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Today, I helped wbx@ to clean up his basement: DECstations, SPARCstations, VAXstations, Alphas, mac68k, hppa, SGI O2 and Indy, and some other boxen either went to the recycling company today or will tomorrow. gecko2@ retains some mac68k and maybe one hppa, I try to get some 32-bit sparc parts, and bogus got an E450 (heavy!) and an Ultra1 for toying around with, as he now exclusively runs Solaris.

It’s annoying that not every CPU works in every SPARCstation — for example, the two SPARCstation 10 we found have 33 MHz CPUs and 400 MiB HDDs, one has OpenBSD on it, one Solaris 5. Nice. Tomorrow we’ll look at the two SPARCstation 5 which are still there. The monitor sadly doesn’t work. Maybe one VGA conversion cable from the SGIs will help, but I don’t have a monitor capable of doing the sunfb 1152x900 (maybe with a zx(4) card…)

The SPARCstation 20 of mine (“demo”) has finished building the release kernels and tarballs, so I can proceed with the release engineering process ASAP. Like I said, we’ll do a unified medium. As with i386, the preliminary dist sets may show up on the download mirrors already for a while…

Building the release took about 6h22′ at 1 GHz on i386, and 81h22′ on 75 MHz on sparc, for what it’s worth.

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