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2008-03-13 by tg@

It’s really annoying. This is actually a pre-release issue. There is a port, editors/nano, which snuck in before the release, containing GPLv3 licenced stuff. This means that I either have to remove nano from the mirports tree for #10 or read the GPLv3 and allow it into the tree.

Looking for OpenBSD’s opinion on GPLv3 in ports, I found that my “dear friend”, the oksh developer, has struck again: his oksh-0.3 is GPLv3’d now. (At least he did not remove the UCB copyright from some files.) And to add insult to injury, the description of oksh at Softpedia, which is almost certainly provided by my “dear friend” Henry Jensen <hjensen@delilinux.de>, pretends that mksh(1) is not Bourne compatible (which it is, at least no less than oksh) and buggy, which it definitively is not. He said that, at the time of his forking, mksh was buggy, but could not tell me one single actual point. His only complaint against mksh was that it does not support the GNU bash-like $PS1 hackery. *sigh* (Did I mention that oksh-0.1 violated the MirOS licence on mksh?)

Phew, I read through it. And I think we have a sort of official stance on the GPLv3 (even though bsiegert@ of course has to agree to make it truly official). I still don’t like it, but it could be worse, and for ports we do not need to care that much.

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