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Sometimes it’s good to double-check. Benny has found a bug in my fix to gnu.port.mk, leading to incorrect dependencies. I couldn’t get the sparc floppy to boot — several NetBSD® users had the same problem, leading to a posting about how to clean a sparc floppy drive, luckily. Note that I am lazy, that’s why I just tested the floppy in my SS10 instead. This gave me quite a hard shock, though.

I prepared the Mini-ISO, and — new — a Midi-ISO containing the floppy images as well (if extra netboot kernels were required, they would be also on it, but boot.net is enough), which will take the place of cdrom10.iso on the download area, while the Mini-ISO will sit on the release ISO.

This means we’re now all set to release today. *crosses fingers*

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