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After pushing out the mksh distfiles, ports, etc. (and, of course, spotting a couple of bugs too much for my taste), I finally found time to work some more on my TODO. rm(1) now can do random overwrites including file (and directory) renaming to random values before unlink(2)ing (and rmdir(2)ing). Thanks to TNF, again, for some of their code and bugs.

Another thing is putting the installer onto the Baselive CD. This would not easily be possible as of now, I see, because it uses, for example, some hard-coded paths like /mnt and commands like umount -a -t nonfs, which could cause normal operation on the rest of the running Live CD environment to cease. So this will not be in the tree in time for #10semel. Sorry, Benny, it was a good idea we had.

I also upgraded OpenSSH, but un-did the unifdef(1) -DBSD_AUTH change, as we need a non-BSD-auth version of sshd(8) for bsd.rd. During the process, of course, bugs were spotted… e.g. in the docs. Of course, the new internal sftp subsystem isn’t on the ramdisc, either.

And, I upgraded Sendmail, without the support of OpenBSD…

Note: new kernels and old /sbin/sysctl and /usr/bin/uname, and vice versa, will not have the kern.ospatchlevel entry, which is required to build XFree86® and/or imake(1) with MirOS.

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