miscellaneous MirBSD subprojects

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miscellaneous MirBSD subprojects

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This webpage is supposed to list the various subprojects that originate from MirBSD (The MirOS Project). Some do have their own pages, which will be linked, some don’t yet or have placeholders only. The list given is a nōn-exhaustive enumeration only. It’s sorted! ☺

[MirOS] Foundry

for now

jupp — Programmer’s Editor

… has its own page: jupp — the Editor which sucks less

kwalletcli — CLI for the KDE Wallet

… has its own page: CLI for the KDE Wallet

mksh(1) — the MirBSD Korn Shell

… has its own page: The MirBSD Korn Shell


for now


Portable select(2)-based sleep(1) utility from MirBSD; should work on at least all platforms mksh(1) R59 and older had a sleep builtin. This is POSIX-compliant (if the underlying OS is), supports sub-second sleep and all extensions (unit factors; multiple arguments are summed up) GNU coreutils’ has except the --help and --version options.

Download MirBSD sleep

Compilation is similar to mksh: sh $srcdir/Build.sh

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