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mirmake-20080218 Release Notes

2008-02-19 by bsiegert@

The 20080218 release of mirmake is the first in about four months. It contains one important bugfix:

  • Mac OS 10.5 ("Leopard") and Intel Macintosh machines are now supported.

This new Darwin version is now UNIX2003(TM)-certified; to achieve compatibility, "symbol variants" are used for some functions, such as getopt(3). This, however, breaks the getopt implementation that comes with mirmake. Thus, the build system was changed to make sure that the native getopt is always used on Darwin platforms.

mirmake is a portable version of the MirOS make(1) program. It also contains the BSD Makefiles, i.e. bsd.prog.mk(5) and friends, some utilities like realpath(1), and a compatibility library (libmirmake) that has implementations for some functions not available on the target system—most notably hash functions for md5, sha1, sha2, and tiger hashes.

mirmake-20080218 can be downloaded from /MirOS/dist/mir/make on this server. The file hashes are:

MD5 (mirmake-20080218.cpio.gz) = 5e6ecc4432b61e39e9907737d058309c
RMD160 (mirmake-20080218.cpio.gz) = 75de9d3a51570948935b31fb8a280a3ad00757a7
SHA1 (mirmake-20080218.cpio.gz) = 17251b1db87ceed85bd82dc52ca7ace7f7c77786
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