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Yay! I got a SPARCstation 20, a SPARCstation 10, and a SPARCstation 5, several CPUs and sbus cards, an external HDD, an external CD, and some more toys, from wbx@ — he has no sparc parts left now. Sad, as he is the initiator of MirOS/sparc. Good, because I can cluster them now. I could test the framebuffer, XFree86®, even build binary packages with distcc if Benny ports it (I still have to get on friendly terms with distcc first though, and I won’t use it for official releases).

Being the better OpenBSD sometimes sucks. For instance, if our make(1) implicit rules generate grammar.h from grammar.y, and not y.tab.h, as a certain lex.l wanted to include. Well, that could be fixed — re-rolled ports10.ngz with new games/bsdgames.

I’m building a number of selected binary packages on the sparc and very few basic ones for i386, to add to the release ISO. (More binary packages can be downloaded from our mirrors later.) This is holding us a little, but I’ve got plenty of time over the weekend to carefully finish the release engineering process. Better than having bugs, eh?

I actually found a bug in gnu.port.mk during porting to mnbsd; gecko2@ had found it too but I couldn’t reproduce it back then.

Sorry for all the delay in the release announcement and publication, but first we have to get the ISOs ready — since they contain i386, sparc, source and CVS it’s a tad difficult and quite time-consuming.

Ha! Giving support in #cvs in IRC and being called life saviour, master, etc. is really giving me the chills, in a good way.

I’m exhausted, will continue hacking on the release tomorrow.

I’m trying to hand-bake a floppy for the sparc though. It won’t contain an installer, but enough to download an installer onto a HDD. Ports have aborted (gnupg can’t import keys, but decrypt them just fine — weird), but I’ve got enough for tomorrow.

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