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As a side note, sorry for the inconvenience. As you might have already read, “herc” had a hardware failure (broken keyboard controller chip, due to a screw short-circuiting it), and it was “resurrected” inside of “rant”, which cannot, however, be easily booted (as the discs were IDE, and it can only boot from SCSI or — via the fxp(4) card — PXE). Due to my away time, I was unable to restart the box after it hung up. I was, as of now, unable to finally transfer services to “tear”, the new box (VIA C7), because I still need a working SCSI U320 (or U160) controller. The planned-impending (but then delayed) transfer of services to “tear” caused me to not fix the “herc” hardware first (as it would not be worth the effort).

We will be working on restoring all services onto “herc”/“rant” within the next days, try to get a SCSI HA ASAP, and build an improved (and possibly more failsafe) infrastructure.

The unplanned away time causes a late #10 release, and it will not be in time for FOSDEM, but it will come. Also, some things (nroff, Unicode) have been thought through once again, with interesting results, which will lead to further improvements in these areas in the future.

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