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For its birthday, it got further improvements to the www source code as well as a merged page more; unity of mind, and consens between developers regarding how to handle the next events and J�rg Schilling, and nobody, I think, noticed. But how fitting that Theo de Raadt is now guilty of doing actual harm to his own project, by shouting at Linux® developers, so that they use GPL-only instead of BSD/GPL dual licencing for their fork of his ath(4) OpenHAL (after fixing a licence violation that they were correctly accused of). At least me and nbd from OpenWrt think so.

These are quiet times, and I worked long today (biking up a mountain to the server housing farm *sigh*, and hating Subversion even more), as did, or so I think, Benny. My SPARCstation (demo.mirbsd.org) finished creating a new snapshot, hereby dubbed MirOS #10 RC6, which will be uploaded soon, along with a recent one for the i386 architecture. I hope it works really well, so that we can release as soon as possible (and tested; XTaran took it okay and is currently backing up his stuff, thanks).

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