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The i386 part of the #10semel release is already built, but, oh WTF we don’t have a codename for this release yet. Well, the sparc part is still compiling, which leaves us another few days to think of one. I’m already uploading part of the sets, so that the distribution process will be quicker later. (Some of the files will change later on, though.)

Benny already has written a release announcement draft. Like I said, he is my best man. He didn’t even attempt to list the changes, which might even be the better approach… In the meantime, I’m updating some of the web pages already — you can, in theory, netinstall #10 now, but some links will have to be fixed later.

I still urgently need a SCSI host adapter for my new server tear, U160 or U320, SCA LVD, 32-bit PCI, no RAID, supported by MirBSD (i.e. OpenBSD 3.5), as the current one, donated by wbx@, has issues. Or a fix. Plans to migrate to tear have been postponed due to this problem, which makes the progress in the project seriously suffer.

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