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The code is almost frozen, we’re only waiting for a few updates that should still go in. Benny allowed me to add the ‘u’ to the flavour variables of MirPorts, after a year or so of thinking about it ☺

I fought the Leopard today, but I won: we can now use our own getopt(3) suite on Mac OSX 10.5 again, and some other bugs and minor issues have been fixed too. Plus, all the hashes, including ADLER32, SFV, SUMA, TIGER and WHIRLPOOL, now work on Darwin too (tested on both i386 and macppc).

Now it’s release engineering. I have started tagging, after a few final updates and fixes, and asked Benny to write a release announcement. Let’s see when the builds are done, calculate a good four days for the sparc side. Afterwards, we’ll switch to wlog-10, and back up the repo to get it all on one CD (i386, sparc, source, CVS).

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