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OpenBSD is weird. They did, in 4.3-beta locked-tree state, link OpenCVS to the build, but no fixes for the necessary sendmail upgrade or IP ID vulnerability yet (or even planned).

Schon mal geröstete und schokierte SOJABOHNEN gesehen? Hmm… die schmecken ja sogar. Ziemlich herzhaft.

Now I’m fixing Debian fixes to upstream software. Funny. But people who re-invent strdup(3) do belong shot, even if their crapware is public domain. Luckily, mgcc(1) catches sizeof (char *).

I’m done with ${foo/bar/baz} support in mksh(1); the mcabber port can now do umlauts (stupid implementation, they should use more native functions, especially since they do link against libncursesw).

The MirPorts main page is now connected again. Rob “rjek” Kendrick is currently porting his small, fast, CSS capable, JS planned, NetSurf browser to MirOS (many thanks here!).

Benny is doing good progress on the XFree86® security fixes.

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