foreigners. I've also updated qemu, should probably take on pine, and abiword, next.

05.05.2005 by tg@
I hate regressions. Why it didn't attach apm0 (I had added powernowhack0 at mainbus0, preventing bios0 from attaching). An error on my side, but why the fuck isn't something like this documented?!
Anyway we're almost there. I've already listed most of the required advertising clauses; the rest will follow soon. The CVS server now runs a third release candidate (which I unfortunately cannot upload, due to thor not being reachable by any means including serial console), and should be faster because of improvements in the scripts. We've got a preliminary FAQ with lotsa content to follow (I always get the ideas on the toilet, though, where I don't have a shell). I'm tired, should put more here, but hey, at least I'm writing again. As usual, read the commit mails (or ChangeLog files) if you want to know more.

12.05.2005 by bsiegert@
The #8 release is going to be Really Soon Now™. We are somewhere in the release candidates—RC2 or RC3, I don't know. It meets at least the goals I had for a release: both gdb and g++ work now, and even Java seems to be unbroken, both native (gcj) and the Java VM. I have started writing an installation manual in troff (mdoc) which will be the install.i386(7) manpage. It contains some theoretical chapters about partitioning etc. and a walkthrough through the MirOS install. While writing, I had a qemu session with the installation in parallel. However, I couldn't figure out how to change CDs while the emulation is running. Thus, I did not get to installing the sets, having booted from the Mini-ISO :(.
Some things in MirPorts were fixed as well, e.g. devel/pcre which actually contained a pre-MirLibtool patch that broke the build. tg@ found a bug in the pkgtools (introduced by me) that made them generate wrong library dependencies. @sample now tells you both filenames when you need to update a configuration file yourself. I started an update of firefox to 1.0.3 but it is a lot of work.
I have also finally backported the OpenBSD security patches from about a month ago and applied them to #7-stable, so a new upgrade is going to come soon. But alas, alas, I left my workstation in Strasbourg switched off (with both the unfinished installation docs and the uncommitted #7 patches on the hard disk), so I cannot access the data at home over Pentecost (sp?). But still, I wish you all ein gesegnetes Pfingstfest.

19.05.2005 by tg@
I'm a bit lost in all the spring mood but I need a distraction from all the hacking, at the dayjob and in the evening. The changes I've done are numerous, small and large; I know I'll kick myself, later, when trying to collect new snapshot data. When trying to upload RC 3 (via rsync) thor went wild, but Strato fixed that some days(!) later; I haven't uploaded it tho. Today I've vamped mplayer and fixed these gcc or boehm-gc bugs (some of which were introduced via threading gcc itself and thus infecting libgcc). Maybe I'll start merging binutils/gdb-current now since I'm not yet in the mood to drive home (Netzladen time again). We'll have an IRC channel meeting this weekend, and I'm learning dutch.

23.05.2005 by tg@
I just discovered I had missed to 'cvs add' that FAQ sample I wrote some time ago... done. While there, I've crafted a new mirbsdksh, currently in beta testing by myself on MirOS, not amended with the portable stuff yet, but smaller and more featureful. MirPorts/Interix have become usable except for the lack of a downloader; with ${FETCH_CMD} set to runwin32 C:/usr/local/wbin/wget -c in /etc/mk.conf I have been able to build at least some of the stuff, awaiting further pkgtools, infrastructure and PLIST changes by bsiegert@.

26.05.2005 by tg@
Somehow I don't get to work on the areas where I really should work – binutils, gdb, gcc, looking for da advertising clauses, lynx. But we've got a damn well working newish mirbsdksh, and on some webpages we have been mentioned... Linux from Scratch for example as ProPolice is being heavily used by us, making us suitable for hosting the NetBSD cross build environment.

