MirBSD — You wish you had it. Eh?

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MirBSD — You wish you had it. Eh?

⚠ This page contains old, outdated, obsolete, … historic or WIP content! No warranties e.g. for correctness!

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This is an archived weblog of the development leading to MirOS. All entries are courtesy of tg@ and historic.

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MirBSD #5 (interim) - Peaceful Coexistence
Our latest and greatest release ever has been released. Despite being an interim release without working GNU gcc 3.3, it has been undergone the most pervasive pre-release tests a MirBSD snapshot or release has ever had. You may want to read the [a href="historic/ann-5.htm"](archived) Release Announcement, where you find download links and other useful information, as well as the advertising clauses.

Due to some unknown reason, stripped kernels with DDB compiled in just segfault. Until this is fixed, just strip all but one symbol out of the kernels, and MFC it to MirBSD#5 STABLE. Re-upload new cdrom33.fs and cd33.iso files.

Update the djbdns port. Don't splitter it into three ports, use flavours and a bit of shell magic, as well as a huge bit of make magic. Update the IPv6 patches to latest niveau (test19) and integrate the IXFR diff found at Felix' site, too. Update WineX (doesn't work, still segfaults) and fix a man page - man(7).

20.06.2003 catchup
Fix ksh(1) man page (kludge). Fix https support in lynx (ports/www/lynx), submit upstream. Renice X (contrib) and /etc/profile configurations; re-word licence template. Sync with OpenBSD-current for several important bug fixes. Add option for sendmail SASL to /etc/mk.conf. Import brk syscall fixes for the Linuxulator, from the OpenBSD mailing list (it's said to fix subjdk 1.3). Play with wine (doesn't work, still). Fix apache httpd behaviour to match DJB publicfile when referring to directories as files. Sync slave repo @BSDadvocacy.

Boot loader fixes.

Update acronymes database; fix ksh (emacs-usemeta, tab completion [] escape); add irq2 target to ISA devices; portupgrade target to the top-level ports tree Makefile. Get some diffs from tedu@ and protect just another file against multiple includes. niklas@ supplied help for the ELF ld.so, I optimized manual pages again. Install more sample files for sendmail, to help the clueless. Prepare synching with OpenBSD in preparation of two big events.

Do heavy amount of synching, building, testing, improving, fixing etc. - no huge functional differences though. Remove the A,B,C floppies in favour of the M,CD ones. Include ports tree users by default in master.passwd. Move portmap to /sbin, statically linked. Improve performance on newly created filesystems (disklabel, newfs) by increasing fragment size, block size and number of cylinders per group by 100%. Enable support for 80486DX and 80487SX chips. Rewrite root.mail and some man pages and scripts, as well as our fake NLS implementation. Regenerate generated files (ports tree, too). Remove amd (automount dæmon). Bump libc/libpthread minor. Several minor improvements. Add another hard link to hexdump/od, called hd, behaving like invoking hexdump with the new -H flag. Remove more LIBC_SCCS, protoize/unprotoize and gcov (since gcc 3.x comes with them as well). Upload a snapshot.

05.07.2003 - Catch-Up
More sync, internal minor changes. Make the floppyM build. Re-wrap licence.template for more law-safety in Germany. Add acronyme expansion for SAP. Install SSL certificates from X509 Root CAs by default, for lynx. Enter MirBSD #6 (LinuxTag special edition) prerelease ("n").

Exchange the src/lib/csu/ system with that from NetBSD, yielding crti.o and crtn.o; adjust pgcc accordingly. Full sync against OpenBSD. Plan and/or do updates for: sirc, evilwm, lynx (in-tree). Use diff -du[p] where needed.

Release the LinuxTag Special Edition #6, and skip over to the next file for development:

Follow this hRef (hypertext reference) to read about the story of MirBSD after the release #6, or go back to the log overview or to the MirOS main page.

Hope you like it. Have a lot of fun...

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