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Why do I always find bugs at almost after release time? Why do I let my coffee become cold, have too few milk at home, etc? Why do I sometimes forget to mount -uw /x before qemu’ing an image placed on that filesystem? Why do I sometimes forget to plug in the power of the laptop and then wonder why it suddenly turns off, having no APM nor ACPI?

I’d like to call a vote for MirPorts: replace the FLAVOR and FLAVORS variables by these with correct spelling (FLAVOUR and FLAVOURS), keep it as it is, support both with English preferred, support both with American dialect preferred? I’m strongly tending to British English and would like to have this general policy in MirOS.

OpenBSD/zaurus works, although it’s a PITA to get a working Linux 2.4 on it first. The USB NIC (aue(4)) doesn’t work, though (not enough power); but it at least tries, under OpenBSD, while it is ignored under Linux 2.4 and 2.6; my USB stick works on the Zaurus but not on the laptop or the WL-500g; a CF card reader only works on the Asus box, so I must use that for data transfer (and cannot use ntpd(8), which sucks) with smallish 16 MiB and 32 MiB CF cards from my digital camera…

And why do some bugs found past the last minute need so lengthy attempts at fixing because it cannot be done inside the current implementation?

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