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MirOS RSS feeds

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We offer the following RSS feeds, which can be subscribed to using an RSS reader:

Mailing lists

The following feeds are automatically generated from the mailing lists:

We've got a discussion mailing list and a CVS changes mailing list, both of which are public. All subscribers of the CVS changes mailing list automatically are on the discussion mailing list as well. In order to subscribe, send a mail to the postmaster and say ⓐ which eMail address(es) to subscribe, and ⓑ to which list(s) each; note that -changes includes -discuss which in turn includes -mksh but in future -mksh subscribers may also receive mksh commit messages which will not also be sent to -discuss, only to -commits. Additionally, we’ve got a mailing list for topics related to mksh, the MirBSD Korn Shell, which is open for eMails from the public, for discussion and announcements, which will also be sent to miros-discuss@ so you need not subscribe there; in the future, mksh(1) commit mails will also be sent to the miros-mksh@ list (but not to miros-discuss@ only miros-changes@ as usual). We've also got an internal developers-only list, although our development process is usually done in IRC and IRL entirely.

Please note that, when subscribing to these mailing lists, you agree that you are responsible for your own spam and malware filtering; we do employ certain tactics, such as greylisting, but do not inspect the content of any mails sent through our servers.

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