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Due to high demand, I’ve set up a Debian GNU/Linux VM that I already operate for multiple other purposes, and which already carried a mirror of MirBSD CVS and downloads, to also mirror (per rsync-over-ssh) the website and expose all that as a publicly accessible web mirror complete with SSL certificate and all that. The server supports TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 but should also still work with TLSv1.0 and without SNI, and, of course, plain http also continues to work.

tl;dr: with the usual URL paths.

Given that it’s not running on native MirBSD, there may be a few caveats; I’ve proxied the “give me entropy” CGIs to the main machine via https and made everything else work, but at least the diffs generated from CVSweb have slightly different hunk distribution. The static content (i.e. all those *.htm files as well as the /MirOS/** downloads) are of course bitwise identical, and, as I’ve patched rsync on MirBSD to account for leap seconds but convert to POSIX time_t on the wire as expected, the timestamps should also be identical (unless I do manage to release some software during a leap second, which so far I haven’t, but the Time::Local tests managed to hit one precisely *sigh…*).

I expect that URL to stay stable even across future planned migrations of the machine to a different setup and, possibly, provider; this is why this got a separate, specific hostname.

TLSv1.2 support in MirBSD, I’m afraid, still has no ETA, given that I have other construction sites open and do dayjob and stuff.

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