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Oh, another wlog entry ☺

I found out that, actually, you can commit into both a branch and HEAD within the same directory on the same commit command. It’s just our log scripts which suck. This will be fixed RSN. It works if you use another, different directory as the last one (like I thought). This also means you can ignore commitid 10047D8245653D8184A and 10047D8248447FC1F5F, as these never went live.

Someone wants to do an appliance with FreeWRT, maybe I can let him hire (and pay) me for that. I could definitively need the money at the moment (hint hint).

If not, I can always port MirPorts to MidnightBSD…

… and I actually did, this will lead to some changes, even a few real improvements not only for mnbsd but for mbsd too.

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