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FOSDEM Zwischenbericht

2008-02-24 by tg@

We actually distributed about 182 CDs yesterday, and today, early morning, no CDs are left any more. We’re also about to run out of flyers. Benny’s showcase box aided really in catching users (especially the pink mouse, for the female part of the visitors, who tried Frozen-Bubble when we offered it to them).

Benny and I also decided on Unicode improvements and hacked Mac OSX Leopard support into MirPorts, this time correctly. This is really weird, and both of my fellow Mac fanboys decided that Leopard is quite buggy and thusly sucks. Probably due to the UNIX2003 certification?

Bruxelles is fun, and the hotel was very good (not really cheap, but not too expensive either). Sadly we probably don’t have any time to really go geocacheing, and our usual restaurant — le petite planéte — no longer exists, although we found a suitable replacement, with a delicious Assiette Mergues. Belgian beer was as good as usual, although it makes getting up early on the next day more difficult. The OpenBSD people donated 3 cans of Jupiler to us, which was unexpected but makes room for hopes of improvement.

The frietjes booth outside actually understood my attempts to talk to them in dutch and, although my pronunciacion is very bad (of course), she told me it’s not too bad overall (for a duitslander). They seem to pronounce ‘ie’ as a long ‘i’… I need more practice, but this part of Bruxelles is mostly french only.

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