28.05.2005 by tg@
As you can see on the MirbsdKsh page in the Wiki I have created a Debian source package, and Han Boetes has made a port to Crux GNU/Linux (not that I didn't have one either...) of mksh R22c. Maybe it will be in Debian 3.2 in ten years or so ;) (j/k)
I have upgraded the in-tree gcc to the first 3.4.5-prerelease (latest 3.4-stable) version and will continue to work on GNU binutils later in order to make the tree buildable again. Benny is slightly busy with port updates and creation of new ones, and we've both dived a bit more into the particulars of Interix and Darwin.
We may produce a release song ourselves...

07.06.2005 by tg@
Nothing important happening; some binutils merge actions started, but not finished. Stay sleeping for a week or so.

09.06.2005 by tg@
What a surprise; with new mirbsdksh and mirmake, stuff works _way_ better on Interix, out of a sudden. Expect some further improvements in that department soon.
I have my final examination on June 20th; so far, I've been doing well, scoring 100% in some part of the written qualification. They seem to have ignored a whole chapter that was part of the documentation, though. Linuxtag is on June 21st and following so I'll be there (donations for costs are welcome, as usual).
As for MirOS #8 – some sudden lack in interest and time tells me that it's probably not out there in time, but you can buy release candidats, burnt, just in time, on CD-Rs there, as usual. There are also still some Shirts.
Thanks to the NetBSD® pkgsrc® (yeah, it's a trademark, too, now) guys, we also have better Interix support in MirLibtool (ports only, as of the moment – still testing). The OpenBSD guys, and especially Han Boetes, have provided us with a bunch of fixes and improvements and ideas for mksh.

22.06.2005 by tg@
After finishing apprenticeship on Monday, Summer finally started yesterday – in Karlsruhe, for me. I'm here as usual for the LinuxTag, currently trying hard to get something to put on the CD and sell. I've already had two people asking for CDs (not much today tho) and sold an actual MirShirt to a friendly H+BEDV Antivir man. Also, I had a nice chat with the GeNUA people again which too remembered me from last year. LinuxTag is the usual fun with drunkards (not the OpenBSD guys, for me, but rather the Holarse crowd – although Wim did look funny when I talked a bit to him op nederlands; had to deliver greets from Han).

26.06.2005 by tg@
LinuxTag is over, but the strain isn't. Some new users, but less sales than ever. And lots of stuff todo. We will probably appear on TV.

03.07.2005 + 6 hours, by tg@
Next to shifting off MirLibtool diffs into GNU Libtool, we also have (probably) USB 2 support and a much faster system (overall and console) tonight. I have merged about everything from the OpenBSD-current kernel which I found easily doable (just another hack session without counting the hours, for my amateurish Frankenstein OS) or even needed. The userland portions will follow later.

06.07.2005 by tg@
Okay, some people say that USB 2 works. Just the system's much faster and more reliable to me. Some more work will follow, then the userland. In the meanwhile, I'm playing around with libtool, and the gcc module. I just can't bring myself to like symlinks in /usr/lib at all.
Software patents fight is over, we did not win but did not lose either. Does anyone know if IDEA is still patented in Europe, then? Or do we have to fight every single illegal patent out of the 30'000 which got, wrongly, issued then? Anyone knows of a good lawyer who would work for us without pay?
MirPorts are undergoing some grave changes (a flag day) so don't update. benz should keep you informed on this.

07.07.2005 by tg@
As a side effect, we also have SATA support (for those who think they need it, I go with SCSI not cheap crap), and I found a bug in mksh(1) which was introduced by one of the Debian patches; broke <bsd.subdir.mk> in an unfixable way.

09.08.2005 by tg@
I've started auto-converting the JuppEditor, and MirbsdKsh, pages from the ex-MirWiki, because nobody else did.

03.10.2005 by tg@
Why don't people just fucking use our nice ports framework on OpenBSD, instead take hours to port stuff to the perl-rotten OpenBSD ports tree (¾ hour alone to find libpng *sigh*)? The folks I rant about are updating ports "as they see them" anyway, so there's not a single reason to not use often-broken MirPorts since the Framework ipso is now in a stable state, and we'll notify prior to further breakage.

Good luck, have fun, take care etc.pp

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