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I wonder why companies produce such crap. No, really. And I wonder even more why the previous owner (a colleague who went off looking for a better paid job, probably with less good working climate) asked for exactly this laptop, as it doesn’t even work without any troubles on his beloved Deb*an G*U/L*n*x (all product names are changed because I don’t want to be sued). It's a S*ny V*io, a brand which never had any good reputation in our circles. MirOS won’t run natively on it our of the box (okay, I could build a custom kernel, but hey, maybe these dual cores can better be used with VirtualB*x or something like that, even be running in parallel with W*nd*ws). But still, I had my fair share of fight with the D*b*an-Inst*ller, which doesn’t even come with fdisk. I managed to wreck it, expect this wlog entry to be amended by a photo of that (which, at the moment, is located on the mobile phone of my intern, which has a camera built in).

At least I have a use for these G**gle “Go Code!” stickers now — to cover the built-in “webcam”… Who the fuck produces or buys such kind of crap? Sorry for the emphasis, but I just do not fucking get it. And of course, w*ldi and b*nz tell me that there are no such bugs in the Inst*ller mentioned above. (There are a lot more, for instance I cannot choose UTC as timezone, neither grub2 nor grub nor lilo worked — but I got the latter installed manually now, etc.)

This new orking device still has more hours of “fun” for me, but as for tomorrow, I’ll be driving to Berlin. I left that craptop at work. I’ve got better things to do in the evenings.

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